Celestial Dinner with Donna

This might not have been her best known or most innovative track, but it was the first time that I remember hearing Donna Summer’s music – and it struck a chord with my teenage self.

It seems quite appropriate to me, as I can imagine her rejoicing in the opportunity to join that ghostly dinner party full of deceased icons at long last.

Rest in peace, Donna – and thank you for the music. Your voice will continue to thrill us, as will those incredible tunes.

7 thoughts on “Celestial Dinner with Donna

  1. err … and excuse that weird blobby face, I was smiling and blowing kisses in real life. I do have a weird blobby face in real life tho’ it must be said

    • Do you mean your charming stone-and-feather beach art face? It’s very nice.

      And weird blobby faces have been known to occur when our beloved musical icons leave us.

      • From where I’m looking there’s a sour-faced-scowly-smiley-gone-wrong-probably–cos-that-boomerang-just-smacked-him-in-the-chops.

        My noble savage is from the Jurassic Coast last autumn

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