Earworms 9 July 2012

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Give me the change

1. Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods ~ Abahachi

The third episode of ‘Punk Britannia’ sent me back to a load of brilliant records that I can’t have listened to for decades. I can’t imagine I’m the only one – although rumour has it there was a football match on at the same time; give me the Marxist disco-punk any day…

2: Moloko – Indigo ~ Zalamanda

There are almost certainly better songs on Things to Make And Do, but this is the one that consistently lodges in my head (I remember it looping insistently in there while I was cycling home from work one long-ago lunch time). And it’s a welcome lodger: it is exuberantly, repetively, glamishly catchy, with sidelong verbal references to past glories of the ’70s. It’s about being in a band, wanting to make it big. It’s metamusic.

3: The Liminanas – Je ne suis pas tres drogue – SpottedRichard

À jour French garage-fuzz with a daft/annoying musical hiccup. I can’t help thinking Serge would have loved it. Yé-yé.

4: Alabama 3 -Up Above My Head – DarceysDad

In their own ace mash’n’rehash style, the A3 take Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s bare call’n’response tune, electrify it, add new-millennial lyrics -“You left your virus in my daughter’s PlayStation, but you ain’t got your hook in me” – chuck in a guitar solo, and Hey Presto, make a VERY happy DsD!

5: Pop Will Eat Itself – Def Con One Including The Twilight Zone ~ Zalamanda

This song is the only reason that I have ever been heard to utter the words, “Give me Big Mac, gimme fries to go”. Catchy, loud, and comin’ atcha from a Funky Town near you. In the 90s.

6: VCMG – Spock ~ BethNoir

The band name is the initials of the men involved and Depeche Mode is the clue. A piece of kind of polite techno which I keep wanting to play again, hope you do too.

A big Thank You to everyone who has sent in these and other songs. If you have more, PLEASE!  Send your juiciest worms plus a line or two per song on how you got hooked: to either earworm@tincanland.com or a wormhole near you. Thank you.

81 thoughts on “Earworms 9 July 2012

  1. Ach, I was really enjoying that lot until the VCMG did what that kind of electronic music always does to me, namely gives me a kind of caffeine-overdose case of the jitters. Thank you all, and sorry, Beth.

  2. Well, I never did.
    Gang of Four – Great stuff. Love it.
    Alabama Three – I really rate this lot. Saw them at Brixton Academy in 2002 and they were brilliant. At the time, the Guardian dubbed them “best live show on the road” and I wouldn’t disagree. Best track here by a country mile.
    The others left me a little cold, sorry about that.

  3. Great playlist – that feels to me more than a sum of its parts. None of these stand out for me in a major way, but I enjoyed them all individually and (particularly) together.

    Gang of Four: One of those bands I’ve heard of loads without ever knowingly heard. I liked it. A bit spare for my tastes but I’m sure that was a vital part of the aesthetic!

    Moloko: For this kind of thing, I think I tend to prefer the less wacky Goldfrapp. I find Roisin Murphy’s voice a bit too mannered, I think. But it’s definitely an earworm!

    The Liminanas: Really like this. Intriguing – with a great insistent beat.

    Alabama 3: They’re locals to me, innit. They’ve always struck me as a lot of fun. This track is no exception.

    PWEI: Funny, I feel like I remember this well and yet I had no recollection of various of the samples (The Creatures, “Funky Town”). Maybe it’s a different mix – or I’m just more music-literate than I was in my late teens. A great big joyous blast of nostalgia anyway. My pick this week, I think – if I were to have to choose one.

    VCMG: Vince Clarke and Martin Gore? Bit dark and sinister for this early in the day! But another intriguing one. Yeah, I like it. I can imagine running on a treadmill – slightly masochistically – to it.

  4. That was different, and a lot of fun. That Moloko track is a definite earworm – I heard it once when it came out, and that “Rameses, Colossus” bit has remained lodged in a corner of my brain ever since. Rather surprised by how much I enjoyed VCMG – I guess I like my techno polite too.

