Earworms – 4th June

Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco – Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet
This is a great song title. Have your toes started twitching yet? Here you go.

Jackson 5 – Rockin’ Robin (Bobby Day cover)
Only a masterful vocal performance by young Michael, in one of his first breakout solos, could equal this floor-packing gumbo of rock, soul and funk. It still even sounds musically progressive.

Fiction Factory – (Feels Like) Heaven
Who were Fiction Factory? I have no idea. I presume this was their only hit? I remember it from one of the early “Now” compilation albums. I always loved the verses’ comforting blanket of melancholy. Of a piece with Furniture’s “Brilliant Mind” somehow. Shame the refrain is a bit of a damp squib! Thank God then for a strong middle eight…

Sweet Black ft Maki Goto and Bigga Raiji – Queen Bee
I just love Maki Goto – she was a classic J-pop Idol who managed to re-invent herself as a R and B singer; and Bigga Raiji is a really great, and very funny, rapper. So, when the two of them got together with producers Sweet Black …well, something good was of course going to happen ! ! ! It is a great dance track that is now a firm earworm of mine ! ! !
Hoshino Sakura

Electribe 101 – Talking with myself
One of those dance tracks that seems to retain its appeal outside of the club. Probably because it had lyrics worthy of the name – and that intriguingly laidback vocal to boot.

Gene Vincent – Dance To The Bop
The Bluecaps had undergone several personnel changes by 1958, when this was cut. However, they still provided superb backing for the King of Rock & Roll. Superb.

Get those fingers dancing on your keyboard and send your zippiest earworms to earworm@tincanland.com – don’t forget to add a short note explaining why they merit the worthy title of “‘Spill Earworm”. And it would help if you could identify yourself by your blog name, too.

And me? You might have heard that I’d get myself a full time job, which means I’m a bit short of time, and something(s) had to go. Alas, one of those things was the role of earworm charmer. I’m dancing right out of the wormery, leaving you in the capable hands of the lovely SpottedRichard! I’ve had a lovely time collating those ‘worms; I’m sure that SpottedRichard will enjoy it too.

So long, and thanks for all the ‘worms.
(Not that I’m not going to be hanging around any more – I just wanted to say that.)

20 thoughts on “Earworms – 4th June

  1. .
    Keith Frank – Like a bit of zydeco/cajun, me.
    Michael Jackson – By the time MJ came along I’d already had squeaky voiced kids like Sugar Chile Robinson and Frankie Lymon (both of whom I preferred). Being a fan of Bobby Day’s original, this never did much for me. Sorry.
    Fiction Factory – This sort of indie/miserabialist stuff was often played on the old (and much lamented) GLR station. Nice to listen to, but I wouldn’t buy it.
    Queen Bee. Lots of fun here. Would be popular at wedding parties.
    Electribe 101 – Fine for dancing, but didn’t make me want to listen again.

    Again, well done to Zala for an interesting set.

    • I meant to add, well done Zala for your sterling efforts and looking forward to SpottedRichard’s stewardship

  2. Keith Frank- O.K. A bit slow, I prefer my cajun direct from the swamp.
    Michael Jackson- Sorry, original version for me , ta.
    Fiction Factory- Not really my thing but pleasant enpough
    Sweet Black- It’s got Bigga on it so it’s O.K by me. Perfectly cromulent J-pop
    Electribe101- Not my thing.
    Gene Vincent- Top of the pile for me. Even in my punkest of days I had my Vincent records and this one has always been a favourite.

  3. Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet: great title, but like Pairubu I like my zydeco a little faster.
    Rockin’ Robin: I never did like this – too damn chirpy – and now when I hear it I can only think about what a mess that poor man made of his life.
    (Feels Like) Heaven: Are they sure? Seems a bit dirge-like to me.
    Queen Bee: sorry, Sakura, but the insistent beat was too much for me!
    Talking With Myself: yes, I did like the vocal – but is this really dance music? Can’t imagine dancing to this myself…

    Oh dear, what a miserable old person I am…but hark! What’s this?

