They Pesky Technical Tips…

I’m attaching the draft Technical Tips RR document for you all to review, make suggestions and vote on. Anyone who doesn’t have the ability to use Adobe let me know.

I don’t know who the keymaster(s)  to The ‘Spill is so that would be nice to include!

I did not include how to make contact for Dropbox. I thought that needed to be discussed.

Apologies for my lack of technical experience/technical writing ability. All comments and suggestions very welcome.

9 thoughts on “They Pesky Technical Tips…

  1. The ‘link’ button bit was left out – here’s a redraft with a few other tweaks, hope it makes sense…
    3. How to add a link to a post/comment.
    To link the song to a clip (e.g. YouTube) do the following:
    • If you wish to embolden your artist & song title text select and hit ‘bold’ first
    • In a separate window find, select and copy the Youtube (say) address/link from the address bar. For Spotify songs, right click & choose ‘copy http link’
    • Select your song title text again. Hit the 3rd button (link symbol)
    • Paste the copied address/link into the new box which is displayed
    • Hit OK
    • It’s always a good idea to preview your post (you can even check whether the link works)
    • Post your comment

  2. Blimpy holds the keys to The Spill: there is a form to complete on the Contact tab that he responds to.
    tin owns the RR Dropbox.

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