Weekly Spill Challenge: CRANK IT!

We’ve all got at least one tune that’s gotta be cranked any time it comes on.
Not merely turned up, but abso-fuckin-lutley cranked. What’s yours?

Mine’s David LindleyMercury Blues. Usually accompanied by my one-man air band, in which I try to do both the drums and guitar.

77 thoughts on “Weekly Spill Challenge: CRANK IT!

  1. Placebo: Nancy Boy

    Brian Molko turned out (unsurprisingly) to be a bit silly, but this is a fabulously punky, queer f*** you of a track. And as another great (post-) punk once said, “Ridicule is nothing to be scared of”…

      • Love Nancy Boy and Brian’s alright, I was impressed by his french when I watched a live DVD the other day.

    • I quoted this (“Ridicule is nothing to be scared of”) many years ago on the old spill as one of the maxims I try, but completely fail, to live by………I’m the most easily embarassable people you could meet! I do love Adam Ant though…

      • I’m formulating an idea that Adam Ant’s maxim was a desperate form of wishful thinking: that actually, for people who have grown up in an atmosphere characterised by extreme shaming (whether by parents, siblings, teachers, etc), ridicule is very much something to be scared of – perhaps the only thing they are scared of. And that the ridicule that Adam must have suffered over the years and the consequent shame he must have felt led to his more recent, much-publicised psychological problems. I may have read too much psychotherapeutic literature recently…

  2. Good one, Tin, that does sound better loud. I think I might have posted this track on the ‘Spill before, but every time it comes on I have to turn it up, it makes the speakers growl and I love it to pieces

    • I like this. You can play guitars hard and a) not make them jangly and b) not make them screech. Really like that you an actually make out the words; a rarity with harder rock.

      Not sure how to say this but a lot of guitar-heavy bands seem to write songs that let them use and abuse their guitars, pound the skins and yell alot. That song sounds like it was written first and, as it happens, it suited their sound.

      • they kind of evolved into a rock band from being a electronic um, noise type of thing, I’m glad you liked it Tin.

      • Yay! I soooo want to see them live, but they only seem to play London on weeknights 😦

  3. Good choices so far. There are a few I feel that way about, but recently Ride’s ‘Leave Them All Behind’ is the one I play at full-volume:

    Played loud, the bass makes your guts shake, then the soaring wall of noise blasts you.

    Others: Verve’s ‘New Decade’, Cocteau’s ‘Gold Dust Rush’, STP’s ‘Pruno’.

    • walls of noise, gorgeous. On a related note, I remember wondering why there was space at the front of a Hawkwind gig once, going there and being paralysed by the volume of the bass until someone bumped into me and I got out of it’s direct power. Wow. There is such a thing as too loud. Who’d have thought it?

  4. Towers of London – “Fuck It Up”

    I make absolutely no apology for this (and I think I may have found a match for Bish’s Brian Molko in the silly stakes), it’s a fist-pumping masterpiece in my book and I just have to turn it up loud!

  5. Great subject, Tin.
    More than one go at this ????????????

    Let’s start we this mob.

    Chemical Bros. “Block Rockin Beats”.

  6. Not sure why this video is Russian, but the band is German.
    Perhaps it’s the language that makes it so shout-out-loudable.

    Bit of a quiet start though……………

    Rammstein…………”Mein Herz Brent” (“My Heart Bleeds”).

    • they’re very good at loud and catchy aren’t they? A fabulously OTT live experience too, I hear from friends. I prefer my German noise shaped by Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten only make sense loud), but have a soft spot for Till and co.

      • Would love to see them live. One of my favourites is the album Mutter but have been told that their “Live in Berlin” is the best. Don’t know the two you mention, but will check them out…………

    • Blixa is the lead singer with Einstürzende Neubauten who were more industrial (literally, chainsaws and banging bits of random metal industrial) than rock, but have mellowed. I have to say that seeing them live was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been too.

      Rammstein are known for their pyrotechnics, crowd surfing on an inflatable dingy and if you don’t want to get covered in numerous fluids, don’t stand at the front, I haven’t seen them live, but I do believe it is an experience.

  7. Probably their best line up ? Fripp/Wetton/Bruford from the 1974 album Red that inspired Kurt Kobain to pick up a guitar.

    King Crimson……..”One More Red Nightmare”.

  8. There are loads of punk related songs obviously and this is one that reminds me of more exciting and happier times !!

  9. Great drumming from Gavin Harrison on this live version of this track off the album In Absentia.
    Kicks in at about 1:20.

    Porcupine Tree………….”Trains” Live.

      • Don’t know Storm Corrosion (another one for me to check out). Have listened to quite a bit of Opeth but don’t have any in my collection. That’s gotta change……. Definite musical link between them and Porcupine Tree (with a bit of heavier metal along the way). A natural progression for me from Floyd and Crimson.

        Going back to the industrial stuff, I always wanted to go to a Test Dept. gig dressed in a suit. Never did get to se them. Must have been good before they went all techno.

