Spill Challenge # 34872395 – Music Junkies!

I first heard this on a mixtape my friend gave me back in the early ‘90’s which was made up of downtempo underground tunes (hip-hop, trip-hop, flip-flops etc.) that had completely passed me by as looking after a 3 year old girl with very little moolah to buy records will do that to you.

Also how do you go into a shop to try & explain how this sounds (“it sounds a bit like Horace Silver but with vibes and has a flute that rests so sweetly on the guitar, percussion, drums & bass …”), previous experience had told me that this would more than not be a futile exercise (N. Hornby’s High Fidelity sprung to mind).

From then on any jazz records I bought was in the hope that this tune would start seeping out of the speakers unexpectedly, but all to no avail and as time passes it occasionally pops into your head until …

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon I was listening to Gilles Peterson’s show, now on 6 Music,  in the kitchen whilst preparing dinner for La Famille (a mild korma to go with my wife’s homemade garlic naan if you want to know) when I heard THAT intro and then felt the indescribable joy that is the essence of being a music junkie which is best described and to paraphrase Nile Rodgers, “I can’t kick this feeling when it hits”.

Question : Do you have a similar scenario – brilliant tune, no idea of who or what but by happy accident found it however long it took? Is there something you have that you would like to know who it’s by? 


Hyperinflation hits Argentina: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y out costly

New peso coin specifications; Argentina, 1974

In 1974, Argentina came out with a new peso coin (the peso leya).

It was 2mm thick, weighed 5 g, and was made of aluminum-bronze. It was generally described as round, and had a narrower rim than the 1976 peso coin. In addition, the sun on the 1976 peso coin was larger than on the 1974 peso coin. The edge was milled. Lettering on the coin read: REPUBLIC ARGENTINA on one side and 1 PESO on the other.

This was a period of high inflation in Argentina. It took 11.90 pesos to buy one American dollar at the start of the year, and by February it had jumped to an exchange rate of 12.30 pesos. There was little change in March, but in April it jumped to 13.30 pesos. By the end of May it took 14.40 pesos to purchase one American dollar. There was again only a modest increase for one month, but by the end of July the exchange rate was 16.60 pesos to one American dollar. In August the exchange rate increased to 17.55 pesos per American dollar. By the end of September the exchnage rate was 18.70 pesos, and by the end of October it had risen to 20.05 pesos. November saw a minor increase to 20.90 pesos, and by the end of December you would need 22.00 Argentinian pesos to purchase $1US.

Meanwhile, also in early 1974,  in the UK  Les McKeown was hastily re-recording lead vocals on the Bay City Rollers’ forthcoming single, “Remember (Sha La La La)”. It was the break the Edinburgh pop/rock/pop rock/bubblegum pop/glam rock quintet needed as it became a sizable hit and a lead-in to a series of UK chart hits.

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Genesis Of The Eurozone: Another Snake Metaphor

In a first attempt to introduce some stability to their currencies in relation to the US dollar, the six member states of the European Economic Community (West Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) agreed, at a meeting in Basel 40 years ago today, to create a currency exchange rate system.  It became known as the ‘snake in the tunnel’: the ‘snake’ being the various intra-European exchange rates and the ‘tunnel’ being the limitations created by the dollar’s exchange rate with them. Continue reading

Coming Soon – The He Said – She Said – Battle Of The Sexes ! ! !

Hi everyone ! ! !

This Thursday Mr P and I are finally going to resolve who has the best taste in Japanese Music ! ! !

To celebrate the end of our first joint series, we are going to have a special edition of He Said – She Said where we will each present three tracks and then we will ask you to vote for who has the best selection ! ! !

We have picked some really great tracks so I am sure it will be difficult for you (but I am confident I will win)

We hope you will enjoy the post and vote in the poll at the end.  The Battle starts on Thursday! ! !

Get ready Mr P –  This is war ! ! ! 

Earworms – 23rd April

Godrevy Lighthouse from Gwithian, Cornwall, New Year's Day 2012 (painted 02/02/12). Oil on canvas. With added mosaic effect around the edges.

