Bluegrass Covers

I’ve probably mentioned once or 10 times that i’m not a huge country music fan. But bluegrass is exempt, don’t know if that’s due to the musicianship involved, or to the celtic / folk roots. Anyhoo, another tangent from sidebar surfing – bluegrass covers of tunes form other genres. They don’t always work, but the ones that do work work a lot better than you might expect. The ones that don’t are basically a wedding band rendition, and the ones that do are an entire re-imagining of the song. Here’s a few of my faves, feel free to add any of your own you may find.

The first one here is the one that set me off on the surf – (first posted by gunnison on our yankee politics spill blog)

11 thoughts on “Bluegrass Covers

    • I actually prfeer the top right, probably because it does look like a school book from the 1970s! It is intriguing, with all those different types of map. I like the other two but the picture of the man in the mac is a bit old-fashioned – it would be better if the person did not look so 1950s (putting even the 1970s textbook to shame!). Maybe it could even be a woman.I do think that all three are a bit “fussy”, though, I think they could come up with something a bit cleaner and more modern in design. But – they are all nice, I am just nitpicking.

  1. I really liked the post and all the tracks ! ! !

    Walk Like an Egyptian was fantastic ! ! !

    I like this version of Video Killed the Radio Stars

    (there is quite long story line in the start of the vid and the music starts at one minute)

    Handsome Hank And His Lonesome Boys – Video Killed The Radio Stars

  2. The All Along the Watchtower cover is from a series called Pickin On, which does albums of covers of various artists. That one is from Pickin on Hendrix, but none of he others i listened to from that batch did much for me.

    There is a 2-volume Pickin on the Grateful Dead series, but the handful i listened to sounded pretty anemic to me. In fact, i ended up just listening to a half hour of the Dead to scrub the covers from my brain.

    The Bluegrass did an album of Killers covers. I didn’t like the cover of Somebody Told Me much, but i can’t stop listening to Mr. Brightside above.

    Lots of bluegrass covers of metal tunes, but the ones that i listened to sounded like wedding / karoke covers.

  3. This can’t quite match the original, but it’s not darn-tootin’ bad…

    The Del McCoury Band, covering 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Saw them supporting Nanci Griffiths a few years ago.

    • I saw them on the UK tour they did with Steve Earle after they recorded The Mountain LP together. I enjoyed the evening – DsMam hated it.

      • Ah well, she had an evening out and the opportunity to see if she liked it…. Talking of D’sMam, BeltwayBandit has nominated Oh Julie for Welsh songs and we await with bated breath….

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