      • I’m only just investigating Storm Corrosion, it’s Mikael from Opeth and Steven Wilson from PT, it’s a bit too quiet for me I think, but I’ll listen a bit more. The crowd at recent EN gigs has tended to be the mature side of 30, but I can’t really complain about that, I imagine Test Dept audiences might come from their offices too!

  10. I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to answer this question, as I’m excessively concerned about the possibility that I might disturb someone by playing my music too loud and so tend to play it too quiet just to be on the safe side. However, when it comes to songs that I’d imagine cranking up the volume to, I think this one is high on the list:

  11. Well, for a long time it was the Sex Pistols’ version of No Fun and Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop but I can’t remember the last time I even listened to either of them.

    There is another song from the same era that I return to once in a blue moon. When I do it always has to be good and loud – usually on the headphones though these days..

    bugger – I think I’ve just wasted an earworm……..

  12. I’m sure I’ve done this before. Sue has pinched QOTSA. Tinny knows more about Joe Bonamassa than me. So I’ll go for Boy Hits Car and “I am a Cloud”. Particularly good after One of Those Days:

    • Sorry I nicked your QOTSA. They have some great stuff and I do have Songs For The Deaf in my sad little collection. Now Boy Hits Cloud is new to me but I’m really liking this. Loads more stuff here for me to check out!

      • Some more here, some of it’s quite mellow (“Going to India”) – some of it has lots of energy – crank it up, indeed!

  13. Yeah, I have answered something like this before. Put it this way, I’m sure someone will remember me mentioning this before:

    Apollo 440 – Stadium Parking Lot

  14. I hear what you’re saying about the difference between a song suiting loud vs. intentionally loud – Stadium Parking Lot in undoubtedly a big, dumb, example of the latter, as are, say, Young Heart Attack’s Mouthful Of Love, and almost anything from Motorhead.

    In the ranks of the former are things like recent DsD earworms Darlin’ by 500 Miles To Memphis, Get Out The Way by Little Feat & Bonnie Raitt, and, one that’s cropped up on shuffle a couple of times recently, EMF’s Unbelievable.

    But if you want something a little more unexpected, what would you say if I suggested Cowboy Junkies? Last year’s DsD Festive Spill #1 pick Strange Language should still be lurking in most of your PCs, and isn’t on youtube.

    Sorry to drop’n’run: life’s crazy at the moment. My kinda topic though, this one, so must enable comments to phone . . . . done.

    ‘Night all.

    • I remember seeing the Fall on Later ( I think) doing this song. It was immense and made me go out and buy the album. Mark Smith never compromised and as such is a one off.

  15. Fintan grabbed teh Stones and saved me from an agonizing choice. Still spoiled rotten for choices, but off the top of my head, neither of these can played any other way than cranked.

    • cool, I was just thinking about Soundgarden for this, Loud Love would be my best choice for them, but this one is good.

  16. This one comes immediately to mind:

    Then the whole of the Rust Never Sleeps DVD, but I’ll go for this:

  17. Get ready to rock ! ! !

    Melon Kinenbi and The Beat Crusaders – Do Not Say Good Bye

    I hope you like it ! !!

    • it’s the DIY Gorillaz concept – couldn’t be bothered to animate the band – but we did draw their faces .. how ugly must those blokes be?

      Good fist pumping thigh cracking fun.

  18. Here are a couple more that figure on my late-night-after-too-many-bevvies louder-than-loud-playlist:


  19. Everything has to be “loud” for me ( dodgy hearing) but as my CD player has gone to the land beyond the skies I don’t really blast anything much.
    If I did it would be something like this….

    • ‘go out and get ’em boy’ (from that album) starts off many a loud night – my mate just got me tickets for seamonsters in full tour – I CAN”T WAIT.

      ace frantic guitar.

  20. I rarely get the chance to turn my music up loud – best opportunity is when I’m on my own in the car, and that doesn’t happen much – so I’m going to have two picks.

    K’Naan – In The Beginning (Live)

    Turn it up for the bongos and the righteous message:

    White Stripes – Icky Thump

    Not my favourite of theirs, but a track that unquestionably gets better the louder you play it:

  21. Always popular round our house this one and here’s Diamanda coming to Meltdown, I could scream!

  22. For this you have to take yourself back to 1983, the beginning of MTV and before you could use your tv remote control on cable channels. I had been in a bad traffic accident and spent several months graduating from a wheelchair to a zimmer frame to crutches and with a succession of casts on my right leg slowly moving from toenail-to-hip plaster-of-paris down to, oh frabjous day, a fibreglass walking cast. I went home with instructions from the fracture clinic to try walking without crutches in the safety of home and for the next couple of days, I’d try standing up but just freeze; I couldn’t remember how to walk! Then, on the third morning, this came up on MTV, and I walked across the room to turn the volume up (and then stood there thinking “OMG, can I get back to the chair?” ). So let’s hear it for the purple one!

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