Earworms – 12th March – *Earworms-100*

All of the songs in this week's list are represented in this rather garish picture. Spill points will be available for spotting them and bonus points for noting which one is represented via the artist's name rather than the song title.

This, fellow ‘Spillers, is the officially designated* Earworms-100. It is the 100th Earworms post to be categorised as “Earworms” (there were a few posts that were put into this category that were not yer actual, bona fide, official Earworm playlist posts). It is the 100th Earworms post since Earworms became known as Earworms (instead of “Earworms of the Week” or “S&M”, which stood for “Spill and Music”).

*Unilaterally, by me, if you must know.

On with the show…

Burl Ives – The Ugly Bug Ball
When it comes to music I can “do” serious and I can “do” fun, I prefer fun. Come on, crawl.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – 100 Days, 100 Nights
I was in need of ‘100’ titles for a playlist, so a-googlin’ I did go and my very favourite track of all those thrown at me turned out to be this one: I love the voice, I love the arrangement, I love the sentiment! I can’t believe I’d never heard of Sharon Jones before (I rather suspect I’ve not been paying enough attention on here), who just has to be a contender for the Aretha of her generation.

The Kamikaze Hearts – No One Called You a Failure
Fell in love at first listen with this harmony and mandolin drenched tune by these sadly now-defunct upstate NY porch rockers.

Bob Dylan – Blind Willie McTell
Desperate, haunting and unforgettable; for me, the greatest song he’s ever written.

Silly Sisters – The Grey Funnel Line
Well, I think it’s special. Silly Sisters (aka June Tabor and Maddy Prior) and “The Grey Funnel Line”. Probably a bit marmite but the old folkies will be happy!

Emeline Michel and Kali – Haiti cherie
Emeline is from Haiti and Kali is from Martinique, both are among my favorites from the non-Jamaican Caribbean. This is the first time I’ve heard them sing together. Kali plays the banjo and also leads his own group.

Finally, we have a late addition to this weeks’ earworms; I’m told that it’s something of a “scoop”.

Dan Coyle – Back Around (DEMO ONLY)
There’s so many singer-songwriters out there, it’s easy to dismiss the ones that don’t ”make it big”. This is a big-time song (a demo for an album) from a NYC journeyman, explained in his own words: “As a touring singer songwriter playing 100+ each year, I spend most of my time traveling; which is great for music, but can be very difficult on friends, families, and loved ones. It often feels like I’m constantly leaving someone behind. This song is about that. It’s about reassuring someone that you will be back, and giving them a few ways to remember you while you’re gone.” 

Here’s to the next 100 earworm posts…
Please send  your submissions to earworm@tincanland.com.  Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Earworms – 12th March – *Earworms-100*

    • Well, all I can say is “Wow!” What a way to celebrate our centenary! This are all, without exception, ace! In haste now, but will try and comment at greater length later.

  1. Congrats on being 100!
    Burl Ives. I respected his politics, but this was from some crap Disney film and, er, sorry. Not for me.
    Sharon Jones. Superb! Loved it.
    Kamikaze Hearts. Very pleasant to listen to.
    Bob Dylan. I will hear nothing bad said about Mr. Dylan. Great.
    Silly Sisters. Pleasant enough. Sort of folk I can take in small doses. Nice.
    Emeline Michel & Kali. Very nice sound. I liked this track.
    Dan Coyle. Yes, good sound – good track – good singer.
    Pick of the week? Sharon Jones and the great Bobbo.

    Next case…..

  2. After the Burl Ives, a nice varied list. Often with earworms you can decide after one or two listens if a song is for you. These required multiple listens; thanx for that.

  3. All about the voice and harmonies for me this week. Stand outs were…..

    Kamikaze Hearts Like AmyLee, I loved this from the off.

    Silly Sisters I’m not a lover of Folksy/Shanty songs (memories of guys on stage with roll neck jumpers, each with a hand over one ear and trying to evoke what they think is the original sound). However, these two put real harmonies together and produce something special.

    Emeline Michel and Kali Like this a a lot. Got to find out more about these two.

