3 thoughts on “What do you do when your guitar is on strike? Learn to pick it

  1. Hmmm…I’m afraid this comes across, to me, more as a plug for the chaps on-screen, tinny. If you already play a guitar you’ve probably messed around with the low drone idea for a few hours/days/weeks (and, if you’re my age, you probably started off doing that when you tried to play Paint It Black). But if you’re a novice, it doesn’t really explain much about the scales that you can use (apart from naming a couple).

    But thanks for the thought….

  2. Out of my area of expertise. The one above is the first in a series and I didn’t watch it. I just wanted to link to the beginning of the series.

    The one I saw from today’s twitter link seem fairly good. It was just him explaining a lick he’d written.

    Hopefully it’ll be of use to someone, anyway.

  3. The song it plays out with would’ve done for this week’s RR:

    You know that life,
    It’s a merry-go-round, it’s a ride.
    It speeds up and slows down and it’s free.
    But you only get to ride it once

    Oh well.

    Thanks, tinny – but I’m one of Chris’ novices so it didn’t do a lot for me. (I have only just discovered that Refugee is in a chromatic-minor scale with a minor tonic. But that doesn’t mean I can play it.) Plus I was offended by the “sorry, ladies” caption.

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