The Music Stopped

A Magnetic Tape Reel Label: recording in the Steam Age

40 years ago, after almost two months in Yurp*, the Grateful Dead tribe of 50-odd (some very odd) musicians, roadies, managers, techies and associated ‘other halves’ packed up their equipment and belongings and headed back to the San Francisco Bay Area, taking with them an estimated 17 miles of music-coated magnetic tape. By all accounts, they had enjoyed themselves and accumulated good memories that would last for some considerable time. Continue reading


Pixies – Palace Of The Brine
Curve – Missing Link
Micragirls – Go Go Gorilla
Denim – Ape Hangers
Little Roy – Very Ape
Gary Clail & On-U Sound System – Speak No Evil
Barry Adamson – The Monkey Speaks His Mind

Matthew Dear – Monkey
Wevie Stonder – Quest Of The Sacred Baboon
Audio Active – Return Of The Space Ape
Jungle Brothers – Sounds Of The Safari
Fila Brazillia – President Chimp Toe
Plague Monkeys – The Plague Monkeys
Iron & Wine – Monkeys Uptown
Thee More Shallows – Monkey Vs. Shark

that’s not my monkey

the apes of wrath? – dark side of the baboon? enjoy:

1 Dirty Monkey Moloko
2 Mad Ape Judi Chicago
3 baboon Miles
4 A Japanese Dream The Cure
5 Card Trick With A Chimp The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
6 K-Hole CocoRosie
7 The Monkey Song The Mountain Goats
1 King Kong Frown Departure Lounge
2 Monkey The Miserable Rich
3 Escape Artist Sage Francis
4 Get It On Grinderman
5 King Kong Regular fries
6 Soffry Soffry Catch Monkey Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa
7 Ape-like Califone

Spill Challenge #Whatever – New Stuff

Hmm, looked in here to check on this week’s Spill Challenge and there wasn’t one. So this is a quickie well over a day late and a few dollars short, but better late than never maybe.

We all listen to new (to us) stuff i would imagine, that we’d like to share, but it doesn’t quite fit into an RR topic or a Spill challenge, or quite work for an earworm.

So this week’s challenge – What are you listening to now that you’d like to share with others?

Apologies in advance for being a bad host this week, probably won’t get back to check in here regularly.

Oops – forgot to name mine above – Vieux Farka Toure from The Secret – this cut with Derek Trucks. Two world class geetar masters who keep the egos beautifully in check.

Rocking Mitch rocks the joint !

Left to right: DaddyPig, treefrogdemon, AliMunday, RockingMitch

My 50th birthday party at Leeds contained within it a small seed of RR social. Rocking Mitch rocked up with the rest of the Rocking Gold Stars, and Ali and TFD rocked up to join the fun. Such was their dedication, and my lack of attention to the train times, that they missed the last sensible train to Huddersfield (and thence to Ali’s house) to watch the end of the set, and caught the 2.30am after a long, chilly wait at Leeds station.
DP posing

DaddyPig poses shamelessly mid-dance for the camera, with Pink Peg Slax in the background.

It was a good party enjoyed by all, with not only the Rocking Gold Stars, but Leeds’ own Pink Peg Slax providing the rock’n’roll, and the venue possessing the kind of acoustic sought after by 1950s record producers. Mitch rolled out some spectacular bass playing, and showed his vocal range, the stand-in guitarist Lou did justice to the tone and look of his Scotty Moore copy guitar, and Ralph on drums kept them well in order.
The Rocking Gold Stars

The Rocking Gold Stars, rocking and indeed rolling.

There was dancing, quite a lot of it from me, some great versions of Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash (Mitch has the voice !), Richard Thompson and (as Mr K-Tel used to say) many others.

I’m afraid the photos aren’t brilliant, the walls of the venue were very reflective and the lights were, as they should be, low. Thanks everyone for birthday wishes, and special thanks to Ali and TFD for making the trip on a cold northern night !

Earworms – 21st May

Ismael Lo – Jammu Africa
Some Spillers may remember Senegalese musician Ismael Lo for his song, “Tadio Bone,” which appeared here some time back. This one is a wonderful mix of drums, guitar, background singers and Ismael’s amazing voice. It was featured in the recent film about the Rwandan genocide, “Shake hands with the Devil”; the prior song Tadio Bone was featured in Almodovar’s film, “All about my Mother”.

Vincius Cantaria – Perritos
Cantuaria’s Horse and Fish album was an impulse buy in 2004 just because I liked the sound of it from the promotional write-up in Barnes and Noble.  I was not disappointed. While it is no doubt Latin/Brazilian Jazz/Pop in origin, the acoustic and electric guitar work is exceptional and the whole album contains some offbeat as well as interesting interpretations of classics of the genre. This is a sweet one.

Chris Isaak – Except the New Girl
I recently saw James Vincent McMorrow (in support of Sinead) attempt an unwise cover of “Wicked Game” and it made me wonder whatever happened to Chris Isaak. What a voice he had! This laidback, countryfied number was always a favourite of mine.

Billy Burnette And Jawbone – Just Another Love Song
The best Southern rocker that no one’s ever heard of.  The lyrics are pretty much rote driving music but that guitar work is amazing.

Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
How James Allan could write his band such a scorcher and … well, lets leave that. It’s a tender and thoughtful song for all it’s testosterone, a necessary element that leaves no doubt about the implosive destruction of guilt-fuelled paranoia.

Matthew Mayfield – Ghost
Several of us get freebies from Noisetrade these days. A recent album was Matthew Mayfield’s ‘Now You’re Free’. He hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and a track on the album, ‘Ghosts’ really grabbed me enough to want to share it with y’all. I love the beat, and the sandpaper voice. Waddaya think?

Please send earworm contributions to  Thank you!