  5. According to Wiki, Kurt Cobain stated that Nirvana started as “a Gang of Four and Scratch Acid ripoff”. Is that the link, SR?

    (Two songs in but not having fun yet….Ooh la la, it’s gone all Stella cidre on me!)

    • I’m with Mitch on these: Alabama 3 is the only one I could listen to a second time. The last two, in particular, could induce rants of indeterminate length on the nature of music in the modern age. (But I might upset some of our younger listeners…..)

      • It comes to something when even our “younger listeners” are 40 or thereabouts, dunnit? We’re all getting on… Lovely write-up on the Graun’s Greatest Ever Album Covers piece, Chris. Still not sure I’d want that image on my bedroom wall (it’d be bound to give me acid flashback-style nightmares), but your appreciation gave me something of an understanding of what is great about it!

      • Sorry, bish, but you’re right: you were in my mind there…. Sometimes I feel rather old.
        But ‘Ta’ for the Anthem compliment: the 200-word space restriction limited my gushing (so I couldn’t point out how the bandmembers’ images and placement describe them and their positions in the band so well). And, although it’s almost the definition of ‘psychedelic’, I managed to avoid the word.

        Thanks for the points, SR. I’m a Sopranos fan, so already have an emotional connection with A3. I don’t know about Mitch’s reasons, but they come across to me as a band of musicians that like making music (as opposed to a group of people trying to manufacture a hit record and acquire fame): something that generally gets my vote.

        (Just listening to the Tory MPs on the Select Committee trying to get the Bank man to drop Labour in the poo, using the shining Diamond’s testimony as gospel: it’s a bit grubby, and quite futile.)

      • Bish ! ! !

        It comes to something when even our “younger listeners” are 40 or thereabouts

        I think that age is not relevant on the Spill or RR ! ! ! We are all young in our hearts and wise in our minds ! ! !

    • Five Spill points for you Chris. Yep, Kurt Cobain rated Gang of Four very highly indeed.

      I’m still horizontal, wafting the smelling salts under my nose and sipping beef tea, while recovering from the shock of hearing that Mitch is an Alabama 3 fan. You like too? Great stuff! 🙂

      • A3 (as they’re now known) are a great bunch of blokes. They do a lot of benefit gigs for M.O.J.O. (Miscarriage of Justice Organisation). When I went to see them, I was standing next to Holly Johnson & his acolytes. Seems they have the same management.

  6. Quite a spikily modern list, isn’t it? Hangs together beautifully.

    Gang of Four are one of those bands that I never quite got around to investigating, yet I’ve more or less liked everything I’ve heard by them. But only liked, I’m afraid, and – much as I can appreciate that this track is very good indeed, I still can’t find room in my heart for it. Maybe it’s just a bit too sweat and sour.

    Skipping over the quirky Moloko, and thence over the channel to – whoop! – The Limiñanas. Which is jolly strange, a bit like the B52s meet the Flying Lizards en Français. After a while, I became convinced that the “hiccup” had turned into a woof. Quite fun, but I think I’d find it annoying in excess.

    The Alabama 3, or A3 (have they ever been to Portsmouth?), are a band that I have enjoyably encountered on several occasions, usually on soundtrack albums, if memory serves correct. And I think that I might get hooked if I do get around to digging deeper, not least because this is absolutely ace!

    Another skip, this time over the cheerfully shouty Poppies (they do sound like they had fun), lands in an instrumental. It’s got some nice squelchy noises, and some clangy bits and – yes, it is quite polite, isn’t it? VCMG? Hmm. Vince Carke and Martin Gore? Good stuff.

  7. Sorry VCMG has limited appeal, I’d normally not listen to things like that myself, but it appeals to me somehow. I don’t think it’s an age thing, after all I’m no spring chicken, just for everyone.

    I enjoyed the Gang of Four song very much, fun. The Moloko track reminds me of Goldfrapp, which is generally a good thing, although I don’t think I’ll be listening to it again, surprised how much I enjoyed the Limiñanas, most amusing.

