push bar to open

1 alt.End The Cure
2 Headed For The Door Moonface
3 Out The Door Blank Dogs
4 Boarded Doors The Morning Benders
5 Opening Doors (Warrior One Remix) Leni Ward
6 Rich Doors New Villager
7 My Door Is Open Nitzer Ebb


1 Walking Through That Door Future Islands
2 4 Door Maverick Howie Gelb
3 The Postman American Analog Set
4 Emergency Exit Beck
5 Who Will Guard The Door Over The Rhine
6 A Knock Upon The Door Cass McCombs

18 thoughts on “push bar to open

  1. Finally, a post. Is the Spill summer drought over?

    You’re right – that is a good Cure song. Think Moonface is my fave of all Mr Krug’s identities. Enjoyed that Leni, too. Good stuff.

  2. Thought you or Shoey would nom Moonface before me. Enjoyed listening to Nitzer Ebb again. Hope the Future Islands lead off the A-list. Cheers.

  3. Cheers Shoey and Fuel – that Cure is one of my fav’s – weird how I was just mentioning it before the theme.

    … and it doesn’t have door in it’s title.

    Didn’t think I was going to bother playing – I’m in a lousy mood about RR (and computer life really) thankfully real life is okay – so I shall just get on with clearing the garden.

    I was going to mention Moonface the other night – I think it has quite impressive goth overtones – but every time I write anything at the moment it comes out sounding harsh and stressed. I just deleted it. I thought you or shoey had mentioned the album not that long ago (or April, says my itunes) – good to get a playlist done.

    Cheers for listening.

  4. I’m also unable to get my head round RR at the moment. I find great music there and that’s why I keep coming back but I’m increasingly listening to stuff that seems to be on the fringes of RR.

    I wasn’t going to be play this week either, but we came back to town for the annual Medieval Festival. Listening to lots of Medieval-style music played on instruments from that era got me excited about nomming songs. Some of the music was very droney and a bit trippy and gothic (in maybe a more trad sense), which pleasantly surprised me. Anyway, it did make me think of Siinai (With Moonface) or rather the band that Siinai used to be: Joensuu 1685 – (You Shine) Brighter Than Light The festival has also started to attract a Goth / Metal crowd as well … must be the clothing and the brandishing of swords. I should listen to The Cure again I haven’t listened to any new product of theirs since er… 1991/2.

    • I liked the Joensuu 1685 so much I’ve just purchased the album.

      the medieval festival sounds great – my 7 year old lad is pretty much re-enacting that in the garden every day .. I soundtrack the sword fighting experience with “The creatures in the garden of Lady Walton” for balance (or something)

      Clogs – the owl of love

      There’s often one or two tracks on each Cure album that bring back that old thrill – but it’s not the same as being a teenager – alt.end was very personal to me in an odd time of my life – really, really love that track. I usually buy them on vinyl, but it’s for old times now – not quality control – there’s a very large chunk of their ‘mid era’ Cure recordings I don’t own.

      RR is in one of those troughs (for my taste) at the moment – it’s easier to put up ‘all’ at the end and cmdF the few names I like the suggestions of. But I don’t like that way of relating to the game.
      I would miss the pleasure of magicman nominating Tune-Yards for instance – wasn’t expecting that – the self selecting way of playing brings little in the way of surprises.

      It needs a shake up – but usually when I say that I get shouted down for attacking the Guru – but people naturally gravitate to what they think he wants .. it’s human nature after this extended time hosting – (it’s happened with all the long term gurus) .. for instance, I can’t remember the last Hip hop, ninja tune or rave track I’ve bothered nominating – because subconsciously I censor. Not Jon’s fault – it just feels a comfort zone game to me… and that’s my thrill gone.

      (I’m also smarting because my Pavement nomination in ‘secrets’ got more recommends in the results section – from someone not even making the effort to read the word RESULTS. I’m calming down a bit – but not much)

      Oh well, we’ve got Betty Davis to perk us up. Ooh Yeah.

  5. The Medieval Festival was a bad influence. Did I mention archery yet? My most repeated phrases are “Don’t aim arrows at people” and “Don’t swing your swords near your sister: Attempts to recreate the acrobat and juggling performances are also leading to bruises and tears.

    At least RR doesn’t lead to bruises.. Yes, it is in the dolldrums. It’s a bit like it was RobF’s time when I could practically pick the A-list: The Who, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Animals, etc. or something equally melodic that is from the 1960s, a classic “influential” US band or artist from the 1960s or early 1970’s, Some ska or classic reggae sounds, something iconic (and maybe cheesy) we hadn’t expected to be picked, some modern stuff that has a clear lineage back to “classic rock or soul” and a couple of tracks that confound expectations. A playlist for listening to rather than dancing, which lacks pace or gets slow when it could do a Spinal Tap and get “one louder”. (I apologise for nomming “Panda Bear”. I never thought it had a chance of making the A-list). There’s not much mystery there. Then again, if I did the list for an extended time people would start to complain the post punk and Sonic Youth domination of the playlist. Damn! You’re right about the self selecting, I don’t even consider looking in the Sonic Youth related section of my collection. No “Secret Girl” last week

    I think my main problem with RR at the moment is that at first it was great link to the past and all the sounds I had in my collection. Then I devoured the unfamiliar stuff that I heard through RR. Finally, I went off discovering new stuff and getting into sounds I used to play infrequently, so it just isn’t giving me that much music anymore, especially when compared to other blogs. Then again the other blogs aren’t likely to give me Betty Davis or Maki’s Spanish noms on the same page. Hmmm maybe I should I just stop for a while and wait till the mystery comes back.

