“You can get so confused
that you’ll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place…”

I’m not trying to tread on Jon’s toes – I just want the sour tone of RR to stop.
With that in mind you have until Sunday evening to choose waiting songs – no strings – anything to do with waiting… just so those who do not ‘get’ the Beatles can have a fun weekend playing a game.

If you could add links via the Guardian blog box, if you understand what I mean – rather than adding youtube links straight in – (that’ll help if this gets too big) .. I’d like to be able to see suggestions without shutting my photoshop down .. lots of video’s gets too big too quickly. I also want this to be inclusive for those with less powerful computers.

You are perfectly welcome to add a list or do a ‘spill post of songs too.

I’ll be waiting to read through on Sunday night to select a top 13.

Good luck – entertain me – while I jangle my jewellery.

177 thoughts on “Waiting?

  1. One of Bob Mould’s and Husker Du’s finest moments, not just from the monumental Warehouse:Songs and Stories LP, but career-wise –
    Standing in the Rain. I’ll try to find a link later. Love this song.

  2. Well done, shane: the perfectly civilised RR alternative! Much as I value the Beatles, solo-Beatle-songs is not a worthy RR topic. Yet another one (imho).

    Have a bleedin’ obvious nom: S&G‘s Homeward Bound. He’s waiting at the station and his love is waiting back home.

    • Thank You Chris –
      I must point out – I will try NOT to include Zedded songs in the final list – so brilliant suggestion but already in the Marconium for ‘Home’ theme –

      I’d better do some work now before the children get back – will pop in later to see how this goes.

      … other point is – this is more ‘RR’ than ‘spill challenge – so as many carefully thought out interesting suggestions as anyone pleases.

      • … other point is – this is more ‘RR’ than ‘spill challenge – so as many carefully thought out interesting suggestions as anyone pleases.</blockquote.

        Thanks shane, I was going to ask if there were any rules! I hope all are welcome …

        PS. I think there have been some good RR challenges recently – I enjoyed monkeys/apes and queens and riffs, for example.

      • hi helen – everyone is welcome. (I’d like Jon to suggest songs too – he never gets the chance over there)

        rules are the same as RR – be friendly with each other and be creative with nominations – that’s all.

        Monkeys ended up brilliant didn’t it?
        Queen’s had the badly written strap line – I didn’t nominate a whole section of ‘screaming queen’s’ songs because of that – but that was a sub editors fault.

        I’m not having a go at the theme – there’s people who will enjoy it this week – but there’s a large section who don’t worship at the alter of Beatles members. This is to keep people busy so RR doesn’t become a slanging match of different opinions – that’s no fun – I love RR because it tolerates – when people are not kept busy with a theme – other ugly issues raise their heads.

        Have fun – can’t wait for the suggestions.

  3. Ooh! Fun fun fun.

    I’ve got quite a few! Here’s a list, sorry. I’ve got to move some furniture, which I’m very useless at. I’ll be back later!

    Waiting Room – Fugazi OF COURSE!
    I’m still Waiting – Robert Nesta Marley Crooney and lovely. It sounds like waiting. I like it better than Wait in Vain, because I think I’ve just heard Wait in Vain too damn many times. Still love it, though!!
    Stretch Out and Wait – The Smiths. My favorite Smiths song. It’s so cinematic.

    I’ll have a think and get back with more.

  4. Oh, and I LOVE the picture.

    And donds for Tom Petty – it was actually the first one I thought of!

    And I thought of Tom Waits (Double extra points!) With The Day After Tomorrow, a heartbreaking song about a soldier waiting to go home.

  5. If I may have the great man again…

    Waiting For Tonight by Tom Petty with the Bangles. This is TP on his own, playing all the instruments – the Bangles were recording at the same studio so he invited them to come in and put on some backing vocals. But he didn’t tell them what to sing. I love the way it’s the man who’s waiting, and he’s all worried and unsure, but the woman’s part is the next stage but one in the story…and it seems to have all gone OK.

  6. Was going to have a week off while those B**tles drown out everything else once again – just like the old days. Here’s a short list while waiting for the footy.

    Buzzcocks  – Times Up
    “I was waiting in the waiting room. I was dying in the living room.”

    Akobe Seksu – I Wait For You
    Slow things down with some slowcore

    Mark Stewart & Maffia – The Waiting Room

    Monk sampling way before that Enigma bloke. So young to be so cynical.