    A3 are not really my thing, but I love that Poppies song, memories attached to this one for me.

  8. The two I already knew (and own copies of) still sound ace – Gang of Four and PWEI – stark politicos and gleeful hedonists but both great.

    Moloko and the Liminanas I quite liked but wasn’t completely gripped by on the first two listens. Both quite quirky and individual.

    Alabama 3 I didn’t know at all and enjoyed immensely. Would like to hear more.

    VCMG – Loved this – love, love loved it. Why have I never heard this before?

    (Big fan of Polite Techno, me – in the absence of Placid House)

  9. Hmm.. Spill’s gone all skinny again (desktop is fine, mobile isn’t). Happened last week too, after te worms went up. Is there some funky formatting with the funky tunes?

    • Dunno, Shoey, but it’s happening here too, albeit the other way round: text is breathing in and out on my desktop, but not on the mobile site.
      Most irritating, either way.

      • It has made it wider, not quite as wide as it should be yet – Deffo on the right track.

        I will dond Gang Of Four while I’m here – no need to thank me.

      • General, Earworm remit is too broad for me. Despite careful pruning the vaults contain about 120,000 tunes. Could send 1 a week for the next 120,000 weeks.

        On the other hand, if you need something to fill out a playlist, just kick me an e-mail (shoemail@cfl.rr.com) with a pointer for what your looking for (e.g: something noisey, something by the Mountain Goats, or a song about fish), be more than happy to send you something back to use (or not).

      • Ok, I’ll box something as a one off, as you asked so nicely & been so supportive of my stuff on here.

        After that though, it’ll have to be “on request” to narrow it down as, a) “earworm” is too wide a definition to get my head around on a regular basis & b) don’t think you’ll have a shortage of tunes from others.

      • In return, please stop spotteddicking around with the size of the WP player, causing a shrinky Spill & eye strain.

        (It’s entirely possible I may have inherited some of the dog/bone family traits).

  10. I really like all the tracks this week and I really liked the way the playlist flowed. Well done SR and everyone who sent in a track ! ! !

    Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods
    I really liked this ! ! ! I think the riff in it is really great. I thought it was simple and direct. I do not know so much about Gang Of Four but the few tracks I have heard I like very much. I will definitely check out more from them ! ! !

    Moloko – Indigo
    This is certainly an earworm ! ! ! I really liked the arrangement with the bass part and the synthesisers, and I really liked the ironic vocals ! ! ! A really great track that has me singing “Indigo here we go” in my best American accent before the end ! ! !

    The Limiñanas – Je ne suis pas très drogue
    This really reminds me of some Shibuya Kei tracks. I enjoyed the hiccup it added to the fun of the track and bass is great in this also and keyboards parts are really fun also. They sound like an organ but I think they are a synthesiser- anyway I liked them ! ! ! I do wish I could speak French ! ! !

    Alabama 3 – Up Above My Head
    There are some nice riffs this week ! ! ! I think this has a real US garage band feel to it ! ! ! But this is A3 right ? ? ? They are from the UK. I only know them from the track Woke Up This Morning from the US TV Drama. The guys voice is really distinctive. This is much more energetic and I think I actually preferred it ! ! ! (Oh dear another band to investigate . . . . )

    Pop Will Eat Itself – Def Con One Including The Twilight Zone
    The funky Town sample was a nice surprise the first time when I heard it ! ! ! And the TV Twilight Zone Theme was also nice. I like the way they mixed the two light and cheerful samples into the slightly industrial over all sound and I have a soft spot for tracks with speaking parts in them. Also of course the “Big Mac priced to go” is easy to recognise and sing instantly in any language ! ! !

    VCMG – Spock
    I really enjoyed this, but I rarely listen to Techno at home, I need to be doing something like dancing, or something physical. Then I enjoy the hypnotic nature of tracks like this. It would make a good track to jog to – not too fast but a good pace. I know which playlist this going to join ! ! ! I liked it a lot ! ! !

