Earworms – 6th February

This, dear ‘Spillers, is the 100th post to be categorised as “Earworms”.

It is not the 100th Earworms post.That was five weeks ago. Oops.

However, because of the complicated way in which these things occur, the official Earworms-100 has been designated as “The 100th Earworms post to have been categorised as Earworms.” This post will appear – all being well – in 5 weeks time!

Do you have any extra special earworms that you’ve been hanging on to? Do you have any “ordinary” earworms (no earworm is truly ordinary; if it was, it wouldn’t be an earworm, would it?) that you’ve been meaning to send but haven’t got around to doing so?

Earworms-100 needs you! Yes, YOU! (Especially you at the back. What do you mean you’ve never sent an earworm in before?) Please send your submissions to the address at the bottom of the post.

Anyway. As you were. Story time.

Lee Ann Womack – Time For Me To Go
A sweet country ballad from a gal with a sweet voice, who first came to my attention the night I heard on the radio that “Lady Diana” had died (as they announced it in Texas). Nice bit of mandolin in there.

Mecano – Aire
A hangover song. I dreamt one night my tummy button came undone and I deflated like a balloon. I tried to make sure in my new element – as the air that fizzed out of me- I would only be breathed by the right people. Nacho Cano was a fine composer with a wild imagination. You have to admire his pop sensibilities, however and, what’s more, Ana Torroja’s ability to sing the lyrics he wrote without a hint of irony. A beautiful song that works despite its pretentious lyrics and captivates both those that understand them and those that don’t, mainly for the voice that deserved (and occasionally got) better at times.
Mrs Maki

Tigran Hamasyan – A Fable
Heard this today on the Gilles Peterson show from September, a beguiling solo piano piece that goes with the season. Window-gazing music.

R Dean Taylor – Gotta See Jane
I’ve long been a fan of R Dean’s “There’s A Ghost In My House”, so imagine my excitement to come across this somewhat similar Motown curio. I love the sound effects, the slow build, the fact that he sounds like he’s singing outside at the start…

Labi Siffre – I Got The Blues
You know him for Something Inside So Strong and probably know Madness covered his It Must Be Love. This is probably the next port-of-call if you were journeying further into his music. He’s largely knocked the music on the head now and concentrates on poetry of which I prefer the relationship stuff to the politics, but in all forms he’s a courageous artist, and slightly undervalued British treasure.

Vetiver – You May Be Blue
Something about the chugging rhythm and dreamy sound gets stuck in my head like a little jumping record and it goes around and around forever. Catchy.

Please send your earworms to earworm@tincanland.com along with a short description. Thank you!

34 thoughts on “Earworms – 6th February

  1. A pleasant group of worms this week! Enjoyed both the Lee Ann Womack and Mecano, but probably wouldn’t seek out more. Loved the Tigran Hamasyan piano piece. Will probably give another listen or look for more later today. R Dean Taylor was a catchy little bugger, loved that one too. Labi Siffre was great, kept knocking me for a loop as it changed throughout the song. I liked the Vetiver but it was a bit drony for me.

    Thanks to all and to Zala!

  2. Yeah, I get ‘file not found’ too, but can hear the other two via the specific links. Lee Ann is possibly a bit too sweet for my tastes but very listenable. Likewise the Mecano. The piano was far too classy for trashy lil’ me, but I did enjoy it. Like Amy, I may need to give it another listen later – it’s not quite what I’d term an ‘earworm’ but I think repeated listenings may pay pleasurable dividends. Or something.

    I think the Labi Siffre was my favourite this week. In my drama-school showcase for agents and casting directors, we were made to give a teeth-grindingly awful group performance of “Something Inside So Strong” (“I know that I can make it” – SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?!? ARGHHHH!), complete with power grabs (or as I like to call them in homage to the That, “fists of pure emotion”), etc. Something (not terribly strong) inside me died that day. Needless to say, this has rather ruined the song for me. But I love this loose groove of this track.

    The Vetiver has a lovely sound but it didn’t quite grab me as a song. If you know what I mean! But like the piano choon, I think I may need to give this one time…

    Thanks all – and Zalamanda!

  3. Anyone else loving the original paintings idea?

    Me too. Nice idea zala (and nice piece. I found myself looking at it for quite some time thinking about possible storylines and having stray warm thoughts)


    Earworm length Zala is probably too nice to say anything, but time has shown us that earworm appreciation starts dropping rapidly as the writeups pass 50 words. Things like artist background and how you found the song are better added as comments as people discuss the song. We’re approaching 50 words in this paragraph and you;re beginning to zone out, aren’t you?

