New Lykke Li!

Now I forget who the Lykke Li fan was – glasshalfempty, perhaps? I think so. Somebody certainly submitted the wondrous “I Follow Rivers” as an earworm a year or so back. Anyway, a few people may find this an interesting listen, so I thought I’d post it… It’s a cover of the Stevie Nicks song “Silver Springs”, recorded for an upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album. I must confess to not having known the original (although I’ve just had a listen – it’s pleasant enough), but I am finding this version hypnotically addictive. If I were 15, I’m sure I’d be listening to this lying sprawled out on my bed (bedroom door firmly shut), REALLY LOUD and on repeat. And enjoying a good old wallow, natch.

Really ramps up a notch at the 2min mark so don’t give up before then!

14 thoughts on “New Lykke Li!

  1. I didn’t know I liked either Lykke Li or Fleetwood Mac, but that is adorably woozy and overblown, thanks for posting it! If I like this, what other Lykke Li might I enjoy?

  2. Oh that’s great.

    Is that First Aid Kit doing backing vocals there? I know that they toured together and did back up vocals for her. Here’s Silent My Song with FAK. I’m sure you’d like both artists.

    Oh wow! That album has a stellar cast. I’m buying it. Antony Hegarty doing “Landslide”. Beautiful. That CD’ll be one for long drives into the countryside.

    • Dunno about the backing vocals. I’ve not done my homework really, have I?! Ooh yes, that Antony track is lovely. Looks like being a good album.

      • Ms Fuel wouldn’t allow that CVB album. She’d leave me stranded on a granite rock in the Baltic with only horseflies for company on the long, cold swim back to somewhere closer to civillisation.

  3. Yes, Bish, ’twas me – but Blimpy spotted her first, then of course dropped her as soon as she was well known! Shane is right about Youth Novels, and the I’m good, I’m gone is one of me favourite vids, with Robyn on backing vocals. Thanks for posting – hope to have a listen tomorrow. (ghe)

  4. Very good. I know next to no Fleetwood Mac, but as Fuel says, the line-up on that album is amazing.

    I love what I know of Lykke Li (of course: she’s Swedish). Think this is my favourite:

  5. Free Lykke Li at rcrd

    always a good resource for dipping in to a career – usually interesting remixes too – Beck and Sitek (TV on the Radio) featured here. What more can you want for nowt?

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