Earworms – 21st May

Ismael Lo – Jammu Africa
Some Spillers may remember Senegalese musician Ismael Lo for his song, “Tadio Bone,” which appeared here some time back. This one is a wonderful mix of drums, guitar, background singers and Ismael’s amazing voice. It was featured in the recent film about the Rwandan genocide, “Shake hands with the Devil”; the prior song Tadio Bone was featured in Almodovar’s film, “All about my Mother”.

Vincius Cantaria – Perritos
Cantuaria’s Horse and Fish album was an impulse buy in 2004 just because I liked the sound of it from the promotional write-up in Barnes and Noble.  I was not disappointed. While it is no doubt Latin/Brazilian Jazz/Pop in origin, the acoustic and electric guitar work is exceptional and the whole album contains some offbeat as well as interesting interpretations of classics of the genre. This is a sweet one.

Chris Isaak – Except the New Girl
I recently saw James Vincent McMorrow (in support of Sinead) attempt an unwise cover of “Wicked Game” and it made me wonder whatever happened to Chris Isaak. What a voice he had! This laidback, countryfied number was always a favourite of mine.

Billy Burnette And Jawbone – Just Another Love Song
The best Southern rocker that no one’s ever heard of.  The lyrics are pretty much rote driving music but that guitar work is amazing.

Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
How James Allan could write his band such a scorcher and … well, lets leave that. It’s a tender and thoughtful song for all it’s testosterone, a necessary element that leaves no doubt about the implosive destruction of guilt-fuelled paranoia.

Matthew Mayfield – Ghost
Several of us get freebies from Noisetrade these days. A recent album was Matthew Mayfield’s ‘Now You’re Free’. He hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and a track on the album, ‘Ghosts’ really grabbed me enough to want to share it with y’all. I love the beat, and the sandpaper voice. Waddaya think?

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23 thoughts on “Earworms – 21st May

  1. Ismael Lo: I don’t want to gush too much, but I’m so glad you’re back, goneforeign. This is another extraordinary, haunting, beautiful piece. Love it.

    Vincius Cantaria: Follows on beautifully from Ismael (well done, Zala!). Lovely chilled listening.

    Billy Burnette: Yep, this is pretty irresistible. I’m loving this week’s selections!

    Glasvegas: Weirdly, I was listening to the debut Glasvegas album last week – and wondering what had happened to them. I’m guessing the follow-up wasn’t much cop? So many great tunes on this album: this one, Flowers and Football Tops, Geraldine, Daddy’s Gone (sob)… I find the way James Allan bares his soul (and his evident empathy) both brave and moving.

    Matthew Mayfield: Yeah, this is another strong song. I can’t think of anything particularly incisive to say about it, but I’m enjoying it. Ooh, nice abrupt ending too!

    • By the way, James Vincent McMorrow was pretty good. I said “unwise” re covering Wicked Game because it’s such an iconic song. I can’t really imagine anyone improving on it (or being able to perform it without comparisons such as mine being drawn).

  2. Good set.

    Ismael Lo was the highlight for me – what a voice! The Glasvegas song is one that justifies the (short-lived) hype – I never bought the album, but “Geraldine” is a modern classic. Really liked Vincius Cataria. The Chris Isaak was perfectly pleasant, but it must be hard to do anything else when you’ve recorded a song as perfect as “Wicked Game”.

  3. Like the Matthew Mayfield, but its not overly distinct.

    Good question re Isaak: What was/is it about him – this is a perfect example; good song, good voice but empty somehow. For me, voice and song don’t match, for one. There’s no ache in it. It’s like its more important to him how his voice sounds than what he’s singing – which is presumptive and not fair, but still…

    Ismael Lo is my slam dunk fave; Lo has been on my iPod for several years courtesy of a GF nom or post.

    SHA you sure do some rummaging!

    The Cantaria was pleasant, as I usually find that kind of music. Sounds like it’s better played as part of a whole album so you can carried away with the whole dreaminess. Nice taster though.

    • In terms of being emotionally connected to the material, I think perhaps you’re setting yourself a tricky task as a singer-songwriter by writing in the second person: you’re automatically at one remove from the feelings. Unless you’re hugely empathic (hello Mr Allan!), your own anguish (Wicked Game) is always going to be more affecting than your consideration of a friend’s commitment problems (Except the New Girl). I wonder if it would have made a difference if he’d rejigged the song to make it about ‘himself’.

      All that said, for me Isaak’s voice carries this track – but I wouldn’t for a moment suggest it’s on a par with Wicked Game!

  4. I have no idea what Tinny was on about (as usual) when he referred to James Allan’s less than excellent perfomance somewhere other than in this Glasvegas song. I did discover that Mr. Allan is, or was, a professional footballer, and I was imagining that it might be something to do with that.

