Coming Soon – The He Said – She Said – Battle Of The Sexes ! ! !

Hi everyone ! ! !

This Thursday Mr P and I are finally going to resolve who has the best taste in Japanese Music ! ! !

To celebrate the end of our first joint series, we are going to have a special edition of He Said – She Said where we will each present three tracks and then we will ask you to vote for who has the best selection ! ! !

We have picked some really great tracks so I am sure it will be difficult for you (but I am confident I will win)

We hope you will enjoy the post and vote in the poll at the end.  The Battle starts on Thursday! ! !

Get ready Mr P –  This is war ! ! ! 

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The He Said – She Said – Battle Of The Sexes ! ! !

  1. The music in this series isn’t my kinda thing, but I’ve admired how you two have pulled this off. Obviously you set out to share music you love but it turned into much more than that because of the amusing and entertaining banter. Its easy to imagine you two co-hosting a TV or radio show on his or doing a column in a magazine – the standard really has been that high.

    I honestly think this and the flamenco series rank with the best music journalism on the web. You’ve done the Spill proud.

    Now go on you kids, get outta here before you make an old man weep. Not me, lol, that guy over there ———–> Feeding pigeons in the park, at his age. pfft. And those clothes? Who wears check slacks off the golf course?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words.
      We enjoy doing these posts so much and, of course, I am happy to be helping Sakura improve her English too ( I like to throw in new words for her now and again. “Grotty” “Scrofulous” that kind of thing).
      SOWC managed to get the phrase “Face like a slapped arse” into the Japanese vocab. I’m working on “Stitched up like a kipper” and “A right how’s yer father and no mistake”.

      • And Prepare to taste the bitter cucumbers of defeat? We’re going to hear that used by a Japanese athlete at the Olympics this summer, I just know it.

    • Thank you very much Tinny ! ! !

      We really have had so much fun doing the series and we definitely want to do more and we are trying to think of different ideas ! ! !

      Also I have learnt so much while doing them, not just weird English expression that I am sure Mr P invents but also many of the bands were new to me also.

      Thank you once again for your very kind words ! ! !

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