    Be Good Tanyas – Waiting Around To Die

    Eno & Byrne – America Is Waiting

    Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others

    Stranglers – Waiting For The Meninblack

    I’m clutching my teddy bear

    Colin Newman – I’ve Waited Ages
    Solo wireman.

    Tubeway Army  – Jo The Waiter
    Early almost acoustic Gaz.

    Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark

    Talking Heads – Memories Can Wait

    Killing Joke – The Wait

    • A large dond for “Time’s Up”. Daft of me not to think of that one earlier as I only saw them play it live a couple of weeks ago. Derrr………..

      • Oh was that the 3 ages of Buzzcocks show? Would love to have seen that.

        They were in town 4 or 5 years ago & as fun as ever (only ever seen Diggle attempt to play bass by holding it above his head).

  7. Genesis – Man On The Corner – See the lonely man there on the corner. What he’s waiting for, I don’t know. But he waits everyday now. He’s just waiting for somebody to show.

    Aretha and George – I Knew You Were Waiting For Me

  8. Hi Shane,
    What an excellent chance for me to play the game for once: ta for that. But PC still locking me out of The Spill, so it’ll be iPhone noms only, and no linkies. Sorry.

    First thought, and a song that used to be VERY close to my heart:
    Somebodys Brother – It’s Not For Long
    Some of you may find it in your collections from last time I ‘Boxed it.
    More later; you’ll just have to wait (Am I first with that obvious joke?)

  9. Shane –

    Agree with you about the tone on RR. Seems to have been getting nastier for awhile now. I’m usually absent after the first day or 2 now rather than get involved. Shame it’s disintrigated down to that on there.

    This one won’t be making your list, but it makes me smile anyway.

    Grateful Dead – Rain

    • Love it! KJ are now becoming big in Finland in metal circles. I think it’s because they’re released on Spinefarm and Svart Records here (the Vinyl releases from Svart are just amazing). Anyway they’ve played the metal Tuska festival and MMXII was the best selling record in ÄX the week it was released, I doubt Chinny would claim them for metal though.

    • Bish –

      did your email maybe get hacked? I just got an email supposedly from you that looks like nothing you would send, and i don’t recoginze any of the other emails on there either.

      • mine had a dodgy looking website link, that i stupidly clikced on, but didn’t wait for it to load. It was from a hotmail address.

      • I just checked the last legit email i got from Bish, and unfortunately it’s the same address, that’s not good. Does anyone have anohter way to get in touch with him, i’m afraid to use that email.

      • Yeah seems I was hacked or spammed or virused or summink. I have changed my hotmail password. Dunno if that’ll help. I ran a virus scan on my machine and it came up clean. Mysterious… Sorry all – hope it doesn’t cause probs. I presumably got it from a similar email I received yesterday.

      • No, i got no virus scan either, which is why i stupidly clicked on the link. (no scan there either though).

        I used to use hotmail, but a few years ago, hackers apparently got access to all hotmail addresses that started with A or B. Which happened to be all of mine, so i switched to gmail and never looked back.

    • Oops! Sorry for adding vids rather than links, shane – my bad for not reading the rubric properly… I came over all ‘feeding frenzy’ there. Thanks to whoever sorted it out.

      • no worries Bish – I’m the last to complain about ignoring the rubic – (it’s easy to sort out when you set the theme) glad I can give you some dissertation avoidance without resorting to football watching – enjoy.

  10. Jukebox Jenny standing in the corner searching for another dime
    All dressed up and ready to go, if I had money I would make her mine
    Working like a dog all week long I got the money in my hand
    I can pay my bills, I can buy some pills but I’m going to see a rock’n’roll band.

    Waiting For Saturday Night by Dr Feelgood


  11. Nice idea saneshane, and I agree with you about the unpleasant comments on RR. It’s a shame. I’ll go for a Betty Davis song called ”Your Mama Wants Ya Back”. The word ‘waiting’ isn’t mentioned in the lyric but it’s obvious that she’s lusting after her man and waiting, waiting, waiting, for him to come back to her. littleriver.

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      • I haven’t been able to respond or use the formatting buttons on the Graun for a few days now any. Any formatting i have on there the last few days is from hand coding the post. So i’ll just nom The Cult – Rain without a link then.

      • Thanks! I don’t know why the graun hasn’t been working for me lately. Seems to work for others who can format and click respond.

      • Several people (including me) have noticed that often the last page is missing, or the last few posts on the page, until you refresh.

