Spill Challenge #Whatever – New Stuff

Hmm, looked in here to check on this week’s Spill Challenge and there wasn’t one. So this is a quickie well over a day late and a few dollars short, but better late than never maybe.

We all listen to new (to us) stuff i would imagine, that we’d like to share, but it doesn’t quite fit into an RR topic or a Spill challenge, or quite work for an earworm.

So this week’s challenge – What are you listening to now that you’d like to share with others?

Apologies in advance for being a bad host this week, probably won’t get back to check in here regularly.

Oops – forgot to name mine above – Vieux Farka Toure from The Secret – this cut with Derek Trucks. Two world class geetar masters who keep the egos beautifully in check.

56 thoughts on “Spill Challenge #Whatever – New Stuff

  1. Well since you ask: Over the last several days it’s been variations on these three.
    Perhaps these are not what you had in mind but if you’re not familiar with any of them consider giving #1 a click, close your eyes and relax. If that wasn’t too awful repeat with nos. 2 and 3.
    I spent several hours today listening to several versions of #3 at NPR, ’twas wonderful!

    I’ve described this piece as possibly the most beautiful music ever. ‪Wagner: Tristan und Isolde – The Prelude‬

    This is just a segment of the piece that I want them to play when I leave, it’s Lenny B and the finale of Mahler #2.

    I’ve been obsessed with these piano pieces by Glen Gould for much of the last umpteen years, I’ve listened to them dozens of times.

    • What I know about classical music could be written on the head of a pin but I do like a bit of Wagner ( make of that what you will !).
      True German romanticism. Unfairly tainted by associations he had nothing to do with, I think.

      • There’s no excusing Wagner’s politics – he was a vile anti-Semite and had a profound influence on Hitler’s visions of Aryan supremacy. That doesn’t stop his music being sublime though (at times… I’ve sat through 3/4 of the Ring Cycle, and can’t pretend that every moment held me spellbound).

      • Think he started being a dick about the “purity” of Germanic music. Out of small evils, bigger ones can grow, I suppose.

      • It was actually the Mahler that really did it for me. That was sublime.

        Glenn Gould is someone i had always meant to check out someday. Never saw the film either. Now that i finally heard it, definitely really want to listen to more. Thanks GF.

  2. Why is WordPress so selective about the youtube clips that it allows to post these days, it never used to be like this. Can you tweak them Amy?

    • GF –

      Got them tweaked, then saw you had reposted – so i just deleted the duplicate posts to cut down on the load. I find if some things don’t seem to take, pasting the link from the “share” button under the video seems to work better than the browser url.

      And yeah, those are exactly the sort of thing i had in mind. In fact, anything anyone wants to put up is.

      Really looking forward to giving those a listen, but i think i have to sleep now!

  3. While i am home i have been listening to a mix of US Soul and Blues and Jazz with the Old Hipster and Taiwanese pop with my mum. But mum and I are both really into the latest album from Vera Queen called Raindrops On Me.

    (The person who posted the video must have used google translate because the title and artist are all messed up ! ! !)

    I hope you like it ! ! !

    Vera Queen – A New Plan

  4. There’s been a fair few references here and on RR to the new Chuck Prophet album, and for good reason. Here is a part narrated part musical tour of San Francisco landmarks in some of the songs:

  5. Glad you asked !
    It’s rather frustrating for me that I have come across so many great tunes from the orient in the last year or so but have absolutely no idea what the songs are about and hence are unlikely ever to be able to share them over on RR.

    Here’s an example , an artiste I stumbled across by accident a few weeks back that I have come to absolutely adore. Not only is she beautiful, she’s smart, funny and has a voice that warms me cockles.
    In English she is Tamurapan and she makes spiffy videos.

    The song is called “Bamboo” ( I think) hence my topic suggestion this week of “plants” ! Devious, eh ?

  6. Nice open and interesting challenge, AmyLee I like Vieux Farka Toure’s track, reminds me of the kind of folk guitar styles I like, although that influence could go both ways.

    My most recent explorations have been inspired by a library. Bristol Central Library hosted this band called the Wraiths, who put pre-exisitng poetry to music, in this case William Blake and make a lovely noise, in my opinion

    • That was lovely. I remember hearing them singing “Wild Nights” – one of my favourite Emily Dickinson poems – on Late Junction a couple of years ago.

      Lo and behold, it’s on YouTube:

  7. I posted something about my difficulties with ‘new’ music in these parts some time ago and someone (Shoegazer?) mentioned iTune’s Genius Mix which I’d never tried at the time. Despite its limitations (it seems to keep throwing up lots of the same tracks) I’m now a convert and I’ve discovered some gems from my own collection. Here’s just one of my new discoveries…

  8. This was new to me last year although the album was released in 2001. We don’t often do Dance/Electronica/Mixes on RR or here on the ‘Spill. (just 15 times according to the list).
    I’m not into video games nor am I a huge fan of Angelina Jollie or Dave Steward, but I love the feel of this album. This opening track in particular has a lovely smooth chill out affect on me.

    This pre-dates Jollie as Lara Croft and is produced by Dave Stewart.

  9. Can I have a few goes?

    I went to see Katzenjammer a couple of nights ago, and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a gig – my jaw ached from smiling so much. Their recordings don’t really do justice to what a great live act they are, but are pretty great all the same. Note that on this song, one of them is playing harmonica, glockenspiel and accordion at the same time:

    Moving from Norway to Sweden, I’ve also been listening to Frida Hyvonen’s new album on repeat. It’s taken me a while to get into it – the production at times is hugely OTT, but deliberately so, and it works I think. Anyway, she’s a pop genius and I love her. This is one of the most immediate tracks:

    Keeping a Scandinavian connection, Peter Broderick used to play with Danish ensemble Efterklang. This week’s excellent Shoegazer playlist directed me to his album-as-website http://www.itstartshear.com. Basically, you get 12 tracks, each accompanied by liner notes, imagery, comments from fans and so on. It’s a great concept, but more importantly the music more than does it justice. This song as actually a cover of a tune by his dad, discovered on a home recording:


    • I like Hyvonen’s new album, although have only given it a couple of listens.

