Bye For Now ! ! ! Ja Mata Ne ! ! !

I am going home for the month of May! ! !  So I will not be around for a while.  But I will be back in summer to bother you all again  some more ! ! !

My home Island is Miyakojima which is the largest Island in the Miyako Group of Islands  which is between Taiwan and Okinawa main Island.   It is really the most beautiful place in the world.  The coral reefs are fantastic for scuba diving and beaches are offcially recognised as the best in Japan (actually I think they are best in the world).  But of course for me, my family and friends are the biggest attraction ! ! !

Of course I know you will all miss my YUI nominations so I thought I would leave you one last one before I leave ! ! !

Feel My Soul was written by YUI as a homage to her home town and the people she had to leave behind  to follow her dreams and become a singer songwriter.

These days I seem to be playing it a lot ! ! !

So …Ja Mata Ne ! ! ! 

YUI Feel My Soul

27 thoughts on “Bye For Now ! ! ! Ja Mata Ne ! ! !

    • They do have internet ! ! ! (and electricity and all the modern things 🙂 )

      I will look in from time to time but I hope to be too busy to post anything ! ! !

      Thank you for your kind words – I will miss you all to ! ! !

  1. I get the impression that your ‘default setting’ is to enjoy life, Sakura, so I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time back home. We will all really miss your enthusiastic posts ! ! !
    I hope pairubu doesn’t pine away in your absence. I’m sure he’ll find it hard without you around to play with ! ! !

    • I will definitely try and get the Old Hipster to play RR with us ! ! !

      I loved the song ! ! !

      Thank you SR ! ! !

  2. It’s absolutely pointless saying “Have fun” as that’s a given with you. All that’s left to do is send you off with this:

  3. Sakura! Have a lovely time – we shall certainly miss you but hope to see you back again after your holiday!

  4. I’ve missed you, haven’t I? Damn it! Have a fab trip, Sakura! Don’t be too much of a stranger… We will miss you! x

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