Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – All New Podcast !

Yes, that’s right ‘Spillers, an all-new PODCAST! Long overdue, I know….but, better late than never, right? Well, don’t agree until you’ve listened to it !

It’s a very random and eclectic mix based on whatever was in my box of records at the time….and there were so many I didn’t get to that I wanted to include. They’ll have to wait until next time, I suppose.

Listen until the end for some exciting news ! Well, exciting for me, not perhaps for anyone else !

Enjoy !

15 thoughts on “Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea – All New Podcast !

  1. the tidy up song is used in our house often – it’s the rice cooker that needs putting away that gets me.

    can’t wait to listen through to the proper tracks – going in my itunes as I type.

  2. Robert Johnson is always great, but the highlight was your news of an impending Panther cub. About time. All the best.

  3. Oh WOW ! ! !

    That is so exciting ! ! ! ! I am really happy for you both ! ! ! Congratulations ! ! !

    Will you choose a Japanese name or an English one ? ? ?

    Congratulations ! ! !

  4. Ooh loving the idea of us all discovering The Congos and pals all together (sort of). And you’re right about the shout-outs to Jah, innit! Great track…

  5. Hooray – for the Papa, Mother and Cub – it’s bloody ace.

    My boys are still bouncing about to our (me and the Ms.) taste in music – so it’s great fun – teach them early how to hold a record and all will be brilliant in the world .. if anything gets on top of you – play ska – and the whole family perks up.

    (that’s my entire knowledge of fatherhood passed on – wing the rest of it)

    Loved the podcast…

  6. thanks for the kind congratulations and for listening everyone.

    As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about the ‘impending Panther cub’.

    Thanks for the fatherhood tips Shane, for some reason that information isn’t included in the books i’ve been reading, but it sound like very sensible advice to me !

    @Sakura – we were thinking of giving it a Japanese first name and an English middle name, which would allow the wee cub to choose for themselves which one to use when they came of age. But…’s so difficult deciding on ONE name, let alone two of them. We haven’t even decided on a surname yet! (Mrs Panther kept her name when we got married)

    • At one of the scans I was asked what I wanted – I now know the options are ‘Boy’ or Girl’ – being a illogical sort who didn’t think this was within my control – I answered honestly:

      I found out ‘Pixies Box Set’ wasn’t the correct answer in that setting.

  7. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, and probably won’t for a while, so I’m extremely grateful for the spoiler. Very many congratulations to you both.

    • Thanks for listening SR and glad you found something you liked. Face In the Crowd is the most immediate song on the album, but the whole thing is a really good late night grower of an album.

      Thanks for the congrats too!

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