iDunce: iNeed iPhone iHelp – v2.0



It’s not pretty watching a grown man cry, but I’m fairly close to tears right now.

I’ve managed to lock myself out of my iPhone. I changed the password after the girls figured out yet ANOTHER one, but the very next time I tried to get into the phone, it told me I’ve got the password wrong.
I can’t believe I messed up the change, but nonetheless I’ve tried Capitalising it, mis-spelling it, typing the old one again in case the change hadn’t processed, etc., etc.
But now it’s locking me out for increasing amounts of time after each failed attempt, and I’ve been warned by one ex-user “For God’s sake don’t get to ten failed attempts or the phone will wipe itself”. Um, *ULP*, I can’t be far off that point.

Anybody know what I do now? I can’t find free online advice, and I can’t find it in the hundreds of pages of online service manual.

I need the phone tomorrow.



Ee, could you all feel that Beaufort Force 8 sigh of relief just then?

Given that you have to put in a new password twice accurately in order to change it, I asked myself the question “What could I possibly have mis-typed twice in a row?”

I changed the last letter “r” in my intended new password for the adjacent “t” on the qwerty, gritted my teeth and hit OK . . . SUCCESS!!!

I’m back in, and I promise to concentrate on one thing at once in future.

14 thoughts on “iDunce: iNeed iPhone iHelp – v2.0

    • Hi GHE. No I haven’t sussed out synching with iTunes, as I’m a bit afraid of blowing the phone’s memory by it trying to load my half-terabyte of music.

      I think I allowed it to sync with iCloud when I was first investigating Settings, and if I read it right, that means it will be up-to-date, as that auto-updates whenever I hit a wi-fi spot. So I’m not THAT terrified of losing everything permanently, but the prospect of starting again still fills me with dread.

      Your link, however, is exactly what I was looking for, so thank you muchly for that.

  1. Hi

    Sakura called me (6 O’clock in the morning)

    But It looks like GHE has given you the way but if you need to try something different this should work But you will probably loose everything on the phone. Of course I can not promise success. . . .

    1 –start iTtunes then put the cable in the iPhone and computer
    2 – you will see the iPhone in the computer screen
    3 – do not press restore now if you see a message
    4 – on the iPhone hold down the homebutton at the bottom on the front and the power button on the top edge.
    5 – hold down until the screen goes black then when you see the apple sign appear in phone screen let go of the power and keep the home pressed
    6 – this will wipe everything on your iPhone including the passcode – but you will be able to go back to the last time you synced or backed up your phone.(if you you did)
    7 – you will see a message on the iTunes saying something like there is an iPhone in recovery or something. If you see something like a cannot connect message then just close the message box and keep holding
    home till you see the recovery message
    7 – now you can say yes and click on the restore button – you will see a message saying something like talking to apple to make sure of restore but just wait . . .
    9 – after that all your settings and music will be restored , and it may take a while if you have a lot. If you have no back up or sync it will loose all the settings and music and apps and everything and it will be like a new phone.

    Maybe make sure your wireless is working first then it may connect to the cloud after restore.

    I hope this helps you but I cannot promise as software may be different between Japanese versions and UK versions.

    Good Luck


  2. Thank you very much, OldHipster and Sakura. I really appreciate it, but as you may now see above, I managed to successfully guess how I’d made a mess of it in the first place.

    Now I’m afraid I must dash: I have a very early start in the morning.

    • Clever? I think not, Sakura chan.

      If I was clever I wouldn’t have been so stupid in the first place!

      • Of course it was clever to think of it ! ! !

        We all make a mistake . . . .. that is why Dad knows how to fix this problem 😉

        But to think of clever way solve the problem is really great ! ! !

  3. Well done, that’s a relief. In slower time, it’s still worth getting the hang of syncing with iTunes – and you can do so without any syncing any of your music collection, if you so choose. But it will give you a back up of everything on the phone, should problems arise in future. Personally, I tell iTunes to only sync the smart playlist ‘everything added in the last thirty days’. Then my phone always has the latest stuff, without me having to do anything…(ghe)

  4. Re your hacker daughters, rather than use a word as a password, I recommend the mnemonic method (no relation to a spiller of this parish) – I.e. a password made up of the first letters of each word of a well known phrase, lyric, poem, whatever. EG 1mwtm (one man went to mow). Easily memorable, hard to crack. (ghe)

    • Guessability isn’t the issue, ghe. My daughters are now employing subterfuge to spy on my entering whatever the password is. F’rinstance, the one they’d sussed yesterday that started all this off was the system sign-on password (of a friend who’s been dead for nearly 20 years) at an employer we left ten years before DsSis was born!!

  5. Re the ‘ten failed goes and your phone is wiped’. This only applies if you’ve selected that option in settings. So you could allow unlimited tries, if you think the next attempts are more likely to be you, than someone who has found or nicked the phone!! (ghe) (that’s enough, apple fanboy stuff. Ed.)

    • Yeah I found that now. I’ll be spending se time on my settings and back-ups on Monday.

      (I’m working both days this weekend on something I hope to be blogging about tomorrow evening. Talking of which, time to go …)

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