Wait! My Links Didn’t Work – Here’s A Playlist…

I don’t expect a bunch of people to listen. (Although it would be nice!) This playlist is mostly to assist Shane with his kindly offered task to do a Spill Waiting Game this weekend.  I’ve put together a few songs. Something a bit punkish, something a bit gothish, a little bit of soul, some alt. and some pure pop. I’ve included some newish stuff – so it’s not all 20 to 30 years old.

1. Tokyo Police Club  – Wait Up (Boots of Danger)

2. The Damned – Wait For The Blackout

3. Aaron Neville – Waitin’ At The Station

4. Boy Meets Girl – Waiting For A Star To Fall

5. The Beach Boys -I’m Waiting For The Day

6. French Films – Convict

7. Stas Neilyk – For The Clocks In Paris

8. Stephanie Fagan – Prodigal

7 thoughts on “Wait! My Links Didn’t Work – Here’s A Playlist…

  1. Cool playlist, most of them new to me – thanks SpottedRichard! Really enjoyed Tokyo Police Club, Aaron Neville and Stas Neilyk.

  2. Yay, Spotty Hi-Fi. An old fave from The Damned & had to skip the BB’s (sorry), but all newtomes apart from that. Enjoyed Tokyo Police. French Films reminded me of Yeah Yeah Noh (with better singing). Aaron can always carry a tune & that Steph has a good set of pipes too. There is something of The Eels about Stas, which I think is my fave of the lot. Cheers.

    • I was puzzled why you and Helen hadn’t heard of Tokyo Police Club, then remembered they’re a Texas band, so that’s why I thought they were more well known than they actually are. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is a great selection, I think my favourite was Aaron Neville – Waitin’ At The Station.

    A really great list ! ! !

    Hey ST – how do make the red arrow on the player thing? It looks really cool ! ! !

    • Sakura

      This is the code for the red arrow, stretching out the player to the width of the page, and for counting down the minutes and seconds remaining of the song, rather than counting up from the beginning:

      Red Play Button |righticon=oxffooo
      Width |width=500
      Counting Down |remaining=yes

      If you want more fancy stuff, here’s the link:

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