      I was confused by Peter Broderick at first because I have an album by Heather Broderick, which is covers/tributes to fellow bands in Portland. Turns out they are siblings.

    • I absolutely loved that Katzenjammer, I’m giving it a second listen right now. What a voice that girl has. Liked the Peter Broderick too, i seem to be listening to a lot of Nordic post rock with tinkly bell type sounds lately.

  10. Well, you know what I’ve been listening to, amy: I do have a project to complete (http://thespillbloggy.wordpress.com/). But I’ve also been listening again to PJ Harvey’s White Chalk.
    I still prefer it to Let England Shake; it has a truly wonderful fragility running right through it that’s completely suited to the songs’ subject matter. Here’s When Under Ether:

    (I’ve also been trying repeatedly to enjoy Ry Cooder’s last album. And, for the most part, failing. He seems to be turning into a rather grumpy old man with a John Lee Hooker complex.)

    • I will dond White Chalk as it’s also my fave PJ album. “England” was fine, but the worthiness got in the way of enjoyment for me, somehow.

    • I’m much more fond of this Peej album that I thought I would be initially too. It gets better with more familiarity. I still prefer Is This Desire? because it’s so darned Cavey and goff.

  11. Decided to put hand in pocket & buy the 3 ‘Timeless’ CDs/DVDs of Suite or Ma Dukes, Mulatu Astatke &, to me the unknown but sublime, Arthur Verocai :

    I would gab on about how great this is, but as I’m at work and can’t see or hear the thing I’ll leave it all up to you …

  12. Got three on pretty heavy rotation:

    Nico Wayne Toussaint’s “Lonely Number”

    Richard Hawley’s “Standing at the Sky’s Edge”

    And Miguel Poveda’s “arteSano”

  13. alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks

    electronic oddness in a pleasant twisty way.

    Whitey – lost summer

    rebelling against the music industry – self releasing this the day donna died – timing, eh!

    TV Girl – The Artist

    my song.

  14. It’s been a month of living with the new Peter Hammill album, ‘Consequences’. As with ‘Thin Air’ and ‘Singularity’ before it, old wine in new bottles; dense and complex with fractal notes of eaux de vie and something of the dung heap, base and fermenting. Like any stinky cheese you need to be familiar with it or on conjugal terms with a kissing cousin but then again, this one is pretty eye catching and may just make you see things differently. Sante 😉

  15. I picked up the most recent album from the Bollywood Brass Band last week for a couple of quid. Here’s their version of “Kajra Re”, the original of which (from the soundtrack of “Bunty Aur Babli”) was a massive Bolly hit in 2005:

    And here’s the original:

  16. I must have forgotten that June and the Oysters had made another album together. But then I saw them on Later last week singing this

    Still haven’t bought the album mind you. But I do keep YouTubing them – and yes, I do know this is a Joy Division song. Not that I would know a Joy Division song if it leapt up and bit me, but I googled some of the lyrics. (I have heard of Joy Division however.)

    Love Will Tear Us Apart by June Tabor and Oysterband

    • Hm, interesting version. Doesn’t really work for me in terms of capturing the bleakness/bitterness of the lyric – it’s all a bit accepting and, I dunno, affectionate maybe. (I guess that’s the “love” bit!) It’s a pleasant listen, but I’m not sure it should be. I thought the first song they sang on Later was great though!

  17. Some great music here. I love Vieux Farke Toure. And I like the June Tabor version of Love WIll Tear Us Apart. My offering is Titanium – it’s one that Young Munday plays a lot, and without being too maudlin, I hope, he has been very ill recently and he has been great at accepting what is happening and trying to get on with it. So I feel like this is – sort of – his song:

    • ok, that rocked. I thought that at 6+ minutes there had better be a proper guitar solo, and there was, almost! (could have gone on a bit longer.)

      • Just for you Spotted Richard a brief summary – Dublin punk band that started out in the 80s, and were part of the whole anarcho/Crass thing at the time. They were probably best known for being a bit of a thorn in the side of U2! They split (with frontman Deko forming a brilliant reggae punk band Striknien DC) then reformed a few years ago and have been releasing better stuff than they did first time round, and have apparently even managed to scam their way into the charts in Ireland.

  18. For a couple of years in the 80s, I managed a health food shop in West Norwood. One of the women who worked with me started going out with a member of this band, but at the time I’d never heard their stuff. However, a casual search of YouTube brought me to several of their tracks….

    • I used to have a couple of their albums, although they’ve now gone as part of the great ebay purge of my collection. The album Curdled is quite good. They were at the mellower end of the anarcho punk scene. One of the best ever band names in my opinion – perhaps Thatcher was on acid all along, it could explain her certainty that “the poll tax will be popular” at least. I’ll give this a listen tomorrow.

      • A couple of other bands from that era who had interesting names were Angela Rippon’s Bum and The Stinky Poodles (with my old mate, Steve Gribbin)

  19. One of the albums I’m listening to at the moment which is new to me and old to everyone else probably, is Eva Cassidy’s Songbird. I got it a while ago but haven’t had a lot of time to really listen to it yet. Today is a good day.

    • And I’ve been listening to bits of everything you’ve all posted and it all sounds pretty good! Everyone has such great, varied taste. Great Spill challenge, Amylee. Who’s doing next week? Anyone volunteering? It can’t be my turn already!

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