      • It’s messed up over at the Graun – but I’m still getting a comment box – so I’m cutting and pasting them (from any old thread)

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        I just didn’t want anyone to miss out because we were overloading the system with clips.

        thanks all – great selection so far. – back later.

      • I get a comment box, but no formatting buttons. So i was able to format in html on my own, but not with their tools. However, i can’t seem to use the a href = type link on here for a youtube video like i can in the Graun comments. I can click recommend over there, but not respond.

      • A mega-dond to Rain, I think of your interpretation of this song every time I hear it now, having previously just thought it was about clouds and precipitation, how you opened my eyes.

      • The Cult are in town tomorrow. If they’d brought KJ & the Mission with them, i’d deffo be pulling a sicky.

      • they’ve had to change to smaller venues for the Cult, Mish and KJ gigs in the UK, they overestimated the overlap of fans I think. I would go, but I have a solemn arrangement with the universe never to see the Mission, so it would cause cosmic chaos if I did!

    • You can also click on the tab at the top of The ‘Spill saying Manual, then on PIX, VIDS AND JAZZY COMMENTS, then scroll down to ‘Inserting Links’. Just below, there is the HTML format you need to make a ‘hot link’. Copy and paste it into a WordPress comment box, replace the words ‘name of link’ with the text you want to appear, and put the link addres between the inverted commas.

      A bit fiddly, but it works. It works on The Guardian comment box too, when their link button is unresponsive. I think we have Maki to thank for the manual. Thanks Maki !

      • Great idea not to overload the page with vids, shane – the Spill often plays havoc with my poor old computer / Chrome / bandwidth (not sure which).

      • just shout if it gets too much and I’ll start another post, helen.

        I have a computer system that cost about the same as a small car (I need it to work) – but it connects to the internet via a pigeon with a dodgy wing (making it go round and round with no real purpose) and runs on the power of field mice – the only choice of provider is between weasels and a rats.
        But the house was a bargain and the air is breathable… so life is good. Who needs speed anyway?

  13. Please Mr. Postman‘ by The Marvelettes.

    We’ve all waited for the postman before in our lives, haven’t we? Birthday cards, exam results, the letter from our boyfriend so far away.

    It’s very relevant.

  14. Another thought :‪The Doors‪ – Waiting For The Sun
    ”Waiting for the sun. Can you feel it now that spring has come.. Waiting for the sun….waiting for you to come along…waiting for you to hear my song. Waiting for you to tell me what went wrong.”

    I think it’s about waiting for some kind of ‘divine’ intervention to help him make sense of his life. littleriver.

  15. Ah, I have one, although no idea how to link to it properly, it never works for me on the Guardian sites either *shrug*

    The magnificent Nine While Nine by the Sisters of Mercy has the most groovy bass and riff combination which just chugs along like the train Andrew is waiting for…knowing that he waits in vain, well it was up North, I suppose, in the mists of time.

    ” I’m walking through the rain
    Trying to hold on
    Waiting for the train”

    • I could tell a story involving this song and a late night and when I was young and we were wild – and it might possibly be more appropriate for tinny’s last challenge – *sigh*

      • trouble is, the modern world is a strange beast – told as an entertaining story on a Friday night – that’d be fine.. typed out, ever present on the internet .. not so sure about ! hee hee.

      • spit it out! I, for one anyway, am not easily offended or outraged. In fact, i probably should be more so.

      • Thanks! The artwork is by Jim Friedlander – I haven’t been able to find out much about him.

    • Hi helenf888, I really liked that piece of music. I remember you introducing me to Clayhill on RR..Ted Barnes is part of that group isn’t he?

      • Hi (is that littleriver?). Yes, Ted was a member of Clayhill and has worked with Beth Orton and Catherine Feeny. He’s recorded three solo albums of mostly instrumental tracks – quite interesting, I once saw them described as “musical vignettes” which seems to fit.

    • This is lovely. I’ll have to buy this. Though I’m not sure I really want a song that reminds me of all those moments I’ve waited while expecting the worst. Just tubed the next two songs on the album and the melancholy! The melancholy! There’s a video for Seaside Dunce that has been watched by 164 people in two years. Very sad. Thanks for the introduction.

      • Thanks for the comments. I just got around to listening to the whole “Classical” playlist this morning and wanted to say how beautiful and haunting the Panda Bear track was (but they closed the comments – other highlights for me were Jane Birkin and The Cougars). Anyway really lovely, I’ll look for more of them – so thank you back, Fuel!

