Post-Rock Playlist

I may have mentioned that this was the sort of stuff i have been listening to these days. Set off thanks to Mnemonic, Shoey, Sakura, Panther, etc. It’s part of a project i’m working on, but the added benefit is that as i’m smacked in the work mode lately and in the forseeable future, i can also listen to it while i’m working. This is huge.

This stuff is obviously pretty new to me. Another nice thing about this sort of music is that when you leave out the lyrics, it’s generally a pretty international genre. Artists on this list hail from Mexico, the US, Russia, Poland, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Iceland, and Japan. But genre pedants can have at it. Seen artists on here called post rock, post classical, indie, ambient, electronica, and maybe someone in Japan can explain to me what Math Rock is, as the Japanese artists on here are also tagged as such.

Bit of a saminess to the songs on this list, sort of by design. No lyrics (save one song). Tried to avoid crescendos (for project purposes). A bit pretty. Open to any info from those who know much more than i do.

1. The Polar Dream – Endless Tales
2. When The Clouds – November Song
3. A Winged Victory For the Sullen – A Symphony Pathetique
4. Dustin O’Halloran – Snow + Light
5. Sleep Dealer – Muted
6. So Quiet – Tonight

7. Air – Alone in Kyoto
8. Parachutes – Where Were You?
9. Euphoria – Fairytale Landscape
10.Organic Stereo – Alive
11.Aesthesys – Dreams Are Only Real As Long As They Last
12.Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine

35 thoughts on “Post-Rock Playlist

  1. Ooh, a rare Fuel playlist. Great idea, as the RR format is not very friendly to instrumentals. Looking forward to a listen – particularly the ones I don’t know.

      • Sorry amy I didn’t realise it was a butchered version, here’s the full thing :

        [audio src="" /]

      • Is that from the triple CD set? It’s well worth getting. Did you ever hear the collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” Billy? I really didn’t like it even though I rate both artist(s) on their own.

      • Mnem – it is & it is well worth getting. Have you heard the Exploding Star Orchestra which I think is an offshoot of Tortoise

      • No, I haven’t heard the offshoot. I’ll look out for it.

        Amy, have you investigated Godspeed You! Black Emperor yet? I think you might like them too.

  2. Your Hand In Mine sends shudders down my spine – pleasant AND otherwise. It was the soundtrack to the week I spent to’n’fro-ing when DsMam was in hospital with pneumonia.

    And any excuse to point you at one of my post-rock faves:

    • I’ve heard the name before (probably on here) but haven’t come across their stuff on my own. Will look around for more of it now, thanks.

  3. Just listened to the first set, amy. Pleasantly relaxing but it’s quite easy to drift away from listening. It’s a difficult trick to keep the listener’s attention when playing very little: A Symphony Pathetique definitely felt stretched beyond breaking point.
    Dustin O’Halloran’s ‘Snow + Light’, however, I found very moving. In a melancholy mood, it could easily provoke tears.

    I don’t understand the concept of ‘post-rock’. These evoke Mazzy Star, The Beta Band and Sparklehorse.

    • I know exactly what you mean about drifting away from listening. Probably why i can listen to it while working, and continuing to be able to work. If i’m listening to music while doing nothing else (rare these days), it would be more along the lines of my usual fare that needs a bit more engagement.

      Dustin O’Halloran is also a member of A Winged Victory for the Sullen, interesting that you had such opposite reactions to both of them. His solo work is what i’ve seen called “post classical” as opposed to “post rock”.

      But i’m as lost on the genre definitions as you are really. Wikipedia gives this for post rock.

      Some of it drifts rather closely to New Age.

  4. The best definition of post rock I’ve heard is bands that use rock instruments in a non-traditional way. Think you can trace it all the way back to some Velvet Underground and Krautrock, or later Public Image and Talk Talk (Spirit Of Eden).

    Math Rock is similar, but works in weird time signatures. Battles are a good example. John Cage & Steve Reich are big influences as are some proggers like King Crimson.

    The styles seem to have proliferated in recent years and a lot of it sounds a bit samey, so it gets trickier to find the good stuff.

  5. Yeah, definitely an issue. As i said, i’m new to this, and trying to find myself some sort of framework to discern what seems to be genuinely pretty good stuff, and what seems to be wank. Probably be a few years till i get there maybe. Then again it all comes down to personal taste, like most stuff.

  6. Nice playlist Amy, and quite a lot I didn’t know.

    There are lots of lots of piano and violins and stuff in post-rock, which is cool…but just not enough saxophone!

    Here’s a track that I pulled off my shelf last week and literally LOL’ed at the song title that I had completely forgotten about (the Karate Kid-inspired band name is pretty good too!)! Oh…and the night I saw this lot live was one of the drunkest(? most drunk?) I’ve ever been, which I’m not especially proud of…I had a job interview the next day….I got the job……….unfortunately!

    Sweep the Leg Johnny – “Sometimes My Balls Feel Like Tits”

    You could call this maths rock I suppose…….

  7. A Fuel playlist. Nah! This is better than the stuff I nom. But I will suggest Siinai and Sink. Both Bands are Finnish. In fact, I’ll recommend a lot of stuff from Svart records, which releases stuff in a similar vein.



    Svart records. Their vinyl releases are things of beauty. Even the NWOBHM stuff like Legend.

  8. Having a lovely morning listening to the first slection.

    You should really check out Richard Skelton


    Leyland Kirby / The Caretaker

    I also like RiLF from Japan

    Lots of chillwave-type stuff fits but there are maybe too many crescendos. Try Gold Panda and work from there.

    • Fuel –

      I’m sorry, serves me right for not checking my email yesterday – this post somehow got tagged for approval needed. This sometimes happens when there are a lot of links in a post. Sorry for the delay – I have lots of new posts on here to listen to now!

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