    Dance To The Bop: ah, love me some Gene! I liked the beginning of this especially. Thanks, Mitch! (Liked the whole thing really.)

  4. Re Keith Frank – what pairubu said.
    Re Rockin’ Robin – I’m of a certain age-group that regards this version as the original. Still eminently listenable, and Darcey’s just asked for it to go on her mp3 player.
    Re Fiction Factory – I remember this well, but perversely also commonly mix it up with a similarly-titled song which is now so stuck in my head that I’m going to have to email it to our new curator immediately!
    On the subject of which, my thanks & congrats also to Zalamanda for the pleasure given during her tenure.
    Re Queen Bee – catchy as hell. Borderline irritating to me, but Darcey loved it, and has asked for this on her mp3 player too.
    Re Electribe 101 – not for me, sorry, though [please excuse the “damning-with-faint-praise”] nothing wrong with it as such.
    Re Gene Vincent – as per usual, new to me, and as per usual, a grin-inducer. Thanks, Mitch. If I have a … ‘regret’, I suppose is the word … it’s that I – a fan of 70s excess and 80s RAWK, let’s not forget – always find myself wishing 50s production techniques had been a bit beefier.

  5. Keith Frank: Yeah, liked this a lot. I can imagine doing some stompy dancing to this.

    Jackson 5: I’m afraid I’ve always found this song a bit of an irritant, much as I love other early Jackson 5 tracks. It’s all the ‘tweedly-deedly-dees’, I think.

    Sweet Black, etc: Vocally, she’s very reminiscent of Kylie to these ears. Like her bits. Not so keen on the blokey shouting – pushes it into Aqua territory for me.

    Electribe 101: I of course own this myself, Zalamanda – one of our numerous overlaps. I love Billie Ray Martin’s voice. At the time of the “Electribal Memories” album coming out, I preferred “Tell Me When The Fever Ended”, but I think this is the song that’s stood the test of time better. Her debut solo single was brilliant too (and perhaps more traditionally ‘dancey’):

    Gene Vincent: Love his voice and the handclaps. The song itself sounds a bit formulaic/tame to me. I’m sure it’s not – that’s probably the curse of being an innovator: we’ve all heard decades of imitation since!

    • Oh and WELL DONE Zalamanda on your tenure as worm-herder and – more importantly – your new job! I’m sure you shall excel yourself there as you have here! x

  6. WOW ! ! ! Zala congratulations on your new job ! ! ! I am sure we will all miss you so much ! ! ! Thak you for all the hard work you have done to make earworms so great ! ! ! And welcome SpottedRichard to your new job as Earworms Manager ! ! ! I am really looking forward to your lists ! ! !

    Jackson 5 – Rockin’ Robin
    This is such a classic track and will always make me want to dance and sing along ! ! ! He really was a fantastic talent and it is a real shame it went of track for him later in life. But he left us some great music and this track has given pleasure to millions of people over the years and will continue to also.

    Fiction Factory – (Feels Like) Heaven
    I am sure I never new this track before but it seems somehow familiar. I really enjoyed it and it is has a really nice and relaxed pace and a warm feeling and feels like falling in love somehow and is very visual. I really liked it ! ! !

    Maki Goto – Queen Bee
    This was mine one ! ! ! I am pleased some of you liked it but I knew some would not (so I do not mind TFD ! ! ! ) For me I can not stop humming it once I hear it – so for me it is really is an earworm ! ! !

    Electribe 101 – Talking with myself
    The vocal on this track is great and I loved the samples that take you a little by surprise when you recognise them ! ! ! I was certainly tapping me feet and I am sure the next time I play it I will be dancing ! ! !

    Gene Vincent – Dance To The Bop
    I did not this track but it is so great ! ! ! Another really super dance number and I loved it.

