Happy (big) birthday, Maki!

If I’m not mistaken, today is not only your birthday, Maki m’dear, but a big and important one. So here’s some (rather hastily cobbled-together) birthday songs from those of your ‘Spill friends who read my shamefully last-minute email in time!

Mitch thought his chosen track was appropriate now that you have “turned the corner into ‘old codgerdom'”. Tinny writes: “Spain gave us Las Ketchup and we’ve been waited 10 years to give ’em back. Viene Maki rumbeando!” Carole “knows you like some great plank spanking, so is wishing you a happy birthday with Davy Graham playing the incomparable Anji”. Severin says: “Here’s a peaceful and (I think) beautiful song for a chap’s 50th birthday. Nitin Sawhney – Koyal (Songbird). Happy birthday to Maki and, hey, I think I’ve just used up a potential earworm.” Glasshalfempty sends you something Manana-ish from Radio Tarifa. Ali claims that “50 years young is not so bad when you get used to it!” Honest! DaddyPig sends you “a groovy African-Hispanic thing to say Happy Birthday”. Sakura chan has sent something called “Sakura Sakura”, which she maintains is not about her but about cherry flowers. Hmmm. Beth’s not sure you’ll like Pentangle but wishes you a very happy birthday anyway. Bluepeter sent a humorous videoclip that I tried to upload but failed – sorry Peter and Maki, my technical skills have let you down… T’other Chris says: “I suppose Spain is more in need of wads of cash than sunshine but I hope you like this version of ‘Here Comes Sunshine’ that Jerry & co delivered back in 1973. The voices aren’t perfect but the music is suitably sweet and warm. May your next 50 years be filled with little joys like these.” And Amy brings us back to old codgerdom, saying: “Happy Birthday to Mr. Maki, and many more!”

And, quite frankly, SO SAY ALL OF US! Have a good one, my lovely friend.

UPDATE: Now with added DsD, who says: “Happy Birthday Maki. As the lyrics of my contribution say, “May your days be golden”. Hope to see you very soon. Rich C. / DsD”

PS: All tracks (plus bluepeter’s vid) now in the Dropbox!

69 thoughts on “Happy (big) birthday, Maki!

  1. Happy Birthday dearest Maki ! ! !

    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and Mrs Maki and I pray for you that next fifty years will be full of love and happiness.

    Love you forever ♥ ♥ ♥

    Sakura x x x

  2. As I don’t know a single words in Spanish – But I do know my stuff when it comes to Twee Indie pop – I will suggest this as a birthday treat (as you are newly enjoying such pleasantries):

    LOS FRESONES REBELDES¿Por qué me tengo yo que enamorar?

    In my mind they are called the ‘Bruised Strawberries’ or ‘Squashed Raspberries’ because that would just be the best name for the sound – and the song is “telephone I have a problem that” because I hit the translate button and that’s what they tell me.. (and I believe everything I read on the internet) .. so I’m not sending you a songs about my unrequited love for you – or am I?

    Happy 50 Maki – glad you had a great night and hope you enjoy the day.

    • Love that video Shane. Love the song. Better come out of my personal closet and admit that twee indie does actually float my boat:

      This is another great example:

    • That’s brilliant. Regarding the original song to that tune, I have some gripes about being 50, but I’m happy that being a teenager in love is way way behind me ! Ridiculous times.

  3. OK, I wasn’t going to post anything by TP&TH, because I do know there are other bands (there are?) but I thought you’d like this from the June 7 concert in Dublin, Maki. There were lots of Spaniards at both Irish gigs, because there’s no show in Spain, and here TP is talking about meeting some Spanish fans in the street…and the crowd start singing the Spanish football chant. TP’s and Mike’s expressions are priceless; apparently they didn’t know what it was until Steve (the drummer) told them it meant they liked them.

    Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I was at this gig three days ago – ain’t technology grand?

      • He’s having a drink I think. He did smoke, but MUCH less than in Austin, so I was pleased with him.

      • I hope he stops smoking one day ! ! !

        My dad smokes and I really hate it ! ! ! But mum has given up scolding him about it a long time ago . . . but I will never give up ! ! !

      • Actually I’ve been thinking perhaps it’s not tobacco – I know his left hand (that he broke years ago) is now giving him problems, which cannabis might alleviate. And it’s legal in California!

        (Sorry Maki for using your birthday thread to discuss Tom Petty’s smoking behaviour.)

      • That’s what I meant, amy. It’s his get-out clause in case the same thing should happen to him as happened to Willie Nelson.

