Spill Challenge # 20120618 : Let’s Hear It For The Girls

Spill Challenge by SweetHomeAlabama

Since all the guitar and bass gods, lords of the drums, and keyboard wizards seem to be male – lets have some songs featuring a great instrumental perfomance played by a woman.

Cordell Jackson

Ready, steady, go!

And, please can we have a volunteer for next week’s Spill Challenge?

91 thoughts on “Spill Challenge # 20120618 : Let’s Hear It For The Girls

  1. My second thought is Kate Bush, seen here playing the piano on Wuthering Heights. I know she’s a vocalist, but a very musically talented lady too. Sorry for the fuzziness of the video, I wanted one of her actually playing it.

  2. Oh come on, guys. We must be able to come up with a few more! I always thought this was a great cover thanks to the geetar work:

      • She is cute – but it affected.
        See that look – the one where she looks either far left or far right – often up into her eyelids – that’s a models look. It’s used by photographers to get as much white in the eyes – making them contrast the darkness of her eye colour.

        she does it loads – it annoys me – because i know that she knows – and it’s not subtly done to look natural – it performed. It’s easy to go off ‘cute’ when the person knows that’s the effect.

        Give me a woman with a good glare – and you get strong and sexy – not wishy washy knowing ‘cute’.

        (did I type that out loud?)

      • You are quite correct, but she does it so well (plus I think Prince taught it to her coz he does it too, so it’s not her fault) 🙂

  3. I think that in a three piece group each member really needs to be totally there all the time. And this is really true of the drummer.

    So Okinawan girl rockers Stereopony are really great three girl rock group and as my dad says “in the engine room” (on drums) is Shiho Yamanoha. Not just a great girl drummer, but a great drummer – full stop ! ! !

    Here they are in action ! ! !

    Stereoponey – Effective Re-Line and Sweet Blue – Live

  4. OH! I think I might be stuck on this…………………..

    If it’s not guitar playing, the only thing that springs to mind is Karen Carpenter playing drums. (there was also the girl who played drums for a group called “Applejack”, (I think), back in the days. Mitch might know a bit more.

    Can’t do a link right now……………………time for peepy bo-bo’s.

    Night night.

    • The Applejacks had a girl bass player (Megan Davis). Honey Lantree played drums for the Honeycombs (“Have I The Right”), but the best was Claire Lane who played drums for The Ramrods which (I hope) is here

  5. Emily Wells: My main instrument is the violin. Im also really into little toy instruments. I have a few toy pianos and always bring one on the road with me. I have little glockenspiels, I love analog synthesizers, old synthesizers, old drum machines … anything that I can sample — Im into. I really like the combination between real instruments and electronic stuff. I also like the uke a lot … [The Melodica is] a really cool instrument. You can kinda make a sound like an accordion because its got air going through. You can play chords just like you would on an accordion, but you can also play single notes

    Emily Wells

    michael nyman meets hip hop my new fav musical crush – if only classical influence RR had been about this sort of thing.

      • (are you not supposed to be in the wilds of no night – living off crunchy leaves – and tripping with sleep depravation?)

        ‘Oh wow’ indeed.

      • Tomorrow. I’m all alone here and the family are gone because I have to sort out the mess left by someone else already on holiday. Grumble, mumble … But tomorrow I’ll be living off nuts and berries, digging up new potatoes and all sort of fresh veg, marinating some elk, enjoying a cool beer in the sauna and thinking about a swim in the Baltic. Probably too cold for that last one.

      • 4 a.m. today I had a very tetchy stag prancing along next to me – big fellow he was – but very very nervous (and I wasn’t even thinking of marinating him)

    • I’ve not heard her before, like! She reminds me of CocoRosie in terms of vocal style and children’s instruments, but I think she beats them on musical skills by quite a way.

      BTW who is JA? *shows ignorance*

      • I think CocoRosie do have exceptional musical skills – I think one of them is highly trained too – but I think they have a very annoying ticks with their vocal stylings that bug me more than the instrumental ones… personal judgement obviously.

        anyway – Joseph Arthur is a pet project of Helen’s to get nominated – I will try and gazump her if I get the chance to slip Wasted in – my fav track of his – I’m being taught new a wonderful extra songs with each nomination. Deaf ears Jon 😉 hasn’t been seduced yet – but we’ll keep trying.

