Teen Totty

This is a throwback to a thread by Amylee several months ago – I promised you teen totty, and here you have it! This is TheBoyWonder with his band The Box, playing at an open-air festival in Hamburg last August when they were all still 15. No-one has ever found time to edit this video, which is why the boys didn’t want it posted – they’re really not too happy with the quality – but they’ve now put it up on their facebook page after all, so I reckon it’s OK to post it here. Many thanks to Bish and Shoey, who were awarded a preview and commented favourably on this in advance (albeit with the advice to get it edited).

As Proud Mother I feel duty-bound to say that the lads come over much better live than in this clip!

9 thoughts on “Teen Totty

    • Thank you, tfd! Yes, that is one of Sam’s songs, but Robin-on-keyboards writes songs too. They only play their own stuff (and are available for school proms, bar mitzvahs and nascent record labels)…

    • It is really good, he has a lovely voice too. I have to draw the line at totty though, just too young. I’m not that perverted. TY’s son is legal at least.

  1. Thought for a while you had triplets there 😉

    Very engaging voice, that is TheBoyWonder on vocals isn’t it? Good luck to them!

    My teen in one of his teen bands that are ancient history now he’s 21, they were talking about reforming just the other week! (he’s guitar in white T shirt.

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