    Dan Coyle This is the best thing I have heard for a while. I love the line “Sketch me how you see me and you know that I’ll become the life in front of you”. wonderful writing.

    All in all a terrific set………….

  4. Burl Ives – reminds me of Sunday mornings when I was a kid. Along with “The Little White Bull” and “Would You Like To Swing On A Star”. With the cat asleep on top of the radio and my dad on a rare sortie to the kitchen, frying bread to go with a cooked breakfast. All fried in dripping and with plenty of salt on the bread. It was good at the time!

    Sharon Jones – Debbie, I love this. What a voice!

    Kamikaze Hearts – My favourite this week. The vocal reminds me of Seals and Crofts or even The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Will seek out some more.

    Bob Dylan – not a big Dylan fan but this is him at his best.

    Silly Sisters – mine – love the harmonies, love the song – and it’s in a key I can actually sing.

    Emeline Michel & Kali – Hi GF! Nice to see you. And a superb song.

    Dan Coyle – very mellow. Reminded me of Carus Thompson (Australian) – not so much for the sound as for the sentiment, when I saw him last year he sang a song for his wife and family, many miles away. Here’s a link of you’re interested, though I can’t recall what the song was called: http://www.myspace.com/carusthompson/music/songs/grow-to-overthrow-45221146

  5. For me it’s a dead heat between Debby(M)’s super soul, super sound of ‘the hardest working woman in show business’ Sharon Jones & her Dap Kings (saw them last week & they were brilliant) & Michel & Kali – a welcome return GF!

  6. First listen – love the Bob Dylan and the Sharon Jones – she’s new to me too and I want to go see her. Much enjoyed Burl Ives and the Silly Sisters. Need to replay a few times to take on board the other three.

  7. Ah.
    Um, sorry, folks, I don’t seem to be in a very receptive mood to these, so will withdraw gracefully.
    My bad, as they say …

  8. Congratulations on 100 earworms ! ! !

    I have listened and really enjoyed the playlist. Just now I do not have time to comment on each song, but I was pleasantly surprised by Bob Dylan . . .

    A really great playlist ! ! !

  9. I *heart* The Ugly Bug Ball – some days you just have to cha cha with some outlandish strings and horns and some funky organ and flute. And Burl Ives has a very pleasing voice. I’m crawling, crawling.

    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Gorgeous gospel voice. Fabulous

    The Kamikazee Hearts – Loved the guitar and melody, not so keen on the voice.

    Bob Dylan – Absolutely pure and haunting. Lovely, lovely song.

    Emeline Michel & Kali – liked it very much. Great beat as well.

    Silly Sisters was nice. As was Dan Coyle. Both very mellow and captivating.

  10. Pairubu can “do” serious? Who knew? This is fun. I have happy childhood memories of listening to cassettes of Burl Ives singing such like – along with “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and “I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly”. Very comforting. Not sure I’d really choose to listen to it as a grown-up (chronologically anyway) but lots of fun.

    Are Sharon Jones et al something to do with Mark Ronson? I like this. Very authentic sounding. I kind of took against her a while back because I heard her note-for-note copy of Bettye LaVette’s version of “What Condition My Condition Is In”, but great voice, great arrangement.

    Kamikaze Hearts – what a lovely voice, what a lovely tone, what a lovely mood. Yes, can’t fault it. Gorgeous.

    I should probably know this Bob Dylan song already, shouldn’t I? It’s a bit slow/long for me (I’m terribly impatient…) and there’s something a bit inevitable about the tune, but yeah, I liked it.

    Bit dangerous to bandy around words like ‘definitive version’ with standards such as The Grey Funnel Line, but the Silly Sisters sound close with this version. Love it.

    Never heard of either Emeline or Kali but very happy to have heard them now. My favourite this week: like being hugged tight, held close and rocked gently by song. Thanks so much for coming back and sharing this, gf.

    Ooh, now Dan Coyle is running gf’s choice a close second. Maybe they’re even evens… This is exquisite. Still feeling cuddled. Yay.

