Earworms – 30th April

“Well, that’s another guitarist gone.”

Patrick Duff – Refrigerator
This is not, in my opinion, Patrick Duff’s (formerly of Strangelove) finest moment, but it is quite catchy, I think you’ll agree. Come on RR, do white goods as a topic, it’s a shoo-in.

The Stranglers – Boom Boom
Still getting my head and ears round the new offering from what has to be my favourite group. This is the one I keep coming back to and I suppose that makes it an earworm. No relation to a far better known track of the same name but no-one owns copyright on onomatopoeia, I suppose. Besides, I love the idea of the Guildford Stranglers having a vocalist with a strong North Eastern accent.

The Moving Sidewalks – Joe Blues
This is probably the best thing that the Moving Sidewalks or ZZ Top ever did, and they did some pretty good stuff.  For me, it’s as way up there as blues-rock chill-out songs go.    

Retribution Gospel Choir – Maharisha
From the latest by the fabulously misnamed Low side project ( Alan Sparhawk, Steve Garrington and sometimes Mimi Parker). It isn’t gospel, there isn’t a choir (this time) and it’s not a full-time band. It’s poppy, it’s loud, and it rocks (a la Grand Funk, complete with cow bell!). Maybe this is retribution for Low’s subdued, moody pieces, but I like them too.

Mice – Pyjamadrama
In which the estimable Julianne Regan seems to be planning a sleepover with Roxy Music. Just as a friend. Hey, there’s chocolate cake involved – and who could resist that voice?

Mike Heron – Feast of Stephen
Wrong time of year, I know, but this came on the ‘Pod the other day and I just could not work out what it was. The intro is very Southern Accents, but I knew it wasn’t that, and then there were drums and all sorts. The structure’s kind of Roy Orbison, in that it doesn’t follow a conventional form, and it builds to a climax – but that’s followed by the chanting, which goes on and on till it gets all hypnotic. Turns out it’s got John Cale playing most of the instruments, and it’s from Mike Heron’s post-ISB solo album Smiling Men With Bad Reputations. Packs quite a wallop.

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Updated dropbox: Now let someone view without a download

A Dropbox update makes it easier to share direct links to files inside your Dropbox folders without using your Public folder.

The new system allows you to “Get Link” by right clicking on any file or folder in Dropbox. Send the link so the recipient can view the photo, watch a video or read a document in their browser – no download required.

The feature should be live in the Dropbox webapp, mobile apps, and desktop client right now. (via Lifehacker. Also, dropbox vs Google Drive vs …)

Down In The Park

Invaders Of The Heart – Bungalow Park / What The Problem Is
Ween – Buckingham Green
Ral Partha Vogelbacher – CDB National Park
Durutti Column – People’s Pleasure Park
And Also The Trees – Jewel Park
Clientele – Walking In The Park
Ian McCulloch – Sliding

Us3 – Sittin’ On My Park Bench
Chumbawumba – The Wizard Of Menlo Park
John Foxx – Plaza
Get Well Soon – Christmas In Adventure Parks
Todd Snider – Keep Off The Grass
Robert Wyatt – On The Town Square


It’s happened again I’m afraid, so some of you will be getting/will have got phishing e-mails purporting to be from me. Apologies to all & as far as Yahoo Mail is concerned, in the words of UB40 ‘If it happens again I’m leaving’.

Trouble Ahead? Trouble Behind!

For reasons I won’t explain here, my series of posts following the dates of the Grateful Dead’s 1972 European tour has ended on this site.

For any of you wishing to continue my pseudo-historical journey, the remaining dates will be remembered HERE, starting today.

All are very welcome.

There will be something new there (ir)regularly until at least May 26th.

He Said – She Said ~ The Battle Of The Sexes – Mr P and Ms S go head to head ! ! !

Make ten steps...Then turn and fire ! ! !

She Says:

I am going home for most of the month of May so this will be our last post of a while but before we take our break we are going to have a battle of the sexes.  Which one of us has the best taste in Asian Music ? ? ?  And we would like you vote for the one you like the most in the poll at the end of the post.

Whatever . . .. .

He says:

Hello ladies ( and gentlemen). We have decided this week to battle it out, musically, in a rip snortin’ “Battle of the sexes”. Who has the better taste in music ? Is it the beautiful, charming and fragrant Sakura or brutally ugly, virulent and pustulous me ? ( Correct answer is “me” , obviously, I had to make Sakura promise not to sulk when she lost. Women, eh ?). We’ve chosen three songs each that represent different aspects of the gender divide. A “fast” song, a “slow and smoochy” song and a “wild card”. Furthermore and notwithstanding you get to vote in a poll at the end to show how much better my taste is !! How cool is that ?

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