    BTW. I did see that Gold Soundz nom on the results page. I almost trolled him and linked to the Astrid Swan (Burning Hearts [A bit lumpy] remix) but I was far too late. I’ll stomp off under my bridge now. I hear the trip-trapping of billy goats.

    • BTW Clogs are brilliant.Thanks.

      Hope you like the rest of the album. Joensuu 1865 do a fine version of Springsteens “I’m on Fire”. But I think they got better when they became Siinai.

      • really enjoying the album … lovely late night music.

        Astrid Swan is brill too.

        I was more pissed off with the bigging up of the persons nomination in the results section – because it’s basically saying my nomination in the suggestion section must be crap then – it hurt my feelings.

        and even if my nomination was missed (there’s a 1000 odd songs each week – easy to do) but it was nominated again 9 hrs later by another poster – so that saying two of us were crap at nominating the song.

        By all means we should encourage new people – but not by cheering their ‘great nominations’ that others have already suggested.

        (especially when secrets is continued as “gret gret gret grets” in gold soundz – giving me the impression of regrets to those secrets – it’s important to me – and it’s bloody hard getting his lyrics to fit a theme .. I did it – I was pleased. *grumps off in huff* again)

        hee hee

      • Ah I get it! I am slow. I can see why that’d piss you off. I try to avoid commenting on the results page as I’d make an unsightly mess.

      • A quick breakdown of my predictions:

        The Who, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Animals, etc. or something equally melodic that is from the 1960s This week: The Misunderstood and the Monkees.

        , a classic “influential” US band or artist from the 1960s or early 1970′s: the Band and Dylan, the Doors

        Some ska or classic reggae sounds: The Beat hooray!

        something iconic “I Hear you Knocking”
        (and maybe cheesy we hadn’t expected to be picked, Merle Haggard – Swinging Doors

        some modern stuff that has a clear lineage back to “classic rock: White Stripes, Noah and the Whale (okay maybe I stretch the point here but it could’ve been a Stone’s outtake 1968 to 1972) or soul: The Delfonics”: (Should’ve said “will be classic soul”)

        and a couple of tracks that confound expectations.: Baby Metal and and Richard hawley

        A playlist for listening to rather than dancing, Stops and starts.

        I rest my case

    • Public apology for attempting to nominate “Doorbell” – shouldn’t even make a White Stripes top 20. Thank God Beltway beat me to it. That was close.

      When the going gets tough – it’s time to up our game. No compromise. No surrender. No excuses. Either convince the guru to get out of the rut or outlast him.

      (thought better of posting this on the back lapping page).

      • I thought the back lapping was just up from the arse licking – no?

        Individually they are good songs on the list – but collectively it’s bland and a tick box selection as Fuel ‘s example illustrates.

        No compromise. No surrender. No excuses. and I’m invoking Ragnarok**** for help. (theme willing)

        ****(contained tales of the destruction of the gods and mankind, and the birth of a new era)

        and as you two are not on RR facebook here’s my Knock Knock joke:

        Knock knock
        Who’s there?

        Knock knock (quieter)

        Knock knock (louder)

        K n o c k k n o c k (drawn out)

        (I will continue until you’re irritable)

        Knock knock
        Who’s there?
        Philip Glass. (this works well in type don’t you think?)

      • Public apology for nomming Turisas. It has no chance of making the A list. This week’s subject is very unlikely to lead RR out of it’s current rut. Phillip Glass. Ha! Ha!

  6. I’ve just been preparing, pureeing and sieving strawberries because we got carried away at the pick-your-own fruit farm on Sunday. I had Part 1 of the playlist as my soundtrack and enjoyed The Cure, now that’s how to dump someone. Just one additional repetition of the chorus to make sure the message gets across. Not what I’d usually listen to but Moonface is great too.

    And you thought a playlist was the perfect cover for an RR moan… and why not ?

    • Our fav strawberry growers fields are not yet ripe – we are waiting patiently – none of that imported or poly tunnel stuff for us – better go out and check soon.

      glad you liked the Cure – it’s a powerful song.

      I’m trying to be calm with this rant – it really needs a good and proper spill out of emotion – that’s why I used the photo – the building is huge, 3 times the hight of the door and long – football pitch long – and who ever wrote their rant (on it) has spent a LONG time spewing out their emotions. It’s all in one handwriting and it’s all painted straight onto the brickwork and doors and fire exit. Not a single space left untouched. Amazing. That’s the rant I aspire to.

      hee hee.

      • Yes, it’s enough to make your average ranter want to give up. Like an ordinary bass player going to a Jaco Pastorius gig or something. But I hope it inspires you !

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