  4. I’m confused… The 100th Earworms post appeared five weeks ago, this is the 100th post to be categorised as Earworms, and in another five weeks’ time we’re going to get another post entitled “The 100th Earworms post to have been categorised as Earworms”, which won’t actually be the 100th post in either sense? Or, the 100th Earworms post appeared five weeks ago, and this *is* “The 100th Earworms post to have been categorised as Earworms” which, five weeks ago, was scheduled to appear in five weeks’ time, i.e. today? This is one of those alternative timeline wormhole things, isn’t it?

  5. I’m not sure why I sent Lee Ann Womack in really… not terribly special is it?

    I adore Mecano. It’s just fabulous.

    Tigran Hamasyan. It’s a lovely piece of music for a wet afternoon and, yes, windowgazing. It’s a winter piece, for me.

    R Dean Taylor. I am familiar with this. I do like it, but there’s something vaguely disconnected emotionally somehow… I find the strings a little overpowering – a bit too Truly, Madly, Deeply.

    Labi Siffre. Ooh. Totally floating my funky canoo and hitting all my buttons. Love it.

    Vetevier. Very catchy, indeed. The guitar lick is similar to The Turtles’ Happy Together – nothing wrong with that. It’s so bouncy and relaxing at the same time. Great. The perfect pick me up. This is is my earworm of the week.

    Love the pic, Zala. Great job.

    • Lee Ann Womack was Zaladaughter’s favourite. It’s not often she comments on the music I play (she is only 5), so I’m glad that you sent it in purely for that reason! She said it was very sad, but she thought it sounded very nice. I rather liked it, too.

    • very glad that you liked the Vetiver track spottedrich, I will have to check out that Turtles song and the ones other people have mentioned. Vetiver often sound like they are singing songs that already exist, even when they’re new, but somehow that doesn’t diminish the appeal for me.

  6. Another nice set of tracks this week Zala. Liked all of them but the stand outs were Labi Siffre and Vetiver, which will be going straight onto a ‘favourites’ playlist a.s.a.p.

  7. Lee Ann Womack – sweet voice, pretty song.

    Mecano – I lasted up to the voice – sorry.

    Tigran Hamasyan – Yep, I really like this. Just going to play it again …

    R Dean Taylor – cor, I’d forgotten this one. Quite like it. Bish, this has to stop before I start dancing around my handbag.

    Labi Siffre – great voice, not so keen on the arrangement. I remember “It Must Be Love” – i.e. his version, not the Madness one!

    Vetiver – reminded me of Canned Heat’s “On the Road Again” mixed in with “Do Bad Things With You”. Nice. Definite and severe Earworm.

    Tigran Hamasyan or Vetvier for me this week, I think.

  8. I am working away from home this week so I do not have so much time to comment as I would like, but I listened to them all last night and I really enjoyed them all and I thought it is a really nice playlist ! ! !

    I love the Zala original paintings also ! ! ! They are really great ! ! !

    Here are my quick thoughts about the tracks.

    Lee Ann Womack. She has a lovely voice that really made me want to listen more.

    Mecano – Aire. I really liked this track very much the opening is so romantic and mysterious and I loved her sort of breathless delivery, it felt like she was whispering and was very intimate.

    Tigran Hamasyan – A Fable. This was a discovery for me. I loved the almost classical piano style in places and I also felt it was mysterious like a story told in a language you only half understand.

    R Dean Taylor – Gotta See Jane. I liked this very much. It is very dramatic and I liked the vocals, they sound really like a 1980’s track particularly at the beginning. But it is so short ! ! ! I felt like the story was unfinished, which is maybe what he wanted ! ! !

    Labi Siffre – I Got The Blues. This is a great soul track and he has a really wonderful voice. This is actually the first track I heard from him. I do not think he is known in Japan at all, I will ask my dad if he knows him, because he really likes soul music and knows a lot about it. I will definitely try and listen to more ! ! !

    Vetiver – You May Be Blue. This has an almost spooky feeling to it which I found very interesting. Like the Macano track I felt he was telling me a secrete somehow.

    I really enjoyed the play list and it now on my Ipod ! ! !

    I will see if I can think of a track for the 100 edition of Earworms ! ! ! It is so great we have such a nice anniversary to look forward to ! ! !

    You have made a great play list Zala ! ! ! And well done everyone for nominating such great and interesting tracks ! ! !

  9. Lovely painting Zala, is there a suggestion of astral travel there? It reminds me of Marc Chagall somehow. A very interesting selection also (thank you for picking me!).

