Put The Wood In The Hole

Wolfgang Press – Shut That Door
Disappears – Pearly Gates
Dennis Brown – Man Next Door
Congos – Feast Of The Passover
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Portal
Saltillo – Gatekeepers
Adrian Sherwood – St. Peter’s Gate
JD Meatyard – St. Peter At The Gate

Grasscut – The Door In The Wall
Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep
Chromatics – At Your Door
Hunters & Collectors – Hayley’s Doorstep
Extra Lens – Communicating Doors
Eels – A Line In The Dirt
Antlers – French Exit

8 thoughts on “Put The Wood In The Hole

  1. Nice playlist – really liked the way it played out with Chromatics, Extra Lens, Eels and The Antlers (are you going to put any Antlers up on RR?).

    PS. Sorry I didn’t catch your last playlist before it disappeared – I didn’t realise that happened.

    • Antlers? Not this week. The playlist needed an exit, but it’s a bit short on doors.

      Got in the habit of taking the old list down when a new one goes up. ‘Spill storage is limited & we do have to pay for it. Also helps avoid getting any pesky take down notices if you don’t leave stuff lying around the web too long

    • & thank you for the reminder to revisit East River Pipe – although I have mislaid “Even the Sun Was Afraid” & it’s bugging me.

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