      • Loved the Dead track, Chris. The vocals may be a bit here and there but the groove is tight and jerry’s on top form elsewhere! It’s also perfect for the not too hot early summer day we’re enjoying here today. Thanks

      • Ha. That’s what Matt said about the Austin one. And this was three times as good. (Well, maybe two-and-a-half times.)

  4. Hi maki, happy birthday. Hope you have a great day.

    I’ve found that video clip. It’s a situation that you will be familiar with no doubt.

  5. Happy Birthday Maki, I’m going to listen to your tunes while making Sunday dinner. I hope you’re having a good good time !

  6. ach, how did I miss this one! A rare Spill appearance for me, but had to pop in to wish Senor Maki all the very best -congrats mate, will raise a cana or two to your good health!

  7. Had a wonderful night out with old friends yesterday. A phone call from mother scolding me for making her feel old and now this.

    Love the playlist some new to me’s and some old favourites – a lovely balance despite some brazen re-gifting !

    Enjoyed the vids, too. You can trust the Spanish to get noticed wherever they go, Tfd – and I’m with Sakura about 1:10 that looked like a not-so-sneaky drag TP was having there. Los Fresones Rebeldes were great, Shane – thanks ! And BP – I had exactly that “duel” myself some years ago – fortunately with the same result.

    Mrs Maki and I are going out for lunch (no prizes for guessing where) in about an hour or so.

    A happy day that you all have just made a lot happier. THANK YOU

  8. Many Happy Returns Maki……hope you have a great day….I’ve been out all weekend and apologise for not getting it together to send Bish a tune…

    …here’s a bit of DJ Javier Estrada:

  9. Great little selection here. I’m delighted that Amy remembered Old Codgers, and hadn’t realised before how Beefhearty it is. Beth, I assume that’s Bert Jansch Sarabanding away there, I shall pop over and dond that later, it’s spot on for this week’s topic.

    • You know, i took a peek at the list and was thinking how lovely all of the selections seemed, and how tasteful too, until i got to my own. The Stranglers really do have a world class bass player. Haven’t been able to get to the Spill lately, but hoping to get a listen in to this list today.

      Happy, happy birthday Maki!

  10. Belated happy returns, and sorry I wasn’t able to get it together to contribute a tune, but I’ve only just found out about all this (work, traveling, recovering etc.; the usual things…). Have a great rest of birthday.

  11. Absolutely stellar playlist, thanks folks. Love the Pogues and Pentangle as always. Mitch’s pick was a surprise and i loved it. Davy Graham newtome and just gorgeous. loved Pentangle, Radio Tarifa, and Las Ketchup. Love everything Toumani Diabete does, and that was no exception. Could have sworn Timbao was Santana at the beginning – wonderful. RIN was gorgeous. Nintan Sawhney was special, and i’m off to investigate more. Ditto Aereogramme. Dond of the list (close call) goes to the Dead though, what a beauty. (I may still have some sort of bias there.)

    My backups, on the of chance i as pipped to the Stranglers –

  12. Happy birthday, Maki. I’ve only just found out the e-mail that went around landed in my junk folder so I didn’t get to drop anything into the mix but if you’ve got any booty left to shake, and you don’t mind shaking it on the other side of the pond in Colombia, here’s some tapas for you – have a great one, mate x

    • Also found this that I thought better of posing on the big day. It does sound a little like Dave Greenfield:

      Checked the old e-mail to see if I missed an invite (nope – seems I’m still on the naughty step), & amongst the Groupons found your offer to stream the new Stranglers. Sorry for not getting back to you. Did buy the thing & it’s probably their best since Feline – good thing come to those that wait.

      • Ha ha, you’re not on the naughty step AT ALL! (And apologies for being snarky over the other place…) I just didn’t have your email address in my address book.

      • No problem – I always wear my handy flak jacket when embarking on a controversial mission.

        & honestly, had no idea you’d scored a hat trick – a rare feat indeed. Really should have checked further before launching off. Sorry if it took any shine off it.

  13. Been off grid for a couple of weeks so I’m way late the party. None the less I brought some party music. Quieres Bailar? Feliz cupleaños Maki.

      • Cheers Maki, I have to thank you once again for La Reina, it’s led me to the wonderfully summery Cola Jet Set and the sounds on the Elefant label.

        Matalia Clavier’s “Nectar” album is well worth a punt. Via Federico Aubele she’s got a strong commection to Thievery Corporation, hence the beats and groove.


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