beer today….

1 Drink Beer Chris T-T
2 Beercan Beck
3 A Brighter Beat Malcolm Middleton
4 Punks In The Beerlight Silver Jews
5 Bottle of Beer Owl Eyes

1 Sky Phenomenon Jens Lekman
2 Beer Nut The Lucksmiths
3 Beer In The Breakers The Wave Pictures
4 Drink Another Beer Andrew Jackson Jihad
1 Papa Was A Rodeo John Yoko – Lali Puna
2 Blackout British Sea Power
3 Hard On Withered Hand
4 I’ve Been Tired Frank Black (demo)
5 Son Of A Gun cLOUDDEAD
1 More Tea, More Beer The Herbaliser
2 The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager (Part 1) Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
3 Heaven Loudon Wainwright III
4 Drinking with Mcgee Thirty Pounds Of Bone

10 thoughts on “beer today….

  1. What would you drink if they ran out of brews?
    Would you throw up and look for the tea?
    Send me your fears and I’ll fill up the room
    With your shame and your guilt
    (Must go pee)

    I’ll just lie, in a little sick, by my friends
    We’ll all try to get up, not descend
    But we’re pissed and our legs only bend

    Do you need anybody?
    No, coz I’m here with all the beshtest people in the world an’ I love you all

  2. Great work Shane, thanks for this. A celebratory offering, cheers. That chap has been working his fingers to the bone, looks like he’s earned that pint !

    And thanks Chris, I always like a well-crafted adaptation. Perhaps I should’ve revived my ‘Ache-y Breaky Head’ from when we did Hangover Songs.

    • cheers all .. nice work Chris – thanks for listening SR and fred …

      and Daddypig (especially for insinuating I’m a lush on facebook ! – as in drunkard; alcoholic; sot.) There is a good reason for such knowledge of beer songs… apart from being an artist … (insert the correct 4 letter word where needed)

      I did write and design, B.A.T.Y (beauty and the yeast) – as a satirical magazine for a pub, bar and club I worked for (the reason why my shanewantsbeer e-mail is still alive) we also had to theme playlists.

      I didn’t even get to select The Jazz Butcher *weeps into beer* he’s my fav lush if ever there was one)

      I could have written out the fictitious album I created for the magazine with great drinking tracks like:

      Hey hey we’re the drunkies

      Pie-eyed man and Drunk uncles: 59th street beer song (feelin’ boozy)
      “hello lamppost what you knowing?
      I’ve come to get those beers a flowin'”

      House of the Riesling Scum
      “there is a house that brew obscene,
      they call the riesling scum”

      “Imagine there’s no Tavern
      don’t do it, you might cry”

      oh – I could go on .. but I’m working, really – honest I am.

      • Ha, ha, ha – great work and love the pic! Don’t get me going on puns, my mind wouldn’t stop. They wouldn’t be as imaginative as yours though! Back to work …

  3. An altogether heady and intoxicating mix. The third pint made me very happy – beautiful songs sung through a glass darkly indeed. Beck, Jens and Wave Pictures great too. Thanks Shane, here’s to your health!

  4. Cheers!

    Lots here to be savoured. Second round was my favourite – a quirky little microbrew, refreshingly bitter.

  5. Bloody hell – I’ve got to go to the bar and remember the fourth round, 2nd round – first round and the third round .. did anyone need snacks?
    Why couldn’t you all make it easy for me? I’m never going to get this round right – do you think if I ask for ‘same again’ they sort it for me.

    Hurray for diversity… and thank you all for your wonderful company.


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