iDunce: iNeed iPhone iHelp

OK, so I finally succumbed and took a bite from the Apple: got myself an iPhone4S. But it’s taken me less than a week to realise I haven’t got a scooby how to do anything on it, apart from play Yahtzee on a free download app that’s now annoying the shit out of me by causing the phone to beep incoming messages that turn out to be unwanted ads at all hours of the night.

My friendly-neighbourhood T-Mobile store bloke took pity on me and got my 1200+ Contacts transferred, and I have somewhat decluttered the homescreen, but that’s about as far as I’ve got.
It turns out I need two new email addresses, three new accounts, and Gawd knows what else. What the hell’s the difference between an iCloud account, an Apple ID and an iTunes Sign-in anyway??

I can’t get the Snooze right on the alarm; I can’t import my own wallpaper; I can’t pick a ringtone from my own music … I haven’t even dare TRY the camera yet!

The iPhone won’t talk to my [temporary] Bluetooth carphone thingy, or to the Parrot kit in Julie’s car at all.

A 7-year-old had to show me how to put it on silent when we were at the Beeb last weekend, FFS! I have gratefully received the tip that applications never close, but merely hide and continue to run unseen unless you expose and close them, and I’ve committed how to do that to memory, but I’d never have found that on my own in a million years!

The User Guide is now paperless, i.e. I have to access it on the phone, which by definition means I’m not in the function I want to learn how to use, and by the time I’ve stumbled back to the right place, I’ve invariably forgotten how to do what I wanted in the first place.

It would therefore appear I don’t have any Apple-logic grey matter in my hurting head. So gimme some tips here, iPhone users. I’ll take and try whatever you’ve got that you think I’ll find useful.

In particular, I want my ringtone back. How do I get UFO’s Only You Can Rock Me to play as calls come in without having to buy again a song I already own about a dozen times?

17 thoughts on “iDunce: iNeed iPhone iHelp

        I’ve got an AAC file version of the song’s intro riff made, but can’t seem to access the file in a way to change it’s file-type suffix from .m4a to .m4r.
        How the hell do I find that? It ain’t in *right-click*-Properties, which I expected, nor anywhere else I can find.
        What am I doing wrong anyone?

      • HA-HA! Oh thank you, Google and Internet Forums.
        Found out how to make file extensions visible, and think I’ve done it.
        Off upstairs to phone myself to check!!!!!!

  1. Here’s how to load custom wallpapers:

    As far as I know I-Tunes ID & Apple ID are the same thing. I-Cloud is an option to back-up your phone instead of your PC (careful – you only get limited storage for free. Plenty for contacts & calendars but not large mp3 libraries).

    Would suggest loading the latest version of i-Tunes & if you use Safari as a web browser it will sync & save all your favourites with the phone.

    Any hard questions, turn on Siri & ask her.

  2. DsD –

    The only iThing i have so far is an iMac. But that doesn’t stop me from making some part of my living pimping out iCrap – cases and apps and media the like. And looking to develop some iShit in the future. Anyhoo, if you’re looking for anything in particular in terms of apps and whatnot, let me know, i may be able to find it for you.

      • Thanks, Amy. As I get a little more au fait with the phone, I suspect I’ll begin to realize what I want that I can’t find.

      • Couple more hints for you, as i’m coincidentally actually working on this now.

        Before you download apps –

        – Some “free” or “lite” apps aren’t ultimately free. Any of Apple’s apps should be fine. But some are crapped up with ads, so you’ll have to pay more to get rid of them. Some are free, but add-ons cost money. That also goes for paid apps too. Some are a good way to test out an app before you spring for an upgrade or better version.

        – As GF said, before you spring for an app, read reviews. Especially for the more expensive apps. Both on the iTunes site and google online. It can be mind-boggling when you see all of the apps available in the iTunes store. Some apps you see popping up on the “best” apps reviews again and again are probably a good bet.

        – Make sure you download the right version of an app. Some apps have a few different versions – free or lite, upgrades, HD for iPad or iPad only.

        Here is your totally mind-boggling selection of apps in the UK – so don’t despair, or go apeshit downloading. Problem with the app store is that the search function is pretty much crap. Best to google the sort of apps you’re looking for and read reviews.

  3. Get a subscription to Macworld, check ’em online, lots of helpful info there. I’t’s where I go for anything Mac related.

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