The star of a story- Heatwave and Vijay Iyer

Fantastic cover version of a seventies disco classic by Heatwave, off the new Vijay Iyer album. Iyer’s trio retains the romance of the theme, but introduces an off-kilter focus which resolves into a storming riff.

Here’s the dreamily perfect original for comparison.

11 thoughts on “The star of a story- Heatwave and Vijay Iyer

  1. I bought Accelerando a couple of days ago and I’m really enjoying listening to it. Seems to gel with my mood at the moment. Particularly fond of their interpretation of Flying Lotus’ MmmHmm.

  2. Thanks Anon!
    It’s a fine cover, indeed.
    Interesting to compare it with a parallel release on ACT, Michael Wollny’s [em].. they do a version of Kraftwerk’s Das Modell/The model.

    the original..

  3. Ooo,that’s a wonderfully open and energizing track with a tidy full stop. Just what I needed to get me through the packing I’m doing and the packing I’m supposed to be doing. Moving home, city and country next weekend. I just missed out on tickets to see Michael Wollny (Jazzwise to the Power of 15 Ronnie Scott’s) when I was last over in London. Hopefully I’ll be quicker off the starting blocks next time around. Apols for not signing my first comment, I seem to forget to do that on here. lr

  4. Cheers, LR! Best of luck with the move.
    Thinking about the wealth of recent electro/jazz cover versions I suppose you’re familiar with the Christian Prommer jazz trio reworkings of techno classics… a favourite album of mine from a couple of years ago…

    the original..

  5. If you are sharing jazz interpretations, here’s one I like from Francesco Tristano

    of the Rhythm Is Rhythm tune ‘Strings Of Life’

    • It’s a great version.. I think I did a Francesco Tristano post on The Spill at some stage… he must be due for a new release soon.
      Christian Prommer also did Strings of life… a nice latin tinged trio version.

  6. I’ve never heard Christian Prommer’s cover of Plastic Dreams before. Thank you for sharing that nilpferd, it’s fabulous. I listened to it while watching a clip of the Lumiere Brothers film of Loie Fuller performing The Serpentine Dance. It made for a captivating combination. lr

    ps. I hope you don’t mind me saying that I really appreciate your taste in music and your ability to discuss and describe it in such an articulate and original manner. À bientôt.

  7. Connected to the Flying Lotus tune earlier, here’s a piece from Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s ‘Suite For Ma Dukes’ orchestrations of the work from late hip-hop producer J Dilla :

    & the original :

    I feel that M A-F has a touch of the Gil Evans about him …

    • Wow, that’s an amazing piece of music! I’d never heard it, but I’ll definitely investigate further. The bass clarinet and the subtle way the rhythm picks up are extraordinary. You’re right about Evans I think, something about the timbre and the slightly trembling tension between bass instruments and the brass/woodwinds. Maybe a slight nod to Jaco- the second part in particular reminds me of Pastorius’ arranging on Word of Mouth.

      Carrying on the orchestral tributes to funk/hip hop classics here’s Vince Mendoza with the Metropole orchestra and Weather Report’s Nubian Sundance.


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