Tunes Of The Month – June

Hives, Ty Segall, Guided By Voices, DIIV, Can, A Place To Bury Strangers, Two Wounded Birds, Future Of The Left, Flaming Lips with Ke$ha & Biz Markie, Hundred In The Hands, Tomas Barfod with Nina Kinert, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Citizens!, Invisible, Smoke Fairies, Jesca Hoop, Fiona Apple, Neneh Cherry & The Thing, Dave Stapleton

13 thoughts on “Tunes Of The Month – June

  1. Jesca Hoop’s album is the only one of these I’ve heard – first couple of listens suggest it’s good but not quite as good as the last one – but it may grow on me more. “DNR” would have been my pick from it.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Fiona Apple’s new record – I’ve got married, had three kids, moved house twice and changed jobs three times since her last one, so be interesting to see what she’s been up to.

    Of the rest, I really liked Two Wounded Birds and Tomas Barfod with Nina Kinert on a first listen. And Future Of The Left deserves to be blasted out of a lot of speakers over the next couple of months.

    Thanks as always for putting this together.

    • Seems you’ve been a little busier than Ms. Apple. Good to be reminded what a great voice she has & the new one is a strong set of songs.

      DIIV (formerly Dive) would be my pick of the month. A little disappointed that there weren’t more lost Can classics than got uncovered. Oh well.

    • Cut-backs to pay for fat cats?

      Only had a chance to listen to the first 12 yesterday but as it played on I thought to myself “This is how you sequence a playlist”. Cheers. Very much liked TY Segall. They remind me a little of Beastmilk

      • Good call on Beastmilk. Ty’s new band are fierce – hope we get some live dates.

        It’s a lot easier to playlist these days. Can’t think how we coped in the days of real time vinyl to cassette mix tapes, when that last song was to long to fit or there was one that just wasn’t fitting in with the vibe of the rest.

      • Oh! I used to be able to look at a cassette and think “Hmmm. I know just the perfect 44.5 second long Die Kreuzen track to go on the end of that spool. And I could tell the difference between C45, C60, etc. I could also rewind to the exact spot in a song by judging the length of time or the sound the tape made. Errrr… I’m charting previously unmapped levels of sadness here, aren’t I? Don’t reply.

  2. I haven’t had enough time to listen all the way through – got to Two Wounded Birds – enjoyed it all ’til then – I failed to get anything new in June except Jesca Hoop – any chance of a re-up.
    I need to do a clear out of my weekly RR playlists later – that should get some space again.

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