    • I took it to be a reference to an underwhelming second album. Dunno why now, re-reading the blurb. Tinny, whatchoo on about?

      Quiet round here today, innit?

      • Ah, yes a bit unclear. I meant how could he write a song this good and not be able to keep it up? I don’t think the first album can be written off as beginners luck – there’s too much craft in it. Maybe they started reading their own press.

      • Ah! Thank you, Tin! All understood.

        It’s a splendid song. Shame the fellow wasn’t able to keep up the standards. I usually work on the assumption that, in such cases, the first album was the result of a long fermentation of ideas and the second was an overconfident rush job.

  5. [Smug mode]
    I had heard of Billy Burnette. He was in Fleetwood Mac for a bit. Sadly, his magic didn’t work very effectively there; I believe he joined them after Tango In the Night. My knowledge of this trivia is the result of a stubborn insistence that the ‘Mac hadn’t “lost it” when Lindsey Buckingham departed and it all (apparently) fell apart slowly and with an uncustomary lack of fireworks.
    [/Smug mode]

    I was, of course, pretty much wrong about Fleetwood Mac.

  6. Wow! Ismael Lo was a stunner. Definitely the high point for me. Chris Isaak was great too, he does have a great voice. I liked Billy Burnette, Glasvegas and Matthew Mayfield also, all very nice songs.

    Nicely put together Zalamanda.

  7. Liked all of those and the running order made for a good soothing opening with a nice bit of uplift at the end. More coherent response later after a few listens.

  8. A goodly set, methinks.
    I really liked both Ismael Lo & Vinceus Cantaria.
    I’ve always liked Chris Isaak. His latest album was recorded in the ols Sun studio and he revisits some classics by people like Jerry Lee & Carl Perkins. Really good.
    Billy Burnette I also liked and wondered if he’s anything to do with the Burnette dynasty (Johnny, Dorsey, Rocky, Hank C. etc)
    Saw Glasvegas on Jools show once and liked them. This is pretty good.
    I also really liked Matthew Mayfield who is a new name to me.
    Great stuff!

  9. Bish, thanks for those kind words and I’m glad that you liked Ismael, I keep finding winner cuts by him. Check Spotty, they have quite a selection of his music.
    As usual, much of this list was new to me, I enjoy lots of Brazilian music so Perritos was a winner, I liked it’s transition from Lo. I usually check Wiki for anyone I don’t know and I can’t imagine how I got this far without ever knowingly hearing Chris Isaac, I was probably too involved with that other Isaac [Gregory] back then; I liked him though. I’m not big on Southern rockers but BB&J were OK, they reminded me somehow of Creedence. I couldn’t relate to GlasVegas, a lot of noise that sounded like the worst of both places and similarly Ghost didn’t do it for me; four out of six ain’ t bad!
    On a separate post, the BeeGees; I wouldn’t have thought I’d have known any of their stuff but when I played those two videos, Mining disaster and Massachusets they both came back, they sounded so familiar and I know I hadn’t heard ’em since whenever and then only in passing on the radio, funny how music and lyrics can get lodged in your brain.

  10. pfff – spllluff – splutter (spits out tumbleweed) – loved the Ismael Lo, what a voice. Very fond of Chris Isaak, too. But it was a mistake putting “Funeral in the Rain” on my Walkman, it’s much too depressing. Glasvegas I was expecting to like but it sort of washed past me. Matthew Mayfield I liked. The others not so much, but very pleasant and a good set. Snuffle – shnurp – shbshb (shuffles back under cover). Thanks everyone.

  11. Only one here that I’d consider buying ( if I had any money !) and that’s Ismael Lo. Reminds me a bit of Mory Kante ( which is a good thing). Very nice.
    The rest not really for me I’m afraid.

  12. The first two are great – right up my alley. I have a couple of Chris Isaak cassettes from way back, but never play them these days. I guess one man’s laid back can be another man’s anodyne. I bought the first Glasvegas album (which is now gathering dust) and hearing this reminded me why I did. Good stuff – I’ll try and give the album a listen this weekend. Billy is cheerful enough, as is Matthew.

  13. Sorry for being so late with my comment on this Earworms. I have only now had time to listen ! ! !

    Ismael Lo – Jammu Africa was amazing ! ! ! But I really enjoyed them all and Chris Isaak – Except the New Girl reminded me how much I liked Wicked Game and how good he really is ! ! !

  14. what about the foo fighters,queens of the stone age,the white sterpis,say anything,them crooked vultures,the kooks,blood red shoes,black box revelation,triggerfinger,fleet foxese,eagles of death metal,dwarves,the vaccines, and more ? the are a lot of good? bands nowadays,the only thing nowis that they remain relatively underground.Just need to search !

  15. how broken haetred, lonesome in your own heart and genius do you have to be to create this sad mood that rocks? 20 years later itb4s hard to believe that most of his songs are recognized years later o.O

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