Spill Challenge: Sing it loud, sing it proud …. DaddyPig is 50

Anyone who has been to a ‘Spill/RR social will have noticed DaddyPig taking himself off to a quiet corner early in the evening to call home and sing his little angel a bedtime song. [And when he’s done, his wife puts their young un on for awhile. ba doom b..oh n/m]

OK, it’s a bit heartwarming. Those of us with kids exchange knowing smiles and there has been the occasional tear shed.

Tears of LAUGHTER, the whuss!!!!!!!

OK, your turn. The man turns 50 on Friday. Let’s roast the old fart! This week’s Spill Challenge: What song would you sing down the phone to DaddyPig?

53 thoughts on “Spill Challenge: Sing it loud, sing it proud …. DaddyPig is 50

  1. That’s two Challenges in a row from me, for which I apologize. Won’t do one now for a couple of months. Being such a milestone for DaddyPig and him being such a nice guy, I wanted to jump on this.

    Oh, how inconsiderate of me. Sorry DaddyPig.


  2. I guess it would have to be this:

    Music to hum along to and a nice little bedtime story rolled into one.

  3. Y Viva España, maybe, as I’ll be missing the festivities by jetting off on my holidays instead?
    Soul Limbo, perhaps, for the cricketing connotations of 50 being a recognizable score, but only halfway towards being an outstanding total?

    I don’t think so. Off for a think . . .

    • Eschewing the obvious DBT choice on the grounds that MummyPig would kill me for suggesting it, I’ll go with Louis Jordan’s Happy Birthday Boogie: in fact make it a Jordan double with Let The Good Times Roll.

      Happy Birthday to you, and I hope you have many more
      I hope all your dreams come marching through that door
      I hope you get what you want, and you want what you’re wishing for
      And when you get what you want, thank your lucky stars

      Many Happy Returns, DP.
      See you soon.

      • I shall look up ‘Happy Birthday Boogie’ ! However, the bleedingly ‘obvious’ DBT is foundering on my ignorance of their oeuvre… Thanks for good wishes and see you soon indeed.

  4. U.K. number one on the day you were born was “Nut Rocker”. Is that a fair description ???????

    You share the date (but not the year) with Butch and Feliciano Tavares, Rick Wakeman, Wreckless Eric and Toya. Now that’s some sort of mob to put together a birthday song.

    Happy birthday DP.

    • A classic indeed. I’m on the ‘cusp’ of this and Elvis’s Good Luck Charm for birthday no.1, I can never work out the thing about ‘week ending’ dates, and whether it’s telling one the record that was selling the most at the time but hadn’t been counted and announced as the no.1. Middle-aged (old-aged ?) waffle aside, a great choice !

  5. I need a big weekend.
    Kick up the dust.
    Yeah a big weekend.
    If you don’t run, you rust

    Big Weekend by Tom Petty. Because it will be!

  6. My how the years have flown
    But there was a time back in my prime
    When I could really hold my own”
    “But if you wanna fight tonight
    Guess those boys don’t look all that tough
    I ain’t as good as I once was
    But I’m as good once as I ever was”
    I used to be hell on wheels
    Back when I was a younger man
    Now my body says, “You can’t do this, boy”
    But my pride says, “Oh, yes you can”

    • Muscle away, amy! You’re right about the song – and your (album) version includes Garcia’s solo – but the ‘Band In Bones’ is more fun to watch…

      Have a great one, DP! Further apologies for wimping out of your birthday bash just to watch some blokes kick a ball about.

      • It really is a lovely solo too, isn’t it. If i remember – wasn’t the Bag of Bones the official video on MTV?

      • I confess to have been puzzled as well, so a quick check on the interwebs confirmed my suspicion. It was their biggest commercial hit – top 10 on Billboard and #1 on the mainstream rock charts. And thus a new generation of deadheads was initiated.

  7. As quite a few RRers will be going to the party I was wondering whether it counts as a social – and if so, whether compilation CDs will be a feature.

    Because if they are, do we know how many of us are going? I know I am, and AliM, and Mitch. And the birthday chap himself of course.

    • That might be it from RR folk, unless may1366 and Webcore form a Merseyside contingent. But I’m looking forward to meeting you and catching up with Ali and Mitch.

    • tfd, do you know what you’re doing for accommodation? You are very welcome to stay, but if you prefer to book somewhere saner and nearer I won’t be offended. Let me know.

      Hadn’t even thought about a CD, sounds a bit organised!

  8. Because Mitch and I have just been discussing it on fb, it’s on my mind right now:

    Dusty Springfield: Goin’ Back

    But thinking young
    And growing older
    Is no sin
    And I can play
    The game of life to win…


  9. By my reckoning Neil was somewhere around 50 when this version was filmed. As you know he’s still rockin’. Happy Birthday DP! Let’s Go Downtown!

