wizz 2

from Boney M to Crass possibly not to the ‘spill collectives taste.

1 I Got Gone (ft. Sage Francis) Buddy Wakefield
2 Mashin’ On The Motorway DJ Shadow
3 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Uminski
4 Bad Ass Micky Finn & Aphrodite
5 Witness (1 Hope) (Slugabed Remix) Roots Manuva
6 Fast Cars Aesop Rock
7 Hurry Up Garry Crass

1 The Race Yello
2 Fast Lane Husky Rescue
3 Nothing But Green Lights Tom Vek
4 Speed Bike (Bad Mojo Remix) (feat. C.Monts) Tvyks
5 Nightflight To Venus Boney M.
6 Stolen Car The Manhattan Love Suicides
7 Speedway The Prodigy

8 thoughts on “wizz 2

  1. Lucky I don’t have ‘Spill collective taste..
    DJ shadow hits the spot..
    Yello cool in a Mission Impossible way..
    Boney M not bad, though I prefer Dexter Wansel’s spaceflight disco.

    I was thinking about DJ Shadow’s “run for your life” from his latest (otherwise disappointing) album, which takes a big sample from What I Say as played by Miles Davis’ band at the Cellar Door in 1970.. though the original is so much better, so I’m just wallowing in the box set instead.

    • I was beaten to DJ Shadow on RR (and not by you) – shocker. I haven’t really got into the latest either.

      I think a RUN/Running theme would be good – I left out lots – like Running two from Run Lola Run.

      I think Shoey mentioned The Race is already zedded – I only know the odd thing about Dexter Wansel – don’t know that – shall have a look and listen.

      cheers for popping in…

  2. Life on Mars is the classic Wansel space trip.

    There was also a (probably Boney M inspired) German nu-jazz group called VIsit Venus on Groove Attack who did some nice chillout.. Music for space tourism.. nothing to do with speed obviously. Here’s the obligatory Jazzanova remix.

  3. Just want to say that’s a couple of great lists. I hadn’t seen that you’d already mentioned 2 Bit Thugs’ remix on your reply to SpottedRichard on the procrastination list. Glad to see you put The Sugarcubes on that first list as well. Cheerio.

  4. I am going to dond my top five. My dond lists are getting ridiculously large and unmanageable, I must cut back somehow! But I really liked so many of them.

    Bumper – Cults
    I Got Gone – Buddy Wakefield feat Francis Sage
    Mashing On The Motorway – DJ Shadow
    Speedway – The Prodigy
    The Race – Yello

    Great job in getting these posts up so fast, shane.

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