Davy Jones RIP

I can’t admit to ever being a fan of The Monkees but I used to watch it fairly regularly, nonetheless. Corny and as contrived as f**k, but great fun. I suppose Davy’s accent made it more than just an American show, somehow.

And they did have some good tunes (although I’m not sure that had much to do with Davy). But sad to see another part of (my) musical history disappear. He was only 66.

I came across this curio a while ago. Goes to show, you don’t ever know.


Sidebar Surfing

I know some of us have talked about getting out of musical ruts this year. Pairubu had taken an Asian detour, and posted a thread awhile ago about what surprised us musically last year. Fintan has taken a sabbatical to listen to new stuff. I’m listening to ambient / electronica for a project, way out of my genre of preference / comfort zone. Still trying to figure out how to separate wheat from chaff on that one. Try to check in with Indie blogs when i can, but never really seem to have the time.

Sidebar surfing on youtube is where i seem to find new stuff. Ratio is probably 1:20. But still some neat stuff. Painkiller above is apparently a jazz /grindcore type outfit with saxophonist John Zorn (sounds familiar). Anyway Panther might like it, i kind of do. Stumbled on a clutch of some kind of weird stoner doom metal with names like Alabama Thunderpussy, Stoner Train, Atomic Bitchwax, Stoned Jesus, Belzebong, Purple Overdose, Weedeater…no, don’t bother. But wait – yes ! ! ! Spliff Riff ! ! ! Dedication folks, takes dedication, and your patience will be rewarded.

So, anyone found anything interesting sidebar surfing? Or on the likes of Amazon recommends? Clue us in.

Hot & Steamy in The Deep Dark Woods

Yeah, that’s two coffees and a tea you see being supped in a Manchester City Centre pub by the Tins and my rather pasty-looking self. Incongruous, you say? Um, probably not, actually … or at least, no more odd than some of the other memories I came away with from The Castle Hotel last week.

In the credit column were racking up another miniSocial and chinwagging with old friends; meeting our charming and erudite Resident Deadhead; enjoying a single rather delightful pint of porter before reverting to driver’s drinks; and getting to see a very good band I’ve been listening to A LOT recently. On the debit side, getting ripped off for on-street parking even in the evening; being oven-baked in one of the most inappropriate rooms I’ve ever had the misfortune to see a band in; and finding a dent in my car roof after the event (good job the dealer I’m trading it to next week missed that on inspection!). I really don’t like Manchester – you can tell, can’t you?

But anyhoo, The Deep Dark Woods.
Despite observations from some of the others that their music may be a little one-paced and samey, I’m really warming to this band. Ryan Boldt has a voice that commands my attention – he can do wistful or gothic, melancholy or menacing – and from even a low-rise stage, a physical prescence to go with it. The seam of Americana the band mine is one they can trade with me anytime.

When I get the chance, I’m going to listen to Tinny’s linked interview, but in the meantime, here’s just one of the highlights from the album the band are currently tour-promoting.

Fake Old Vocal Jazz: “Dreams All Faded Away”

I suspect that this was enormous fun to record, and it’s a shame that the project it was recorded for isn’t going to see the light of day.

“Julianne Regan and Jean-Marc Lederman in an old jazz tune (courtesy of public domain jazz band ‘Ambassadors” song) with Noel Coward inspired lyrics.

This was done as theme for a webserie that will, unfortunately, not see the light of day.”

It was a cold and stormy night. The woods were deep and dark. Somewhere in the distance, a lone beaver howled

ddw social

This is chris7572,  tincanman, alimunday, Darcey’sDad. and gordonimmel at The Castle Hotel in Manchester after seeing The Deep Dark Woods last Monday.

 Photo by Mrs Tin

(Someone was going to post this last week, but I’m not one to point fingers at the tallest person in the above photo so shall remain shtum.)

Earworms – 27th February

The Witches of Elswick – Bring Us a Barrel
The ladies go a capella boozing. I love that you can hear their accents, and they certainly sound like they are having fun. This always reminds me – in spirit – of the scenes involving Falstaff and young Hal in the hostelry in Shakespeare’s Henry IV part 1.

Rykarda Parasol – Drinking Song
From my 2011 album of the year, ‘For Blood and Wine’, this has a touch of Siouxsie-Sioux-meets-Patti-Smith about it. Many more dark and mysterious lyrics on the album, but I know nothing about Ms. Parasol and am hoping someone (Fintan maybe?) can enlighten me…

Queen – Sheer Heart Attack
Proto-thrash metal? Freddie’s gauntlet-throwing response to the punk explosion?? A one-chord throwaway demo/jam promoted to full release to hide a dearth of new ideas??? No idea which of these theories (if any) is true, but by ‘eck I still love the rush this gives me!

Atari Teenage Riot – Sick To Death
The reformation of ATR this year has had me listening back to old 12″s. I bought this when it came out in 1997 and thought it was the most extreme and just plain best thing I had ever heard. It still sounds pretty full-on 15 years later! (Aficionados of underground 70s punk – that’s you Wyngatecarpenter! – may recognise the appropriation from the Users.)

YUI – Never say die
YUI is my all time favourite singer songwriter but she does do a lot of pop rock type tracks as well as the typical acoustic guitar singer song writer stuff.  This is such a positive track and as soon as I hear it I want to start to dance ! ! !  It was released in 2009 as a double A side with “It’s All Too Much” and was her 5th consecutive number 1 single.
Hoshino Sakura

Warren Zevon – Don’t Let Us Get Sick
Absent a lifelong phobia of doctors, Zevon’s cancer might have been caught before it was too late. He spent the year between diagnosis and death doing what a true artist would do – record a last album. It is a mightily poignant work from one often dismissed as lightweight because of his earlier wittier work.

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