Tunes Of The Month – April

M.Ward, Great Lake Swimmers, Maps & Atlases, Cowboy Junkies, Black Mountain, Moonface & Sinai, Unsane, Killing Joke, Pinkunoizu, Yann Tiersen, oOoOO & Butterclock, Chromatics, New Build, Mirroring, Bersarin Quartett.

4 thoughts on “Tunes Of The Month – April

  1. Crikey, the months go by fast…

    Enjoyed almost everything here, and a nicely sequenced playlist. Starts of with some very dependable Americanans (thought M.Ward sounded like a Leonard Cohen song), then gets weirder, but in a good way, then nicely ambient.

    Mirroring was a highlight for me, along with Moonface & Sinai – which must be another Spencer Krug project, right?

    • It is indeed Mr Wolf Rubdown (no hiding that voice is there?). Thanks for listening – good month for new stuff.

  2. I didn’t bother getting the last Joke album as I’d given it a listen on youtube and it didn’t grab me, a bit Joke by numbers. I’ve given most of this one a listen and like the sound of it. It sounds as if Youth has got his hands on the production this time round.

    • Liked the last one. This one is probably the most produced & restrained since Democracy – probably due to Youth’s hand at the controls.

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