New Frida!

I discovered Swedish songstress Frida Hyvonen thanks to the Festive ‘Spill in 2009, and have been just-this-side-of-a-restraining-order obsessed since. She’s finally back after a long hiatus with an unlikely 80s-disco sound (wait! come back!). This is disco where hunters are shooting at bears in the forest in the dark depths of a Scandinavian winter. It’s really rather wonderful. Probably not to all tastes, but I defy you not to be singing along by the end.

The new album was out in Scandinavia last week, but doesn’t seem to have a UK release date yet, even digitally. Grrr. So I’ll just post one old song instead:

3 thoughts on “New Frida!

  1. Big eurodisco chorus and style. It’s retro-Swedish pop with an indie twist. I like. Donds for Once I was a Serene Teenaged Child.. A good female coming of age song.

    Damn I’ve remembered I should’ve posted Jenny Wilson’s “Love and Youth and “Summertime, the Roughest Time”.

  2. I hear that too. Self Control is one of those songs you hear regularly on commercial radio stations in Finland and I imagine Sweden would be the same.


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