    • do they all work in foot locker now?

      well done sir, for not only thinking first of five star – but admitting it – and linking to it – I made it through 1 minute 27 seconds.

      • that’s longer than I managed…!

        they were indirectly responsible for one of those childhood defining moments…..sod the Pistols on Bill Grundy….! !

        Going Live

      • Deniece (yes, that is how she spells it) tried out for The Voice, the BBC’s not-so-dissimilar knock-off of X Factor. She still can’t shake the Jacko-isms, cha-mone! She didn’t make it through to the live shows, sadly.

        I can remember watching that Going Live and literally shaking with shock. (I had a very sheltered childhood.)

      • I have to say I did think of you as I was nominating Five Star Bish !

        I lasted 2 episodes of The Voice, it was just…..dull !

        The Going Live moment WAS a shock, I thought it was hilarious though and just about the best thing I had ever seen ! !

  16. SPD – Speed

    I maybe this will work? I am not sure if I understand correctly.

    SPEED are a fantastic Girl Group from my home of Okinawa. They are graduates from theOkinawa Actors School which has produced lots of great singers, dancers and actors and is something like the school in the TV series fame. I will make a post about for here soon.

    They formed in 1996 became the most popular girl band in Asia selling 20 million albums in three years and were the first girl group to perform at the Tokyo Dome.

    They kinda stopped in 1999 and did other things. Hiroko Shimabukuro formed the Jazz group Coco d’Or and had a very successful Jazz singer career. Eriko Imai had a successful pop career as a solo singer. Takako Uehara became a very successful actress in TV dramas and films. Hitoe Arakaki went to New York and became an artist well known and very successful for her graffiti style and paintings of minority ethnic people.

    But they all stayed good friends and regularly did charity concerts and some special events. In 2009 they reformed and have been very successful again. This was their comeback single.

    The song talks about the fans waiting for the comeback.

    They sing:

    We’ re juss professional-ji ni ijibari tte tsuyo gatte
    Nakitai toki ni datte nan demonai kaze
    Emi tte Be in the spotlight …
    Azamu ite wa inai no. Its our pride

    Bakku again matte ite kureta nonara “sonotokoro !
    Takamatte iru kitai chūchotte
    i rarenai Mezasu no wa Next level shinka shi tsudzukeru jōnetsu

    In Englsih this is:

    We’re juss professional, sometimes stubborn or acting tough
    Laughing like it’s nothing when we want to cry, Be in the spotlight
    We’re not deceiving you. It’s our pride

    Back again, if you’ve been waiting then we’re headed “your way”…!
    Growing anticipation…no time for hesitation
    We’re aiming for the Next level, our passion’s next evolution

    They are all happily married with kids have had great and interesting careers and still making music and having fun with making music with dear friends. How great is it that! ! !

    I hope you like it ! ! !

    SPD – Speed


  17. From the very lovely Gillian Welch:

    Can’t believe how long I’ve stayed
    Two more days till I get paid
    And I’ll find that small town boy I’m dating
    Tell him I’m done patiently waiting
    I’m done patiently waiting

    Patiently Waiting by Gillian Welch and (of course) Dave Rawlings

  18. Thanks for fixing my links, saneshane, I didn’t know you liked the Sisters of Mercy (or someone you were once linked to did).

    I’ve thought of another one. I’ve been trying to ween myself off the Cure, but it seems to be a difficult habit to break and this song came to me for the end line

    It’s Prayers for Rain by the Cure.

    • I have a large Sisters record collection … as students we ran small club nights – even though they were headed indie night or goth night or whatever – there was a lot of crossover.
      I did promotion for the club – artwork for flyers and the such – so was let in at the start of the night for free and having had ‘friendships’ with the bar staff (they mostly took pity on me) – I don’t ever remember having to pay for drinks. Consequently me and my mate J. would start the evening off merrier than the club goers (who usually turned up at pub kicking out time) – by this point we had a theatrical routine a bit like the children’s ‘oranges and lemons’ playground game. My friend J. was the most beautiful goth lad, who was in a long term partnership with his childhood sweetheart – and I was a useless social outcast that could only just dribble a conversation with females … but we attracted attention together dancing this dance in an empty club – and made close friendships with the more unique (raving nut nut) club goers… obviously there are juicy stories to tell – but to protect the innocent – i.e ME. I’m not typing them out.
      But coming back to the Sisters – on my birthday a couple of weeks ago I was riffling through Oxfam and there hiding in the pop and easy listening were two ‘original album series’ box sets: the sisters of mercy and Jesus and mary chain – so instead of ripping the 10 albums included from vinyl – I now have them all on my computer .. so little effort and a £5 to Oxfam – ace birthday present to myself. (I have been doing dark dances around the room lately – which makes my boys laugh)
      cider and black anyone?

