Earworms – 7th May

Mónica Naranjo – Empiezo A Recordarte
Mónica grew up in Figueres, where she met Salvador Dalí when she was a child. Her singing style is perhaps more suited to Mexican ballads than anything from her native Catalonia and indeed she was successful there before returning to Spain. This song to a lost love, believe it or not, is one of her more restrained, less melodramatic numbers. Note perfect live, she is a wonderful performer.
Mrs. Maki

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris – All The Roadrunning
Seemed like an odd partnership to me, but they’ve worked together quite a bit. This is a live version of the song, which Knopfler wrote – another one about the joys and perils of the itinerant musician, and it has a nice loping swing to it. Tingle-up-the-spine time.

Bobby Hutcherson – Goin’ Down South
A jazz tune that is so evocative of how I imagine the American South to be; with the rhythm of Joe Sample’s gospel blues piano and the ‘fatback’ drums of Mickey Roker underpinning Bobby’s vibes whilst Harold Land’s sax gives it a slow sultry feel as if you’re on a slow rolling train with the white of the clapboards blazing in the heat of the afternoon sun … or maybe an overcast south London suburban sprawl as you amble into Clapham Junction!

D L Menard – The Back Door
You’ve heard of a boy named Sue. This one was Doris, which is why he went by his initials. Happy song by “the cajun Hank Williams”.

Terry Linen – Call On a Friend
A voice so gorgeous he could make me a believer in Jah.

Emeline Michel – Bel Kongo
From her 2004 album, Rasin Kreyol (which translates as “Creole Roots”),  Emeline delivers a gem combining traditional music with Haitian and Brazilian rhythms with a wonderful marriage of voice and a perfect orchestration. Bel Kongo is ‘beautiful Congo’.

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17 thoughts on “Earworms – 7th May

  1. oh dear, maybe I’m just feeling intolerant due to my horrible cold, but this was not a very good week for me. The first two are not my thing at all, quite liked AlBahooky’s choice, especially the horns, Doris was quite diverting once, but I think the winner this week is Emeline Michel because it wasn’t like anything I’ve heard before and it took me away from the rain here to somewhere more exotic.

  2. Excellent selections, I enjoyed every cut here. We started and finished with ‘foreign language’, which didn’t detract in the slightest from the musical enjoyment, The highlight for me was Bobby Hutcherson, someone I’ve been aware of for donkey’s years but whom I’ve never appreciated or listened to intently, this was a great cut, really liked it. Many years go I was at an event with him and Harold Land and had the opportunity to take a lot of photos, I must seek them out. Terry Linen was a new voice to me, I’m glad to hear the rasta tradition is being upheld.
    I’m so intrigued by the structure of Bel Kongo, that long a capella intro with the voice doing such wonderful things which is then followed by a long slow build with all the other elements adding to the mix, I became a fan of EM many years ago, she’s a Caribbean voice totally different from my usual Jamaican preferences.

  3. Monica Naranjo: Weirdly perhaps, this reminds me of a big “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”-style Whitney Houston ballad. Not really my thing but quite comforting to listen to.

    Mark and Emmylou: I like the Emmylou half of the partnership better than the Mark part, but she can sing anything and I’ll enjoy it. I duly enjoyed this.

    Bobby Hutcherson: Is that a xylophone?! Probably not. Again, not really my bag but it’s quite interesting listening to it on headphones (as I am now) and seeing what will jump out at you from where.

    DL Menard: Oh this is fun! Like it a lot. I’m waggling my head from side to side like a loon.

    Terry Linen: Interestingly androgynous voice, I thought. I presume Terry is a man but I really thought it was a woman singing, to begin with. Yeah, this is very uplifting, even for a non-believer.

    Emeline Michel: Oh how lovely. I was almost disappointed when the instruments kicked it, so gorgeous was the intro. But this is just beautiful.

    • Bish – I was getting “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” in the Monica Naranjo song, too. I think it must be because the tune seems to have some of the same notes in the same order. Monica has a big voice – that suits the big instrumentation – but she doesn’t “Whitter” that much (you know that wobbly voice thing that Ms. Houston did? That’s whittering, that is.).

      • Bish – I was getting “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” in the Monica Naranjo song, too. Can I join that party, too. My eyes scanned the comments and I saw this seconds after the song started and after I had reached the same conclusion. Monica is so much better!

  4. It’s a game of two halves for me … and the second half won it. I like the DJ Menard, but I loved the Terry Linen and the Emeline Michel. Thanks everyone.

  5. This is such a lovely selection (again!)

    I like them all.

    TFD being in Texas at the moment is making me very nostalgic for the sounds I remember from San Antonio, and Monica Naranja is just tugging at my heartstrings tonight with this song that reminds me of the songs so beloved by many San Antonians. 😦

    I like Emmylou and Mark Knopfler together (although I sort of overdosed on Dire Straits and MK back in the 80s). This is a nice song on the album and it is a bit tingly.

    Nothing resembling Clapham Junction, Battersea or Wandsworth, here. It definitely does have a train feel, including the feel of going over the points, but there’s a feeling of freshness, of not heat of the summer. Very interesting.

    Terry Linen does have a gorgeous voice and this is a great song. His voice reminds me of someone else, but I can’t think who it is.

    Oh, Emeline, what a voice, what emotion! The song, the rhythm, the instruments, the whole enchillada (sorry food is on my mind this week!) is just wonderful.

    I’m going with how the music makes me feel. It’s Monica Naranjo for me.

  6. Not really qualified to comment on the Spanish or the jazz, but the Menard and Emeline Michel is top of class stuff. Sorry Mr Linen and Mark & Emmylou but reggae-lite and Americana-lite gets a bit overshadowed. Craftily grouped collection Zala.

  7. Oh dear. I carefully wrote out a comment for each tune and now I seem to have made them all disappear. I also seem to have caught BethNoir’s cold – how is that possible?

    In brief

    Loved DL Menard and Emeline Michel

    Enjoyed Bobby Hutcherson and Terry Linen

    Quite liked the other two but they didn’t leap out and grab me.

  8. I really enjoyed the playlist this week ! ! !

    I listend with the Old Hipster and he liked it also ! ! !

    His favourite was Bobby Hutcherson and mine was Mónica Naranjo.

    A great collection of tracks and the playlist really works ! ! !

    Well Done Zala ! ! !

  9. Liked Emeline Michel . The rest not really my tasse du the except, of course for D.L Menard.
    That song is the one that really got me hooked on Cajun. Back in 77 I stumbled across some singles in Virgin’s Oxford street store that looked like something from another planet.
    They were cajun records on the Swallow and Jinn labels. I had no idea what they sounded like or who the artists were so I bought a couple on spec.
    The second one I bought was the Louisiana Aces original version of the Back Door ( featuring our Doris) and I was hooked.
    It’s wilder than the take above.Play loud !

  10. Pleasant set and maybe it’s for want of a glass or two before I listen but the only one really floated my boat was the Emilene Michel. GF has struck a chord with me once again. No surprise there.

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