waiting in sane

I wanted to start with Abahachi’s futile jazz nomination – because that is the essence of this game – waiting in vain for your own pet project to get A listed .. and we all feel WE are persecuted against – the Hip Hop brigade, the Progsters, the Indie Kids, The J-Pop, the punk, the goth .. the etc etc etc

But I couldn’t find a link to add in my playlists So Aba will have sulk as usual !

playlist link here

1 Fugazi-Waiting room
I am a patient boy

2 ‪Betty Davis-Your Mama Wants Ya Back‬
beautiful interplay of groovetastic style.

3 ‪The Wedding Present – This Boy Can Wait‬
this band is more important to me than almost any other – but I totally understand that is personal – and all music should be personal – no-one has the right to exclaim “you can’t like music if you do not appreciate so and so” – The Wedding Present – they are fab (but so is a 70’s lollipop)

4 Peech Boys– Dont Make Me Wait (Dub Mix)
I was 12 in 1982, and old style electro (this is an example) killed my dad’s perception of music – he just couldn’t fathom how electronic instruments could be classed as music – it thrilled me .. it was the future. It can live in a record collection with 4 men and their Bass guitars drums set-up. There should not be an ‘us and them’.

‪5 Killing Joke – The Wait‬
Wait ….. there should be an ‘us and them’ … thats why i hate society and most people i meet and their rubbish taste – perfect.

Sorry about that – was lulling myself into a false sense of acceptance.
Let’s chill again…
6 ‪Hocus Pocus – J’attends‬
I’m waiting…

… for my man.
7 The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man
anyone who brought the record formed a band – hopefully not a band slavishly copying their sound – wouldn’t life be boring if everyone sounded just like, I don’t know – Oasis, for instance?

8 Sandie Shaw – Girl Don’t Come
the joy of parping brass – (this woman was in The Smiths – they were year zero – weren’t they?)

9 Yona – Kellon alla
is that the time?

10 ‪The Doors – Waiting for the sun‬
Kinda stop start – quiet (a bit)LOUDer quiet .. if only they’d beefed it up a bit they could have been as good as the Pixies.

11 ‪Eurythmics – This City Never Sleeps‬
from the original album my Dad accepted as ‘music’ created on machines – I moved on to rap.. that’d teach him.

12 Ted Barnes – Waiting for all she knows
mind blowingly beautiful.

a personal playlist obviously, with tongue in cheek comments, and trying to be fair too – you’re not interested in my thoughts anyway, are you? – it’s the glory you want.
A collection of any 13 tracks could make a brilliant Waiting selection from those suggested..
I’m going to finish with my choice – because I’m always waiting for the beat to kick in:
13 Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Waiting for the Beat to Kick
clearly not enjoying waiting around.

There’s some bonus tracks in the youtube playlist – I was trying to fit them in – but felt my 13 list was a good fit – i would carry on all night otherwise.

Thanks everyone for the great individual tunes – it was a pleasure to listen and read.

20 thoughts on “waiting in sane

  1. Thanks for including TP in the extended list, Shane. He is too rarefied for the mundanity of 13.

    (Or something…)

    • I did think that track was lovely tfd – the Bangles backing work a treat against his vocals – If I had more time (fathers day today – was taken to the beach to fly kites – and hold 7 Y.O’s ankles so he didn’t fly off) I might well have chopped and changed more.

      In a longer playlist it would ease between Velvets and Sandie Shaw really well.

      • Just kiddin’, Shane. I was with my two MK grandsons at the Waterside Festival and we had a whale of a time – not quite as good as yesterday though as I had to tell them that Grandma had run out of money…

  2. I hadn’t realized that you were doing this so soon. I’d barely started listening to the songs, but it’s a really excellent playlist, shane. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for doing this. I enjoyed participating in both things this weekend, and got some practice on making playlists, too. I’m still hoping Shoey will do one for his waiting songs.

    Well done listers. I know that there were a couple of Helen’s in there, a Fuel and a littleriver, a wyngate and a bethnoir, for sure.

    • I don’t remember who they came from – I did a youtube playlist and made it flow as best as I could after I read through – I made some notes of the comments but left names off on purpose.

      I’m looking forward to listening to yours better in a little while . (I didn’t add any as they are up in their own playlist – this isn’t real RR – so I felt that would be okay)

      I’d like a shoey playlist too … back later.

  3. Thanks, shane, for all the work you have done in setting this up and compiling a playlist. Much more enjoyable that what’s been happening in another place of late.

    It was a great topic and produced some excellent stuff. And I think that by shortening the “time out” to Sunday evening has sharpened up and concentrated minds to the extent that the music was the focal point.

    Can I suggest missing for a future topic ?

    Once again, great work and thanks.

    • thanks bluepeter – I like the focus on music.

      probably wont do another of these ’til xmas and new years when RR shuts down – I only wanted a focus so it didn’t end up vicious over on the Graun.

      It really has been enjoyable.

  4. shane, thanks a lot for doing this. It was great fun and a good stop-gap to fill the weekend (I do like the Beatles, I just don’t feel I have much to contribute). Excellent playlist with a really great mix of sounds. Loved the contributions and there were some real eye openers. @Fuel, have a great break!

    • Cheers helenf888

      @ littleriver I’m going to library to borrow all the Betty Davis they have and also the compilation I’m a good woman : funk classics from sassy soul sisters. It’ll be a funky break.

      • Ha ! Sounds like it might be a sizzling holiday 🙂
        I’m a HUGE fan of her work. I’ve tried to get a couple of her songs listed on RR – valentines/angels – but they fell on fallow ground. Not the tone JonD was looking for 🙂 lr

      • Sizzling! That’s Betty Davis. What I’ve learnt so far is that she’s anti-love and no (conventional) angel. Long ago I suggested a topic to JD that would be perfect for her tone. In fact, the final list could be nothing but Betty Davis funk. I need a shower. Cold.

  5. saneshane, great playlist. Good to see some love for Betty. Thanks for taking the time to do this. littleriver

  6. Hi all. My Somebodys Brother nom belatedly added to DB folder.
    A perfect fit for the time (1986-7) when I was engaged to a girl who lived 140 miles away, and only saw once a fortnight.
    Recorded by the band who included two if my and gordonimmel’s housemates; released on 7″ on Tinza Records, and one of the other songs (Soweto) was played at least twice by the great John Peel back in the day.
    I still have a couple of spare copies – over and above the one I still owe ToffeeBoy – if anyone likes it enough to want a copy.

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