Mercedes Peon – O Mar
Maki has been introducing you all in the intrincacies of all things Flamenco, but Spain is a very diverse country and its folklore has many other, very different things to offer. The song’s about a woman who’s lost her man, a percebeiro (a barnacle picker, a very, very dangerous job), taken by the high tides while he was working. Peon is usually more adventurous when it comes to stretching the limits of Galician, celtic-flavoured folk, but in a more traditional framework, as O Mar proves, she really shines.

Please The Trees – Lost Mind
Can’t quite put my finger on what i like so much about this reflection on unrequited love by these Czech indie / alt rockers, but it could be the guitar hook.  Spill points if you can pinpoint exactly who they remind me of… I can’t quite.

Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit – You’re Only Lonely
Classic Rock bands find it easy (if too often cheesy) to slow down to [power] ballad pace: even Motorhead are at it these days. Over recent years, what’s fascinated me more is typically gentle artists choosing to wig-out. With the sound-tsunami climax to this song, Micah P. Hinson nailed it.

Maria del Mar Bonet – Vigila El Mar
María del Mar Bonet has tried her hand at more modern stuff but her real forte is traditional Balearic folk. This song, sung in Mallorquín, is a fine example. She has a beautiful voice and was one of the leading figures in La Nova Canço along with Joan Manuel Serrat and others.
Mrs. Maki

Madredeus-O Mar (The Sea)
The Portuguese have an illustrious seafaring past; here, Lisbon fado-folkers Madredeus allow themelves to become obsessed by the hypnotic prescence of the sea itself. The song has a certain melancholy beauty that recalls a mood I have often encountered at the shore.

Panda Bear – Last Night At The Jetty
I don’t always get Animal Collective or Panda Bear, their drummer’s solo project. But occasionally they coalesce into moments of pop perfection. This song is an example – summery, catchy, yet somehow achingly sad – not so much sounding like the Beach Boys as actually becoming the spirit of Brian Wilson.

Please send any earworms that you care to share, along with a (short) blurb for each one, to earworm@tincanland.com.  Thank you!

Die Alte Graupfeifenprüfung?

Beat-Club was a TV music program that ran from September 1965 to December 1972, broadcast from Bremen, in what was then West Germany. Many UK and US acts, and Kraftwerk, performed on it and a fair number of clips from the show – including performances from the likes of Alice Cooper, King Crimson, ELP, Deep Purple, The Doors, Canned Heat, BB King, Jethro Tull, Cream and The Who – can be found here.
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iDunce: iNeed iPhone iHelp

OK, so I finally succumbed and took a bite from the Apple: got myself an iPhone4S. But it’s taken me less than a week to realise I haven’t got a scooby how to do anything on it, apart from play Yahtzee on a free download app that’s now annoying the shit out of me by causing the phone to beep incoming messages that turn out to be unwanted ads at all hours of the night.

My friendly-neighbourhood T-Mobile store bloke took pity on me and got my 1200+ Contacts transferred, and I have somewhat decluttered the homescreen, but that’s about as far as I’ve got.
It turns out I need two new email addresses, three new accounts, and Gawd knows what else. What the hell’s the difference between an iCloud account, an Apple ID and an iTunes Sign-in anyway??

I can’t get the Snooze right on the alarm; I can’t import my own wallpaper; I can’t pick a ringtone from my own music … I haven’t even dare TRY the camera yet!

The iPhone won’t talk to my [temporary] Bluetooth carphone thingy, or to the Parrot kit in Julie’s car at all.

A 7-year-old had to show me how to put it on silent when we were at the Beeb last weekend, FFS! I have gratefully received the tip that applications never close, but merely hide and continue to run unseen unless you expose and close them, and I’ve committed how to do that to memory, but I’d never have found that on my own in a million years!

The User Guide is now paperless, i.e. I have to access it on the phone, which by definition means I’m not in the function I want to learn how to use, and by the time I’ve stumbled back to the right place, I’ve invariably forgotten how to do what I wanted in the first place.

It would therefore appear I don’t have any Apple-logic grey matter in my hurting head. So gimme some tips here, iPhone users. I’ll take and try whatever you’ve got that you think I’ll find useful.

In particular, I want my ringtone back. How do I get UFO’s Only You Can Rock Me to play as calls come in without having to buy again a song I already own about a dozen times?