Result !

The results are in for last week’s “Battle of the sexes”.
Unfortunately there seems to have been some kind of error. Sakura won by 16 votes to 9 !
I’m not sure how this happened, I suspect vote rigging, possibly postal voting fraud or multiple clicking.
I am at a loss as to how people chose to vote for a charming, lovely , friendly and funny young lady over a fat, flatulent and grumpy old man !
It’s a travesty !

Thanks to all who voted anyway. I’ll leave office gracefully, like Ken and with a song….

4 thoughts on “Result !

  1. Thank you everyone for reading the series and voting ! ! !

    We really did have a lot of fun and hope you did also ! ! !

    (And I pleased I won even if Mr P was offering bribes of Unicorn Sandwiches ! ! !)

  2. I think we need a recount. I voted for Sakura at least 17 times ! Well done to you both. I’m looking forward to the next series.

  3. Well, my vote went to Hoshino; but if you’d employed the much maligned Alternative Vote system, Pairubu would have been my second choice.

    It was the Chatmonchy song wot won it.

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