    A really nice set of tracks and a great playlist. The playlist have been quite different which is really great. Thank you for making it for us SR ! ! !

    • Glad you liked Moloko and PWEI, Sakura, but I feel I ought to point out that Moloko are from the British Isles… of course, many British singers adopt American accents, but I’m not sure that Róisín (who is Irish) has done that here.

      Now I feel bad for spoiling your fun.


      • Oh no Zala ! ! ! You are not spoiling my fun at all, but it did really sound like east coast USA to me – but I was never good with the different accents of the UK and Irish people often sound like Americans to me (sorry any Irish or Americans I have offended ! ! !)

        But it is a really great track ! ! !

        Thanks for sharing it ! ! !

  11. As these tracks came wriggling into the wormery, I got quite excited. I had a blast putting this playlist together, because I think all the songs are terrific.

    I’m going to start with VCMG because I would have said that I hate techno (or thought I did), but this was just fab, so I must like techno if it’s on its best behaviour. (And I’m still chuckling over the term polite techno – and Severin‘s Placid House.) It is a rich, wonderful piece of electronic music. Great find.

    Back to the beginning, Gang Of Four‘s Damaged Goods is such a good quality song, great riff, and a great song to bounce up and down to.

    Moloko’s Indigo is the earwormiest song in a long while. I’ve been playing this for several weeks. I can’t get it out my head. Traffic lights: “Rameses! Collosus!” — walking to the Co-op “Indigo here we go-oh!” but it’s not become an irritant at all. Great song. Love it.

    Alabama 3. Such a fun song. While in general, I can’t get too worked up about Brits doing Americana (it’s just not that authentic for me) I think that they are good, the song is really good and I like it a LOT. So very good indeed.

    I can’t say that one or another is an absolute favourite by a mile. I really like them all very much. If pushed, I’d have to go for VCMG because it’s something I didn’t expect to like, let alone love, and I’m always very happy to have my boundaries pushed.

  12. Based on early publicity I had high expectations for this week. Sorry, it didn’t work for me, nor did it seem to have universal adulation; too many reviews with obvious reservations. My general philosophy is if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, but my expectations were so up there that I’ll just say:
    1. The ‘Marxism’ eludes me.
    2. not my style
    3. ditto
    4. Rosetta’s estate should bring a legal action
    5. See #2
    6. ditto

    Chris, I have to agree though I might expand on ‘the last two’.
    Not our shining hour.

    • There are weeks when I’m not terribly keen on anything on the playlist, as well as weeks when I love all of it, and most weeks somewhere in between; it’s pretty well inevitable when one person is putting together a selection of suggestions from a pretty disparate group of people with very different tastes in music. That’s the whole point, and the idea that if I don’t happen to like any of the songs then this reflects badly on everyone (“not our shining hour”) wouldn’t cross my mind. We all have our opinions, and I generally assume that almost everyone will hate my suggestions (this week is an exception, perhaps because I’ve chosen more of a ‘classic’ than usual); what bothers me is that SR should feel she has to apologise because someone doesn’t like her selection.

      • I wasn’t apologizing for the songs, Aba. I love them!

        What I did was to try out a really upbeat, noisy, danceable playlist. It was that which GF was mostly disappointed with. I absolutely encourage everyone to say what they think about my experiments with playlists, but to be clear in separating their opinions regarding the playlists and the songs in them.

        I think he meant that he thought it was not my shining hour. Right GF?

      • Oh I thought he meant it wasn’t his and Chris’s shining hour; ie, not one for the old folks!