    This earworms would make a great party playlist ! ! ! But actually I think it is quite motivating and I may use it as a play list for when I go running (which is not as often as I should)

    Thank you so much Zala for all your work and I really wish you well in your new job ! ! !

  7. Sorry I am so late this week. i’ve been away from home. Huge, huge thanks to Zalamanda for the earworms and the tutorial.

    What can I say? I don’t have the skills and the artistry, so be gentle with me please from next week. I am going to set up a folder in the dropbox for earworms for those that want to send in multiple submissions.

    Rocking Robin – great song if you can forget who’s singing it!

    Feels Like Heaven – I haven’t heard this in bazzillion years Still cute

    Qeen Bee – Not really my cup of latte

    Talking With Mysef – Very nice – very James Bond 80s disco

    Dance To The Bop – oh yeah baby. Winner!


  8. Congratulations Zalamanda, and SpottedRichard, on your new positions.

    That “Feels Like Heaven” chorus seems to be something I’ve always known, but have no recollection of the rest of it or the band. There seem to be a few covers of it, but I don’t know any of them either.

    I liked Electribe 101 a lot too. Feels almost like proto-trip-hop – the vocals and the brooding chords aren’t a million miles away from “Unfinished Sympathy”.

  9. Ditto

    Thank you Zalamanda for your worming and welcome to Spotted Richard.


    Keith Frank – Enjoyed this but it struck me as more stately than toe-tappng.
    Jackson 5 – The music’s certainly got more going on than I remember but I’ve never liked the song that much.
    Fiction Factory – I put a compilation of eighties synth-pop on my IPod recently so this keeps cropping up and has becaome an earworm for me too.
    Sweet Black etc – Liked this a lot, enjoyably bonkers at times.
    Electribe 101 – I wouldn’t dance to this either (even if I were a better dancer) but I like the vocal and the sense of space. Put me in mind of Soul II Soul a bit. Maybe there was a connection.
    Gene Vincent – Great.

  10. Thanks Zalamanda for all your hard work (especially those great paintings) and welcome SR to a seemingly impossible task of putting this all together so beautifully every week.

    Gene Vincent stole it for me this week….effortlessly cool !

  11. Thank you all for your appreciation, your earworms and – the thing that makes Earworms fun – all of your comments during my tenure as ‘Worm Tamer. It’s been fun. And I’m sure that SpottedRichard will have a ball, too – just keep on sending those ‘Worms in!

    This week’s lot were possibly a bit wrigglier than usual, although some might just have been pretending.

    Keith Frank and co. for example might, sometimes, make you move your feet but at other times they’re too busy making funky beats. I think we caught them on a funky day. The Jackson 5 seem able to split opinion. I’m in the finding-them-a-bit-annoying camp although, if it weren’t for the squeaky voice and the twiddly-diddly-dees… hmm. Still not sure. I do like the Fiction Factory song. Maybe they’re not really dancing, either, but there’s influence from the dance genre there. And, dare I say it, a bit of gothiness. Sweet Black etc. is enormous fun. It put me in mind of the Sugarcubes or – did someone already say Aqua? Hi, Bish! But I suspect – rather like Aqua – overexposure might be detrimental to my enjoyment. Electribe 101, my own choice, pull the tempo back down. Much like Fiction Factory, I think the danciness is in the influences. But Gene Vincent really does crown this week’s set. Quite possibly the simplest track in terms of instrumentation – but the use to which that guitar is put … ! I never was much of a dancer, but a good bit of rock’n’roll is always a temptation.

  12. A memorable and all-too-short reign Zala , and I’m looking forward to the era of Spottedified earworms.

    The range of participants seems to have ebbed somewhat; shall we each take it upon ourself to tap someone else to submit (ooo,er missus) so The Dick (hmm, perhaps not the best shortening of our new leader’s name) has ample variety to kick things off?

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