So, What Is It That You Do Here?

The reason that RR Comments 1 came into being resulted from discussion on RR that while lots of people show up, many of them don’t stick around. We wondered whether partly this might be because they don’t understand what we are all doing and think that perhaps that there are “unwritten rules” that they might run foul of.

What came out in discussion of this document was that it was felt that including this in The Marconium might seem even more restrictive and off-putting.  Another important point that came of the discussion was to actually state that newcomers are welcome and valued.  As I mentioned in my first post of today, I feel that a welcome should be written by someone else, whether it is included with this document (which may never go ahead anyway) or stands alone.

Based upon your comments and items for inclusion from The ‘Spill posting last week I have added in the extra stuff, and put in a summary header which I hope makes it sufficiently clear that this document is lighthearted and non-threatening. My WP programme does not have red-line capability so the new text is in blue.  Please review, comment and vote on this one too.

I forgot on the previous one to put an end date.  I’ll leave them both up until next Sunday 3rd June to give everyone sufficient time.  Thanks

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