  13. OK, first up, recently there was a quite extensive offline email conversation re. Earworms ‘twixt SR and myself and she mentioned on several occasions ‘I’m excited about next week’s list, but I’m really excited about the following week’; well last week’s came and went so I was full of expectation for this one and looked forward to it. As stated, as a list it just didn’t do it for me, as I played through them I found myself saying more than once, ‘this has absolutely no earworm qualities and also it’s not pleasant plus it’s noisy.’ I really looked forward to ‘Up above my head’ because it’s a piece I’ve owned for close to 70 years and I have liked Alabama 3 since I discovered them on the Sopranos some years back but I can’t think why they chose to abuse that lovely song in this manner. And having spent my life closely associated with Marxism I was at a total loss to understand Aba’s comment in the context of his choice!
    Back to the aforementioned email correspondence, it was very lively and we both spoke very freely re. Earworms and what we each expected and appreciated from it and also how we’d like to see it evolve, so perhaps those thoughts were still in my head when I wrote my comments.
    Basically my position, stated more than once, was that Earworms should discard the ‘theme’ idea because it was causing boring, similar sounding playlists week after week, instead it should be more like free-form radio where half a dozen [or more] cuts of potentially vastly differing styles and types of music be presented without any having to relate to another. But they should all be both interesting and be ‘earworms’.
    ‘Shining hour’, was a flippant assessment of the playlist as Earworms, not a specific criticism of either SR or those who contributed, I was casually rating it in the context of all the previous Earworms, some of which were memorable.

    • Just to explain the Marxism comment: that particular song doesn’t illustrate it (it’s clearly inspired rather by contemporary feminist thought), but the Gang of Four were explicitly political in their songs, and often explicitly Marxist – see for example Capital (It fails us now).

    • I really want to respond to this right away, GF and clarify one thing.

      “what we each expected and appreciated from it and also how we’d like to see it evolve”

      I thought it was clear that I see my job as to put the playlists together based upon the expectations of the group. They are everybody’s earworms and I follow the remit of the group – presumably with a little latitude to experiment a little so everyone can see whether they like it or not! Any change in direction has to be decided by everyone, not me. (Organ grinder, monkey.)

      I have no problem facilitating discussions if that’s wanted.

      • People send in the songs that are currently stuck in their heads, which, given that we’re an eclectic bunch, will be a very eclectic lot of songs. Someone makes a selection and puts together the post; whether it’s done by a theme, or according to place in the queue, or by rolling a die, it’s always going to be unpredictable and miscellaneous, and I’d lay odds that trying to produce a list that pleases everyone will still result in something that leaves at least a couple of us cold. I’m honestly not sure what there is to discuss.

      • Shorter version: I think you’re doing a great job, SR, even when I’m not keen on a particular week’s line-up.

    • Ha ha, less self-deprecating than I gave you credit for then, gf! Ultimately, the playlists will depend on the individual tracks submitted by ‘Spillers. Sometimes these will lend themselves to a cohesive-sounding list; sometimes the lists will sound more ‘random’. No earworm curator (to my knowledge) has ever asked for submissions based on a particular ‘theme’ or genre. We all make these lists, not the particular person who puts them together.

      Personally, I like a playlist that flows comfortably/aurally pleasingly from one track to another (as was probably evident during my time ‘in charge’), but even if they don’t, I can appreciate (or not) individual tracks for what they are. (And will freely admit that if I don’t appreciate them, that is likely as much down to my own listening tastes/prejudices as the musical deficiencies of any given track.)

  14. GF. You will see that I have deleted your last comment. You have referenced and now quoted from email correspondence without asking for my permission first! This is a public forum and I do not consent.

    Thank you.

  15. I don’t really ‘do’ earworms – I read the words and have a quick listen. But I don’t send them in as I do huge playlists most weeks anyway. I’ll often find a track I like – huge Liz Green fan so that pleased me last week.

    This week, I looked at the bands and write ups, perked up my ears – and pressed play straight away – totally enjoyed the lot – weird world innit?

    If the ‘old grumps’ 😉 sack you from earworms – I’ll be happy to second a nomination for you to be a replacement Guru (but only if I don’t get the job first) – this is only as holiday cover obviously – I’m not stirring up ‘Sack the Guru’ rumblings – well not until he fails on ‘Beer’ anyway – I might get mad then. more emoticons.