    Thanks all – lovely selections. And thanks Zalamanda! And well done for working out the centenary. I wouldn’t have even thought to count up!

  11. Greetings Spillers and thank you all for the kind words. Sorry to be late to the party but my lifelong best friend died yesterday and I was not in a mood to be social, still not actually. Anyhow Tinny emailed me re. the 100th. aniversary and suggested that I might have something appropriate: I had several things lying on the desktop so I sent them to Zala and told her to pick one. Earworms was always my favorite feature so I was happy to participate.

  12. The Ugly Bug Ball is a lot of fun and I’ve always thought it a proper piece of music. Another tune from those Sherman brothers, uncredited on the credits of the film (Summer Magic) so a ‘Spill tribute to Robert.

    Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are certainly my kind of thing and it sounds good. I’velooked them up and they did indeed back Amy Winehouse, and worked for Mark Ronson, but I prefer the production on this to his.

    Kamikaze Hearts I liked a lot too, sweet harmonies and mandolins indeed. Though I don’t think the term “Porch Rock” translates very well, over here a porch is the apotheosis of middle class minor home improvement, rather than a place where the personal, social and cultural mingle in a cool way on a hot day.

    The Bob Dylan isn’t quite an ‘earworm’ in the catchy sense, but nothing wrong with that. The song deserves more attention than I can give by this time of the evening. I’ll have another go.

    I’d heard of The Silly Sisters work together but haven’t heard so much, they harmonise beautifully I think, lovely.

    Emeline Michel & Kali – welcome back GF, and condelences from me too. Very sad to lose any good friend, let alone the best one. No doubt there are memories to treasure and I hope they help a little. As for the tune, it’s the best and I like what Bish says about it. The rhythm is gentle but it rocks fiercely – makes me think of Dandy Livingstone in that regard, different rhythm pattern but has that deceptive sweetness over an irresisitble beat.

    I like Dan Coyle’s lyrics and I can see why he’s kept the tune low-key to let the words come through. Not quite for me at first listen but good to hear it and I’ll try again.

    Thanks Zala and all.

  13. I like to read through the comments while the songs play & it was appropriate that Sharon Jones was on when I read GF’s sad news. I’ve 2 lifelong friends of now 60 years and the thought of losing them stings to the bone. Sometimes only the blues will do. Still when Dyaln’s turn at the blues came it made me so melancholy I near reached for the pause button. Glad I soldiered through ’cause GF’s pick was down right life affirming and Tinnie’s selection was remarkable. Here’s a glass of Alpine spring ale raised to you all.

  14. Haven’t had any time to listen to these – work computer still lacking in sound – but wanted to join in the celebrations, and to thank the various custodians of the Earworms over the last few years.

  15. Just popped back Zala and noticed none of us spotted the chance to grab Spill Points!

    Belatedly, and just for the fun of it:

    Bugs – Ugly Bug Ball
    100 (Monopoly 100 Dollar Bills) Days and Nights (Blue Wallpaper) -100 Days 100 Nights
    Can’t get the next one (No One Called You A Failure) but there are flying hearts (Kamikaze Hearts!)
    Picture of BWM – Blind Willie Mc Tell
    Ocean Liner – Grey Funnel Line
    Map of (what looks like) Haiti and a Cherry – Haiti Cherie
    Dan Coyle Ticket (extra points!) – Dan Coyle

    Which leaves the stage, dang it! Must be a Shakespearean thing.

    • The stage is, I’m afraid, a red herring – merely a way of pulling it all together.

      I couldn’t think of a way to illustrate “No One Called You a failure”, so that’s where the flying heart came in; it doesn’t look quite as kamikaze as I’d intended, but it’s there.

      But you’ve got ’em all – 100 spill points for SpottedRichard!

      By the way, did you count the suns & moons? There should be 100 of each…

      • Blinking Nora – 100 Spill Points! For Aniversary I imagine. I think I had managed to accumulate an impressive 11 in the last 11 months so that’s HUGE! Thanks, Zala!

        I had forgot to comment on the earcentennary. I will next week then.

        No – i didn’t count the suns and moons. Can’t count that high.

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