Rocking Mitch rocks the joint !

Left to right: DaddyPig, treefrogdemon, AliMunday, RockingMitch

My 50th birthday party at Leeds contained within it a small seed of RR social. Rocking Mitch rocked up with the rest of the Rocking Gold Stars, and Ali and TFD rocked up to join the fun. Such was their dedication, and my lack of attention to the train times, that they missed the last sensible train to Huddersfield (and thence to Ali’s house) to watch the end of the set, and caught the 2.30am after a long, chilly wait at Leeds station.
DP posing

DaddyPig poses shamelessly mid-dance for the camera, with Pink Peg Slax in the background.

It was a good party enjoyed by all, with not only the Rocking Gold Stars, but Leeds’ own Pink Peg Slax providing the rock’n’roll, and the venue possessing the kind of acoustic sought after by 1950s record producers. Mitch rolled out some spectacular bass playing, and showed his vocal range, the stand-in guitarist Lou did justice to the tone and look of his Scotty Moore copy guitar, and Ralph on drums kept them well in order.
The Rocking Gold Stars

The Rocking Gold Stars, rocking and indeed rolling.

There was dancing, quite a lot of it from me, some great versions of Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash (Mitch has the voice !), Richard Thompson and (as Mr K-Tel used to say) many others.

I’m afraid the photos aren’t brilliant, the walls of the venue were very reflective and the lights were, as they should be, low. Thanks everyone for birthday wishes, and special thanks to Ali and TFD for making the trip on a cold northern night !

14 thoughts on “Rocking Mitch rocks the joint !

  1. That wasn’t really an RT song (Flying Saucers Rock’n’Roll). He’s recorded it, that’s all.

    It was great to meet you, DaddyPig (and Helen) and it wasn’t THAT cold on the station…

    • Thanks TFD and glad you didn’t suffer too badly. I’m still impressed by the dedication to the cause with the jet lag only just wearing off.

      I understand from the internet, that the song was written by one Ray Scott and originally performed by Billy Lee Riley on Sun Records:

  2. Possibly the first time I (as the audience) have been asked to introduce myself to the band. The Rocking Gold Stars were superb, and it was nice to meet Mitch (and tfd and Daddypig, of course). It was also great to see a bloke dancing enthusiastically on his birthday. I think the late night caught up with me about 4.00pm this afternoon. Thanks to all!

  3. You all look so lovely. I always expect RR’s to look like me – i.e. bitter.

    “DaddyPig poses shamelessly mid-dance for the camera, with Pink Peg Slax” sounds a bit Freudian, mind.

  4. Thanks all. Rich, it could be the cheerful partygoers were a self-selected RR minority. Or we let the occasion get the better of us…

  5. Hey, it sounds like fun. Ah… I remember Leeds station well. Many a wait there. (But Hull was the site for my most stupendousy stupid wait – for a friend to get a train home to Leeds – on the day after the clocks had changed…)

  6. Looks like fun. Shame I couldn’t make it but, as I said to Daddypig by other means, we have other concerns at the moment.

    See you all over on the Blog in a few minutes. Here’s hoping it’s a theme I can contribute something to this week.

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