  10. How lovely, I’m touched, thank you Tinny and all. I’m just looking at this on my phone of very little brain, so back later to listen to the music. I’m looking forward to it !

  11. Sadly (for me) DP – I’m not going to be able to make it up to your party.

    **I know, I know – I have such a gift for stimulating light hearted conversation – it could have livened up your 50th no end**

    Anyway, just to make sure I’m on safe ground with a birthday song, here’s Grace Jones with ‘Nipple to the Bottle’.

    • Thank you Shane. I’ve not heard that for ages, and the mid-80s came leaping back to me from half a lifetime ago – but nothing too traumatic. Good tune, though I never understood the title and I still don’t. Is it someone very confused about feeding their baby, or a stimulating recreational practice, or a general meditation on futility ?

      • she’s having ago at a bloke who is never satisfied – and never has been from childhood to adulthood (I’m guessing the bottle in question is alcohol – so suggesting above a certain age)

        but however he tries to manipulate her – she’s keeping a lid on her bottle – so he still wont be satisfied… and he will still be needy… that’s my theory.

        Just thought the birth to birthday drinks idea in the title tickled my fancy when posting.

        Have a great day/weekend.

  12. I’ve only just finished sorting out the catering for the party, and accommodation for the Rocking Gold Stars, and a quick read-through of your kind quotes and comments with MummyP – so I’m still looking forward to the rest of the music !

  13. If was Daddy Pig birthday party then I would definitely wanna rock ! ! !

    Happy Birthday Daddy Pig! ! ! !

    I Wanna Rock ! ! !

    I hope you like it ! ! !

  14. Nice mix of choices everybody!

    I’ll contribute One of These Days because 50 is an inevitable time for reflection (especially if you have no hair) and it’s my favourite song about that because it conveys regret and hope in what seems to me like a healthy balance.

  15. Well, you’re not a grandpapa (so far as I know) Tim, and I could hardly sing you an instrumental over the phone but just try to stop me jemmying Kuricorder Quartet into the thread. I hope this makes you smile because they always have that effect on me.

  16. Happy Birthday DP !
    Here’s Joaquín Sabina lamenting his lot as he gets older, like an olde building being shut down and await demolition. But it’s not all bad as long as there is love and poetry in your life. A melancholy rumba that I find oddly comforting as I approach the milestone!

  17. I’ll just do one more post, to avoid repeated re-loading of all the embedded bits, which takes time on our little computer.

    Today is the actual day, I’m off work and we’re having a quiet one before the party tomorrow. So it’s lovely to sit down with these, computer connected through the hi-fi. Thanks everyone for these, a right good mix as Tinny says.

    Ali – I enjoyed hearing that version again, thank you ! I’ve never really been a wild rover, but it’s nice to adopt a romantic persona through song.

    SR – another good choice that I’d not heard for ages. Peaches and Herb go under-rated in the soul pantheon, I reckon. I hope to be shaking my groove thing tomorrow.

    Sakura – fantasic ! Is every Japanese pop / rock video set in a public place in the middle of the city, or just every one that I watch ? ! I hope to be rocking tomorrow, and indeed rolling.

    Beth – gorgeous and not what I expected at all, thank you.

    Tinny – as I said to Bish, I like a bit of introspection and a bit of hope. Two Neil Young tunes is a treat ! I will introspect a little today I think.

    Mitch – thanks for that. I knew I shared the birthday but only know ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’. I hope to be boogie-ing and woogie-ing tomorrow.

    Severin – I was indeed smiling thank you. I’m not a grandpa but i am old enough to be one, so it counts !

    Panthersan – I used to be a care worker in the 1990s (cue reminiscence / introspection) and one woman who lived where I worked, absolutely loved this tune and would shout out “What An Atmosphere !” at least half-hourly. I made her a rock’n’roll compilation tape (which included Nutrocker as posted by BluePeter) which she absolutely loved and rocked around to in her wheelchair. She didn’t seem concerned with any disabilities as long as she had rock’n’roll.

    Maki – I wonder if you waited for the opportune moment to post a melancholy rumba in the most contrasting position – just after Russ Abbott. It’s lovely, thank you, and as you say there is that need for comfort now and again.

    Brilliant, thanks again everyone !

  18. Very happy belated birthday wishes, Daddypig! I wanted to suggest Oysterband’s I know it’s mine, but it’s not on Youtube or spotify – but here are a few of the words

    Everyone’s a witness
    We’ve all been in orbit
    Earth was blue and silver
    A big toy balloon
    We’re all a little older
    The air’s a little colder
    Feels like 40 lifetimes
    Since we walked on the moon

    In my time we’ve drunk away a century
    In my time we’ve tried to walk it honestly
    Love and anger, got to let the spirit shine
    In my time that’s all I’ve got,
    But I know it’s mine
    I know it’s mine, I know it’s mine…

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