    Anyway – great selection – but that is from someone who feels it isn’t really their part of the ‘spill. So damned if you do – damned if you don’t. Or something.

    • Donds for what Shane said.

      Would add, that the ‘Spill is not RR where you can just show up & comment – it needs a variety of posts to keep it fresh. Each series has its place but not everything has to be a series, or even a post about music.

      If you take a walk through the archives (especially the old Blogger home). A lot of the best threads were often the most random.

      • This is why we’ve left earworms to those that don’t normally do their own posts – as shoey says higher up – ‘focus – we need focus’**** – I constantly have new music worming in – but it could be 30 or 40 a week.
        This is what I do while working – listen, find, listen – RR is great because it narrows the field to a theme. I then search to twist that theme and really like that game I play and then subject you all to 13 plus tunes .. people get enough of my taste.

        But I did feel the ‘spill needed shaking up (a little, not moaning, just refreashing) – that’s one of the reasons for the random ATM post – plus I enjoyed re-writing the sticker on the machine in the artwork.

        I might send in a worm – but only if I get a chance to think about it and do a write up – I like talkin’ bollox about pop tunes – just wish I could type as quick as I spew opinions – good job I can’t – I would really bore the socks off you all. But it sholud be an important thing here – that’s why earworms is important – the reasons are often the soul of the choices – that’s what makes this place have personality.

        (****see: ‘out of focus – buck 65’ pops into my head straight after ‘Hocus Pocus’ – wow – focus is quite a tough theme, but it could be the heart of something or the hub – ummmm – now the centre – interesting. Did I say Focus – must continue working not making a playlist)

  16. Well it’s unfortunate SR, that you choose to censor my thoughts especially when you stated via email “Be sure to keep me informed of what you’re thinking. I can’t improve if people are being too polite to tell me what they really think”
    Re. my post, it was predominantly my comments in response to what you stated here, ie; the organ grinder bit to which my response was was a denial that I ‘d ever suggested that you be responsible for changing Earworms. Surely that’s open for comment?
    I then included a paste from my own email that suggested “How about throwing this out to the Spill audience for an open discussion about Earworms? and apparently I’m not allowed to include your positive response to that.
    But the gist of my comment dealt with your comment that was addressed directly to me which I assume is also open for a response wherein you implied that I had suggested that your role at Earworms was other than to select the playlists and you know that no such comment was ever made.
    It’s true I did paste a quote from our general email discussion re. your thoughts on changes in future Earworms and if that offended you then I apologize but I didn’t think there was anything there that needed prior approval.
    Not sure what sensitive toe I’ve stepped on, also not sure why the secrecy, I thought we were having an intelligent discussion especially since you ended your last email with “Great points. Loving this.S”.

    • GF, you remind me of my Mother – like a dog with a bone, sometimes. Great to have you back, but let it go, fer goodness sake.

  17. Shoey; Why do you think it’s up to me to let it go? If you’ve been following the comments and dialog here your comments should be directed to SR. Go back and read what she’s not censored and at least there you’ll get a hint.
    All I’ve done is to respond to her comments.
    You have no comments re. her deleting my comments? Are you not curious what she deleted?

    • Oh come now, gf. It’s not really on to throw private communications back at someone in the public arena, however innocuous (you feel) the quoted bits are. It would certainly make me nervous if stuff I had said to someone “entre nous” suddenly started being broadcast to the whole world without prior consent!

      I should imagine that, in terms of discussing ‘improving’ earworms going forward, SR was trying to spare possible hurt feelings among those of us who could thus be perceived to have not done well enough: tinny, maki, Zalamanda and me. She’s sensitive like that!

  18. Having previously described myself as an ‘old grump’ on more than one occasion, let me just clarify that I have no problem whatsoever with the job you are doing, SR. I am generally over-critical of others’ taste in music but that is neither their problem nor yours. In my book, if you are willing to do the job, you deserve the support of those not willing to do so.
    I also tend to think others are probably (justifiably) over-critical of my taste, so rarely submit Earworms. But there are a couple of bands whose music almost never appears on here, so I might send one of those.