      • aw, that is a lovely story, I can just imagine the theatrical routine, sounds delightful. I did sell some vinyl when we moved house, but all the Sisters 12″ records stayed with me. I’m not such a Sisters nut as some people I know, being a Nephilim child, but I do love the first 2 albums.

        I recall having much fun at the AMS (Alternative Music Society) discos at University in Essex, they were run by the goth elite, Timmy King Goth and his side kicks (hope he doesn’t read this, love you Tim), it was my life’s mission to get The Birthday Party played even though no one danced to it. Those were good old days, mine will be a Diamond White with blackcurrant in the top and a straw thanks.

  19. Donds from me for “America Is Waiting”

    My nomination is an oblique one on the theme of waiting. It is an early Eurythmics song, “This City Never Sleeps”.

    Waiting is never actually mentioned at all, but the song suggests to me someone alone in an anonymous bedsit, in the hot muggy London Summer heat, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no friends, not even able to tak to a neighbour.

    Just lying there in the heat, listening to the rumble of the Tube trains (I see this as being near Earl’s Court or westwards where the Tube is above ground), waiting for some opportunity to do something, anything.

    • I have the power to edit.

      was this used in crass 80’s films like Risky Business and 91/2 weeks?
      I love the track (and probably enjoyed the movies as a teenage boy) – the album Sweet Dreams was the first electronic album my Dad reluctantly agreed was ‘proper music”‘ even though no ‘real’ instruments were played.

      I had to then start annoying him by purchasing DJ’s scratching and rappers – not singing – fun.

      • Thanks Shane, not seen Risky Business and it is so long since I saw 9 1/2 Weeks (an appalling film) that I can’t remember the soundtrack at all!

  20. Donds from me too for America is Waiting.

    I’ve got quite a few waiting songs but I’ll just post these few here.

    Moody Blues………….”Watching and Waiting“.
    Pink Floyd ………….”Waiting for the Worms

    But my favourite is an instrumental by a South African group called The Tananas.

    It’s not on youtube and I’m useless at other type of links so is it OK if I drop it in the ‘box?

  21. Another vote of thanks for the suggestion of putting in links rather than clips – could we adopt this for most Spill posts, do you think? It does make life so much easier…

    Nice theme. The classic rock crowd don’t seem to have found their way here yet, so this hasn’t been suggested so far: Van Halen, I’ll Wait. Somewhat controversial at the time, as I recall, as another track from the 1984 album with far too many keyboards on it for some fans’ taste, but it’s a classic.

    • I was wondering that too. I don’t know how much control there is over the WordPress version/install here, but it looks like there might be some plugins that would provide simple text editors for comments – see here and here and there are probably others. This could make it easier. I really have no idea about these or how much effort something like this would be. If it’s not appropriate then please ignore!

      If we’re rocking out I’ll offer Waiting For An Alibi – Thin Lizzy.

    • that’s a great idea, my computer gives up the ghost after about 40 posts when the videos are included, maybe whoever posts the challenge could do a bit of editing if necessary and we could all try to use links where possible.

      • So does mine, Beth, even though I beefed up the memory a year or so ago and I am using Linux, which has a smaller footprint than Windows.

        In my case, it is because Firefox tries to attach each video as the page opens and it just eats up storage.

    • I’m glad it’s working – there’s over a 100 comments and still we are here – thanks everyone for making the effort.

      I’ll look into a text editor on my site when I get a chance and see what happens – some of these things only work on WP.org rather than .com – I’m not very technical tho – so I might fail. (I’ve never strayed far from the power of negative thinking)

      • (I’ve never strayed far from the power of negative thinking)
        Excellent, I was reading that article too. Look on the bright side – nah, you can keep that!

  22. A bit of a misnomer ?

    Blondie…………….”Sunday Girl”.

    “Hurry up, hurry up and wait
    I stay away all week and still I wait,
    got the blues, please come see
    what your loving means to me”

    • Ha! The idea of hurry up and wait is so Finnish and I’ve never thought of this before. I’ll be singing this to myself the next time I have to hurry up and then wait. Nice.

