Phat Tinny says Get Down, Get Funky this summer


The Village Voice’s Maura Johnston is one of those non-flashy music writers who lets her opinions do her talking, so when she says one of these 7 songs is destined to be THE summer anthem of 2012, listen up.

With titles like Let’s Go, Lemme See and Best Song Everrr, you can be sure they won’t overburden the intellect. But summer songs aren’t supposed to, are they?

Shall we pick our favorite? (Write-in candidates allowed)

12 thoughts on “Phat Tinny says Get Down, Get Funky this summer

  1. Hm, all a bit poppers o’clock for me, but the Santigold is the closest to listenable. No “L.E.S. Artistes” but more interesting than the others.

    • On the bright side for you, a couple of those haven’t been released yet and a couple others are just out so you can go around sounding knowledgeable and hip for awhile*

      * minutes, probably. Days, maybe. Weeks, nah

  2. Has to be Carley Rae Jepsen or Usher – probably Carly as it has that Selina Gomez vibe to it. All quite ghastly, imho.

  3. Best Song Everr was genuinely fun and well executed, and I’m glad I’ve heard it. Don’t think I need to listen to it again though.

    Skipped no.2 after a couple of minutes.

    Santigold I liked quite a lot in an MIA kind of way.

    Autotuned out of track 4, then skipped after the chorus.

    Track 5 wasn’t bad.

    If I were a 13-year-old girl, I’d probably think Kay was one of the sickest things everr. I am not a 13-year-old girl. Fair play though, this was good pop attitude.

    Track 7. No no no. Irritating, despite the ravey synths.

    Thanks for reminding me why I don’t listen to Radio One any more.

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