  19. I’d like to make just one further comment on this whole saga.

    GoneForeign, for whatever reason (before I deleted your message of yesterday) you were upset about something I had said or done. I unreservedly apologize.

    Then I deleted a message you posted yesterday. If you feel that this was censorship, I again apologize. My intent was to remove from the worldwide web comments you made in which you quoted me without my consent. Despite having made my wishes clear, I haven’t deleted your subsequent email, in which you again quote me, because I do not intend to get drawn into a spat with you.

    I hope you will accept my apologies and we can draw a line under this. I have nothing further to say, except:

    I would like to say to everyone that the emails were not particularly private. They are in the earworms email account. Tincanman has read them. My objection to being quoted is that there is a) a danger of what I said being taken out of context and b) I have objections to the contents of emails I have written being published on the internet without my express consent.

    I hope my apologies are accepted and that we can all move on. Earworms is something we do for fun and entertainment is it not? I appreciate all the kindness, really I do.

  20. Yesterday afternoon I was about to aquiess to Shoey’s advice ‘to give it up’, not because I’d had a change of mind about anything I’d previously said but because I realised I was wasting my time on an inconsequential topic and I wasn’t going to change any opinions. But right then Gina stuck her head in the door to announce ‘Dinner’s ready’, so it never got done.
    This morning I see there’s several additional comments so I shall respond as briefly as I can. I just re-read all the comments here, interesting and worthwhile. If anyone is still interested just read my comment of July 11 @ 11.27, that approximately summarises my thoughts on all this.
    The one outstanding question is what happened to that friendly, intelligent discussion that SR and I were having and why did the tone change so radically, was it because I was too straightforward in expressing my feelings for the playlist, should I have kept quiet or mumbled something meaningless? Those comments referred only to the six tunes. In all of the email correspondence there was never a note of criticism of SR or any other spiller who’s played that roll, I did express my feelings re. the ‘theme’ structure and I suggested that the entire Spill participate in a discussion about our feelings for Earworms, I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing our absent friends.
    Just one final comment and it evolves from my re-reading the comments. There were two comments that caught my eye, both by Bish. From the first one “Ha ha, less self-deprecating than I gave you credit for then, gf!” I have no idea what this means, what are you saying?
    In the second one you use the phrase ‘throw private communications back at someone’, throw is a very loaded word used in that context, there was no ‘throwing’ involved, I merely summarized our very friendly conversation.
    And then you go on to imply it was”broadcast to the whole world “, it wasn’t, it was posted here as a comment to a small group of people who are all interested in this topic.
    And finally you begin a sentence “I should imagine that”, what follows is obviously purely imaginary on your part. On what do you base your statements re. SR’s “trying to spare possible hurt feelings among those of us who could thus be perceived to have not done well enough: tinny, maki, Zalamanda and me.” There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she indulged in such thoughts, and nor was there any such discussion between us, ask her. Pure fantasy on your part.
    OK, that’s all I have to say on this subject.

    • Oh dear, I shouldn’t have got involved, should I? But in answer to your questions/comments:

      1) I had understood your “shining hour” comment originally to be a self-deprecating quip about your inability to appreciate the music on offer this week. It then seemed to transpire that it genuinely was closer to what Abahachi suspected: a swipe at the list.

      2) The “whole world” is kind of what the worldwide web is, I’m afraid! But of course not everyone in the world is interested in our discussions, so on that score, I could indeed be accused of exaggerating! As for my imaginings, I agree: they were indeed just that. And I should doubtless have kept them to myself. I apologise.

      Anyway, as I say, my bad for sticking my nose in. I just don’t like seeing people harangued, but of course SR can stick up for herself. Apologies to you both.

  21. Bish: Thanks for responding, but I believe that you should get involved. There was obviously some lack of communication on my part but there was no haranguing, specifically of SR. My perception is that you responded from the heart, not the head, I don’t think you understood what I was saying.
    Anyhow, thanks…..T.

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