Riff Raff and RR.

1 Surfin’ USM Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
2 Untitled Modest Mouse
3 U-Mass Pixies
4 Feel The Pain Dinosaur Jr.
5 This Charming Man The Smiths
6 Slow My Bloody Valentine


1 Romance Wild Flag
2 Horn For The Whole Damn World Lazarus and the Plane Crash
3 Never Say Never Queens Of The Stone Age
4 Twist and Shout Art Brut
5 Shut That Door The Wolfgang Press

1 Tsvimbodze Moto Bhundu Boys
2 Wumbanzanga Konono N°1 & Optimo
3 Cosmic Cars The Dirtbombs
4 Shark’s Tooth Archie Bronson Outfit

10 thoughts on “Riff Raff and RR.

    • It should have had the Throwing Muses track – ‘Status Quo’ tacked on the end – for the comic value of it’s title in this theme (Throwing Muses – comic value – in the same sentence ! can’t happen often !?)

      It’s a tough subject for remembering instant gratification songs of newer releases – I also could have engulfed the list in techno, but, well, it feels like a guitar based selection is needed …

      anyway – when do we get a in depth Throwing Muses article from you? I’d be fascinated in reading from your perspective.. cheers for popping in.

  1. Hmmm… I think this is more of an MBV riff:

    I will muse about throwing some Muses in.

    I suppose I should think about Malkmus for RR.

    • I discussed this with nilpferd last night and ‘soon’ was the MBV riff outcome:

      I’m happy enough adding anyone else’s choice too.

      ‘slow’ was added because I was in a ‘dirty songs with dirty riffs’ theme idea – then I forgot that was my plan.. these fitted:
      This Charming Man
      Horn For The Whole Damn World
      Never Say Never

  2. ahh… Carter USM, it’s a classic refrain and instantly transported me back to every single gig from the early 90s with more than a thousand people in the crowd – it was THE heckle/catchphrase/thing to randomly shout for no apparent reason at gigs.

    I always think that Modest Mouse are going to be more modest and mousey then they actually are…this was great.

    Pixies, Dinosaur, Smiths and MBV are all familiar of course, but work so well put together in that set – nice sequencing Shane ! Had forgotten how much I loved Dinosaur Jr. and how much I really am indifferent to the Smiths – although I did enjoy seeing Johnny Marr in Portlandia !

  3. Speaking of Portlandia….that really is a great WF riff.

    I was really into QOTSA, but they seemed to lose something for me after Songs for the Deaf….I still listen to the old Dessert Sessions 10″s quite a bit though

    Didn’t know this Art Brut one (it must be off of a later album) but Eddie is always worth a listen and is something of an unsung genius, which I’m sure is how he likes it.

  4. As an avid Peel listener I know the Bhundu Boys, but not individual songs…I’m sure I remember reading a tragic story about how 3 of them died of AIDS and another committed suicide or something equally as horrific and unimagineable…enjoyed this.

    Konono No.1 – is that a riff? I suppose it is and a damn fine one at that ! Maybe my favourite of the whole playlist.

    Dirtbombs are another Panther-friendly cut. One of the best bands pulled up from the bootstraps of the White Stripes – great riff here.

    ABO are such a Domino records band ! This was definitely one of their better tracks.

    Great playlist Shane. some nostalgia, some new tracks I didn’t know from bands I did and some brand new stuff in-between – cheers !

  5. Thanks everyone for listening – I would have liked to comment more but I have this fever and cracking headache – that’s not really shaking off.

    All I can say is Panthersan: Eddie would like the fact that he’s a genius tattooed on the stars, in Fluorescent ink – unsung is his vocal style, not his ego…. (although when he worked in our local he was quite unassuming – different kettle of rock and roll – once on stage)

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