        Joseph Arthur and Emily

      • I do know what you mean about CocoRosie’s singing style. On something like Gallows it’s acceptable, but they get a bit carried away don’t they?

        Thanks for telling me who JA is, I was thinking that Jane’s Addiction seemed unlikely as collaborations go.

      • Jane’s Addiction before he believed his own made up myth and Emily Wells with modern technology – that’d entertain me.

        CocoRosie – yep, they need someone in there telling them to stop over egging the song. Love them – but it’s selective, not wholeheartedly.

    • I’ll be in Pahiyas this Saturday as well. I say don’t drop anything! Hahaha. You can alyaws earn the money back. But the memories will never happen again. Hahaha cheesy!

  6. Rising to my own challenge: Surf’s up!
    Produced by Kim Fowley, so you know it’s just gotta be a little bit weird:

    Chiyo and the Crescents – Pink Dominos
    Chiyo Ishii was not Japanese, but actually a Native American who took on the name when she married a Japanese-American.

    Of course female drummers are few and far between too

    • “Of course female drummers are few and far between too”

      Not in Japan and China, I can think of dozens of really great girlie drummers from those countries.
      Not least the mighty Atom from Hedgehog.

  7. Bonnie Raitt is a great guitarist:

    I’m trying to find a link to Scarlett Rivera playing on BD’s Desire – her fiddle work is absoluteoy integral to the album and the Rolling Thunder tour recordings.

  8. Oh goodie ! I get to post a song by my current “main squeeze”. She is….wait for it….Japanese ! and called Tamurapan and I love her and want to have her babies.

  9. Well this isn’t great in a twiddly, complicated, muso way but it is great in a memorable bass line way, so…………

  10. As it seems like we can more than one . . . .

    Prog Rock is a live and well and living in Japan ! ! !

    Boris are really nice experimental and post prog band that have had a lot of success not only in Japan but also in USA.

    They formed in 1998 and have been active ever since.

    The guitarist is called Wata and she is really great as you can see and hear in this video.

    I hope you like it ! ! !

  11. Easy one: my absolute favourite jazz guitarist is the wonderful, and late lamented, Emily Remler. I’m afraid the stereo effects get a bit weird on the first track…

    Emily Remler

    Not wishing to be a grouch, but this page has taken nearly ten minutes to load; no chance that we could carry on with the precedent set by Shane's Not-the-RR-Challenge thread, and post links rather than embedding the videos?

  12. Well, this certainly comes to mind. Lita Ford & Joan Jett do the the shredding While Cherry Cherie solos on attitude. Still fucking rocks.

    • dond for Joanie, although when i think of her on guitar, unfortunately in the back of my mind it’s still “pretty good for a girl”.

  13. I thought that someone would pick up on Nina Simone so I left it for others, but no one did so here she is. One of the great jazz pianists, unfortunately under-rated, she always shows her classical influences in her improvisations. This video was the topic of a fairly heated discussion here some years back, the entire program from Montreux 1976 is at youtube and it’s a must-see.

      • out why your bike doesn’t fall down when you ride, and it isn’t what they thought. Denver’s new myraoal candidates support cycling. Ohio Bike Lawyer Steve Magas’ excellent op-ed on the conflict between cyclists and drivers

  14. Ex-Cathedra were a great ska-punk (with an emphasis on punk) band from Glasgow that I saw quite a few times in the 90s. Always good live, they rarely captured the sound on record, but this was one of their better attempts
    Ex-Cathedra – Give Me Tommorrow (sax riff by a woman called Jenny, previously of all-female band PMT!)

  15. One of the all female outfits I had a lot of respect for was the Slits

    Also, Goldie & The Gingerbreads.

    Goldie later became Bo Diddley’s manager for a time in the 80s

    • You should have seen them at the Acklam Hall in 1978 Mitch. A revelation to be sure. Sadly the album never caught that wonderful raucous spirit they had. Still a decent record though.

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