  23. This takes me back a bit…………..

    Sandie Shaw………”Girl Don’t Come”.

    “You have a date for half past eight tonight,
    some distant clock starts chiming nine.
    You wanna see her, you wanna see her,
    so you wait , you wait and wait..
    Girl don’t come”

  24. Just to keep up the RR tradition, here’s my pointless jazz nomination for the week: great song – can’t believe it’s nearly ten years since I first heard this in a light drizzle at the Brecon Jazz Festival – and relevant title, but the absence of lyrics means this doesn’t stand a chance whoever is being guru… Guy Barker, Waiting for the Delay. Nothing that I can find on YouTube, but it’s on Spotify if anyone’s interesting.

  25. Lovely tinny drum sound on this paen to waiting and those who do. “I have been dancing in the penny arcade”. Have you dear?

    I love the way TV Smith’s ambition always stretched the band’s rudimentary musicianship to breaking point. They did it though, they did it.

    Adverts – We Who Wait

    I aslo want to recomment Waiting by Keen, the eighties indie band my sister was in. I know it’s on youtube somewhere but typing the band and title doesn’t really get me anywhere. Look all round to my place and I’ll play you the vinyl copy.

  26. Incidentally, I keep imagining lots and lots of comments intended for here appearing at random all over CIF and other Grauniad blogs as people absent-mindedly press “post”.

    • Indeed, it’s almost tempting to do it accidentally-on-purpose with something to the effect of “it’s so much more fun doing this than trying to think of anything to say on the post-Beatles snorefest over on the mothership”…

      • That’s why I’ve been doing cut and paste, not copy and paste. Then I know it’s gone.

  27. Hocus Pocus – J’attends (I’m Waiting)
    A good mix of despondency and humour.
    ‘’I’m waiting for a little more electricity in the atmosphere…I smoke a cigarette while waiting for cancer…..because of what I say and do, I’m waiting for the electric chair. No problem, seeing that I do nothing but wait.” littleriver

  28. What Finnish obscurities can I find for you? The usual:

    Regina – Tapaa Minut Aamulla (Meet me in the morning) She’s waited the whole evening and into the next morning. In the morning she’ll look older. but you might not notice, even though she waits outside your house. Uh oh! The song has a gentle funky beat, hammond organ soul flourishes, and classical piano cadences but it’s about a stalker. She sounds obsessed and hopeful.

    Yona – Kellon Alla (Under the clock) She’s waiting under the clock, which says 4:30. She is going to have to wait from then until the end of time because the friend isn’t coming. It’s a slow theatrical start, she watches the theatre of the street and the buskers and begins a dance with a laughing Time. At that point the song gets jazzy and you feel her worry and frustration as time goes by and the jazz gets edgier. The jazz ends and she ends the song by saying she would have so wanted to see her friend. A tram rumbles past.

    Eleanoora Rosenholm – Maailmanloppu (The End of the World) Tick Tock. Time goes by. Eleanoora’s been waiting a long time for the end of the world and now it’s here, at last. She’s making her final journey. Lyrics included in the video.

    And something in English:

    Pere Ubu – I Will Wait Love that bass. Love that sounds “There’s no reason”.

      • I was thinking about you yesterday in reference to the (ex) Beatles thread. I said to myself, ‘Fuel is an elegant cookie. Unlike me, he didn’t post a comment saying that he wasn’t going to participate, for whatever reason.’

      • Honestly, I love it when people nom something that I may have introduced them to. And French Films are so poppy, it’s the sort of thing I expect people should nom. BTW You can nom Maailmanloppu or Cassette 2012 when we do apocalypse / end of the world songs in December, if JD is following the Mayan calendar.

  29. I sighed, looked at the thread and thought that’s not for me. It’s nice to be here instead. Though I’m going to stick with those four songs.

    An elegant cookie you say. I like that. A Hob Nob dressed as whatever your idea of elegant is.

  30. Elegant Hob Nob trumps my stroopwafel. I liked the Eleanoora Rosenholm – Maailmanloppu – dond. littleriver

    • Thank you! You often dond Eleanoora Rosenholm, I always smile when someone donds one of Finnish noms. I was going to nom Stig – Odotan (I’m waiting).It plays on Finnish stereotypes of staying in, waiting for a lotto victory, waiting for someone to visit but refusing to open the door when someone does as they fear it will be Jehova’s Witnesses. I didn’t nom it for that reason (though obviously I’m happy with serial killers and stalkers) and the fact that the male choir is so obviously a steal from ER.