    I’m afraid I am allergic to country so the first track doesn’t do it for me, similarly I loved the instrumental intro to Mecano, but the vocal wasn’t my cup of tea.

    AlBahooky, that description of the Tigran Hamasyan piece is perfect, lovely for that activity, I like it.

    I’d never knowingly listened to Labi Siffre before, but I will again, the strings and the bass and the voice are all tickling my fancy, thanks for introducing his music to me May1366!

    I’m so happy that some people liked the Vetiver track, it still reels me in every time, one of those must put that on again tracks, despite its relative simplicity.

  10. Well, I liked all of them (either my tastes are what they call “catholic” or l am just plain indiscriminate). And all of them were new to me, whic is always fun.

    As I noted above, my young daughter took a special liking to Lee Ann Womack, which I think coloured my appreciation of the track. She does (naturally) have excellent tatste; this is a very pretty track, with a sad inevitability to the decision that the character is making.

    The Mecano track stood out for me even before I sought out a translation of the lyrics. It’s a very odd tale; she turns into a breath of air, leaving her lover sleeping; her reluctance to leave echoes Lee Ann’s.

    Tigran Hamasyan provides us with an instrumental break in which to consider this curious turn of events. Meanwhile, AlBahooky is gazing out of the window through which the Mecano character exited. This is a gorgeous piece of music, athough it seems that I don’t have the sort of head that gentle, clsssical/jazz instrumentals stick in. However much I enjoy them.

    So, Jane has gone. Her lover, whom we shall call R Dean Taylor for now, misses her. Maybe she left a note on the pillow, for he seems to know where he is going. He’s gotta see her! (Bit tricky if she’s turned into air, mind. Maybe she didn’t mention that.) I loved this track. It’s so insistent, so persistent, and so very dramatic.

    R Dean desparately needs to see Jane. Labbi Siffre is separated from his love, too, but his is a confident song – he is going to see her (I think it’s Jane; as R Dean gives way to Labbi, he mellows fom his initial rush). And when he does, his blues will desert him. In the meantime, he doesn’t mind being blue; I suppose it’s a delicious sort of anticpation. This is such a warmly soulful track that it almost seems a shame not to leave the story there.

    But R Dean / Labbi isn’t going to end up with the girl. Vetiver will have the last word, on Jane’s behalf (yes, I know it’s a chap singing, but let’s just say that he’s vocalising her thoughts or something. I expect it’s difficult to make yourself heard when you’re air). But wow. I just love the languid beat on this. You may be blue, they say, but you darken my day. So (s)he is still leaving, right?


    • It was great fun trying to make a story out of these songs – finding the links between the songs, working out a progression. It was such a strange tale – and not a little convoluted – that there was no way to illustrate it using photographs of stuff that was lying around the house, so I painted a picture of stuff that was lying around my head instead.

      Incidentally, if anyone would like the original of that image, it’ll be free to a good home (I have too many paintings).

  11. Oh, this is a very interesting collection – not sure I’m quite convinced by the linking story, Zalamanda!

    Time For Me To Go: boy, I just eat this up with a spoon. I love Lee Ann’s voice and this is a great song. Sob.

    Aire: I really liked the beginning, but once the orchestra came in I went off it a bit. Nice though – pity the audience can’t sing!

    A Fable: agree with previous commenters that this would never be an earworm for me, but I found it very pleasant to listen to.

    Gotta See Jane: goodness, I’d forgotten all about this, Bish, so thanks – but I’m afraid it pales for me beside the mighty Indiana Wants Me.

    I Got The Blues: I didn’t think I was going to like this, May, probably because I’ve heard the other two of his you mention far too many times – but I did. I liked it a lot, but did find myself losing interest towards the end a bit. It’s my butterfly mind you know.

    You May Be Blue: I’m sure you’ve posted something by Vetiver before that I liked, Beth; and I certainly do like this, especially the drums as you say. Thanks!

    • Goodness, Indiana Wants Me is one of those songs that have sort of always been in the background of my psyche (a bit like Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”), but I had no idea it was by R Dean Taylor! So different from this and “There’s A Ghost…”. It is indeed mighty.

      • I only know “There’s A Ghost In My House” (which is BRILLIANT) because I got sucked into the short-lived, mid-90s Northern Soul revival. Not that Northern Soul really went away for those who ‘kept the faith’. As I say, dunno how I know “Indiana Wants Me” (and didn’t know it was him) – osmosis via Magic FM?!

      • @Zala I’d never even heard of R Dean Talyor before, but I have heard covers of “There’s a Ghost in My House”, but had no idea who it was by. I apologise for my lack of knowledge.

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