dodgy e-mail


DsD and Tin have had messages from the shanewantsbeer e-mail I use on the ‘spill this morning 3/4/2012 – they are not sent from me – be warned!

get rid of them and don’t open.

34 thoughts on “dodgy e-mail

  1. I got it too and started to open it, but then realised and closed down the link before it had opened properly…….hope I’m not infected!

    • Panther – keep a VERY close eye on your sent folder. When this happened to me a couple of months back, one of the actions the little bugger set off was emailing everyone in my address book.

      • Thanks for the tip DsD, I hadn’t even considered that. Luckily I don’t have too many friends to inconvenience !

  2. get rid of them and don’t open.

    So treat it like regular mail from you then. ba doom bah

    (The one I got was also addressed to GF, Marconius, Japanther & Shiv but no other RRers)

    • ha bloody ha!

      it’s odd – I got some messages to myself (that kind of sends me crazier) on my other e-mails too.. can’t see a connection to who it’s picked.

      cheers for letting me know.

  3. I also got ANOTHER at the same time from exodus‘ email address. I don’t have his mobile number to let him know. If someone else has, can they warn him too please?

  4. There seems to be a lot of this about at the moment; I’ve had some dodgy-looking emails from nilpferd, while Mrs Abahachi had to have her Hotmail account purged earlier in the week. She, it must be said, is entirely capable of clicking on dubious-looking links without a second thought…

  5. I got something from Ian Marsh this morning in Hotmail who is completely unknown to me, yet popped into my Inbox as opposed to my Junk box. Don’t know if there is any connection.

    • That was me, Tempusfugit. I got spammed yesterday, disguised as an e-mail from an old pal (nothing to do with RR or the Spill). It seems to have copied itself to every address in that account. Apologies to all. It doesn’t seem to have done anything malignant except replicate itself.

    • I sent an e-mail headed:
      “DELETE this E-mail and any others that were sent today from me”. DON”T OPEN.

      just to give those like GF a clue this was happening…
      Ian Marsh has replied with the same heading.

      don’t open that either – delete.

      now what do I do to purge this yahoo e-mail account?

  6. there’s more spam and junk turning up allegedly from me and now Marsh Ian – re jigging exodus’ ian marsh one (maki says it’s empty mail with a dodgy link-very annoying)

  7. I’ve had no spam or junk from anyone, but I did get Ian Marsh’ warning. My account (Nilpferd2 at yahoo) sent off a batch to about 20 people including Aba and, I think, GF, but it seemed like a one-off- I changed my password almost immediately after it started and that seemed to prevent any other junk being sent.

    Still, please disregard any mails from nilpferd which don’t have a subject.

    Obligatory music clip- mainly for Shane and Shoey- new DJ Food Deep Space remix of The The’s Giant, with new Matt Johnson vocal.

      • Not all my cup of tea.. the stuff off the One man’s wierd is another man’s world EP is good… and I love the The The remix.. but some of the rest isn’t so great, for my tastes… definitely listen to it before buying.

    • enjoyed that nilpferd –
      haven’t got around to listening to the DJ Food album yet..

      (I’ve cleaned out the yahoo mail and changed passwords so hopefully it’ll calm down – but makes me glad I have different e-mail accounts for different things – keeps stuff like this contained)

      • Be interested to hear your opinion of Search Engine.. I’m still looking for the great new Ninja Tunes release, it’s been a year or two…

      • makes me glad I have different e-mail accounts for different things

        Smartest thing I’ve heard in donkey’s years. I have a 5-deep hierarchy of emails and logins I use to register for things depending on how secure it appears. If RR gets breached, I’m not going to lose my banking, for instance. If Band A’s free download gets breached, they won’t be able to log into RR and nominate themselves 🙂

        Not a bad idea to use different browsers for different things too. I use three. One is banking only. One is for pornBACKSPACEgeneral searches. Etc.

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