  31. I gather that in the late eighties the ice cream vans touring some Glasgow estates delivered more than just the ice cream. Heroin dealers had sussed the possibilities of a good, wholesome cover-story.

    In this song the narrator initially looks down on the customer/addicts and despises the dealer but finally succumbs and waits anxiously for his arrival. A sinister little tune. I’m afraid the only link I can find is not great quality.

    Ice Cream Man – Mary Coughlan

  32. Severin has reminded me of Lindisfarne and “Meet me on the Corner”

    “Lay down your bundles of rags and reminders, and spread your wares on the ground. Well I’ve got time if you deal in rhyme – I’m just hangin’ round.” Which is, sort of, waiting.

    Takes me back to my late teens, listening to it and watching the video now it all seems very innocent. I had a poster of Lindisfarne on my wall – this was when they first started out and before they got a bit – well, boring,really. They were all very hairy, which didn’t impress my dad too much. My friend and I used to sit in her purple and orange bedroom and listen to “Dingley Dell”, which I still think is a good album. Eeeh, takes me back to winter evenings and concerts at the Colston Hall, drinking Barley Wine and looking for – err – nice young men.

    I wonder if that link will work …

  33. I had no luck with the linking at all. I also have a song that’s not on Spotty or youtube that’s perfect but I’d need to do it through the dropbox. Can you do that shane?

    It’s For The Clocks In Paris – Stas Neilyk

  34. I can’t let my legacy here be 5 Star ! !

    Underrated, perpetual underachievers Love as Laughter have a great song called “Margaritas” that goes:

    “waiting for the weekend,
    every single day,
    the weekend don’t come,
    we get drunk anyway”

    …..which could be about the weekly anticipation for RR if you are so inclined…

    It’s not on Youtube but is on Spotify, but couldn’t link to the Spotify playlist…..help !

  35. I had forgotten about this one. And then reading through the postings, I came across littleriver’s nom for J’Attends.

    The track I have of the same name, (almost), is from the Hans Zimmer soundtrack to the movie “Black Hawk Down”.

    It is credited to Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard and it’s full title is ” Gortoz A Ran – J’Attends”.

    It is a beautiful piece of music. I’ll drop it in the box.

  36. Okay, you know the way that a theme can cause you to think of something deeply cheesy, and you then can’t get it out of your head to think of anything more credible? In this case, I think it’s partly because this is – despite all the problems of cheesiness, overexposure and a certain ghastly cover version – rather a catchy little pop song. Guy lives next door to girl for twenty-four years, never finding the moment or the nerve to tell her how he feels, and then suddenly she leaves; another girl then tells him that she’s been waiting twenty-four years for him to stop obsessing about the first one and to notice her, but he’s still obsessing as her limousine disappears into the distance… Yup, it’s… Smokie, Living Next Door to Alice

    • Yes, I’ve been plagued by this cheesy song since the subject first opened aba.

      It is one of Ireland’s Eurovision winners. It’s from 1980 and it was Johnny Logan’s first winner. It was no 1 in the UK charts for two weeks in May of that year.

      Johnny Logan…………..”What’s Another Year”.

      “I’ve been waiting, such a long time
      looking out for you
      but you’re not there.
      What’s another year”

  37. September Song

    Oh, it’s a long, long time from May to December
    But the days grow short when you reach September
    When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
    One hasn’t got time for the waiting game

    Not sure if this is going to work. WordPress is playing silly biggers with my log-in.

  38. Aha, something to cleanse the palate: I think it’s pretty clear that the Warriors at the Edge of Time have been hanging around for an aeon or two…

    And it`s cold, so cold on the edge of time.
    Where is our joy?
    Where is our hope?
    Where is our fire?
    And it`s cold, so cold on the edge of time.
    We are the the lost, we are the forgotten,
    We are the undying

    Hawkwind, Standing on the Edge

    • deadline is now!

      this is one of my personal fav’s – would have been a shoe in if I hadn’t been listening to all the tunes – making a final selection.

  39. Maybe I can slip one more in. This lass is waiting for her pretty sailor to come back from being pressganged to fight at sea

    Rolling Sea – Eliza Carthy

    All the wars will soon be over
    And the sailors, once come home
    Every lass will get a laddie
    She won’t have to sleep alone

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