deviants use digital

an image is worth a 1000 NME cover shots

1 The Polaroid Song Allo, Darlin’
2 Crutch Pinback
3 Your Charms Cinerama
4 Here For The World I Am Kloot
5 Lullabies Headlights
6 Real Tuesday Weld The Real Tuesday Weld
7 Like a Daydream Ride

1 Fat Kids In Photographs I Am Kloot
2 Million Young American Analog Set
3 Heavy Storm First Aid Kit
4 Photograph B For Butterfly
5 Nightwatch Laura Gibson
6 The Final Arrears Mull Historical Society
I tried to leave these out – but the playlist just kept on developing.

1 Shout Me Out TV On The Radio
2 A Man Inside My Mouth The Cure
3 Itchin’ On A Photograph Grouplove
4 An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Class Actress Remix) The One AM Radio
5 Camera De Rosa
6 Camera Pavement
7 I Am a Camera Golden Virgins
8 Personal Stars

13 thoughts on “deviants use digital

  1. Top post. You beat me to AAS (love that Stonesish riff) and FAK. Going to see them next week. The new album’s brilliant. Bought it too late to list “New Year’s Eve” – they have the best harmonies. My eldest asked if I was going to print the monster picture. “Does it have a name?” he asked. “Mr Deviant,” I replied.

  2. thanks DaddyPig.

    Fuel – First Aid Kit are getting some love around these parts I put a video to ‘a lions roar’ in Losers (“I’m a goddam fool but then so are you”) and shoey posted a Video to ‘King of the World’ in a thread not so long ago – but yep – I didn’t get the album in time for NYE either. Beautiful stuff.

    American Analog Set is understated brilliance.

    (don’t get your eldest to look too closely at the picture…. *whispers* mr.deviant is lying on his back being ummm entertained by a dominant Ms. Lust.)

  3. He doesn’t see Ms Lust as I do. He only sees a fight between monsters. Hopefully, he doesn’t find out what they are doing for a long while. But he does want to hear a story about Mr Deviant tonight. I’ll have to make him into an arch villain.

    I can imagine First Aid Kit becoming very popular on RR. They’ve got the songs that please a variety of tastes.

  4. Having some bandwidth trouble here, so the ‘Spill player isn’t an option right now (5 secs of play every 30). Was looking forward to a bit of Cinerama, too. Oh well, will check back when it gets sorted.

    • I’ve been listening to a lot of Wedding Pres style bands – and realise I don’t have much Cinerama – I should rectify that, I think.

      Hope the bandwidth troubles get sorted soon (is that different to – oh I’ll stop there before technicalities fry my brain).. cheers for photos (db) and hunters and collectors… my in car entertainment is getting filled for work tomorrow – jeez, I have to go to work, how rubbish is that?

      • Seems to be working now. That new Laura Gibson album is ace – she sounds a lot like that other Laura (actually, I think she’s slightly better – don’t tell Blimpy). Was toying with resurrecting AOTM as Tunes Of The Month, but apart from Laura G & First Aid Kit there’s not too much else tickling my fancy so far in 2012 – early days, so we’ll see.

      • I recommend …. Pepe Deluxé – ‘Queen Of The Wave’

        I’m not sure if it’s good but: UNKLE merge Jethro Tull with Music Boxes and Husky voiced damsels go Bond theme with Baggy drum patterns…..or something – it’s sure shattering the frozen cobwebs from the bitter January chill.

        I mean ‘The Storm’ starts Adam and the Ants then meets Liabach via the Avengers and 70’s horror TV themes – brill… I’m not even going to try some of the others – lets just say they put too much cheese with the mushrooms in the frozen north.

  5. Great stuff. Will definitely have to investigate First Aid Kit, which pressed most of my buttons (reminded me of Peggy Sue quite a bit). Also went to B for Butterfly’s MySpace page to listen to some more. Liked ‘Allo Darlin’ a lot too. I’m also becoming aware that there’s an I Am Kloot shaped hole in my musical knowledge.

    • barbryn – I linked to this in ‘This Is A Public Service Announcement’…:

      ∆ Alt-J has a soundcloud demo of the song ‘Matilda’ that can be downloaded free:

      (if it’s not you – you might like it)

      you really, really should investigate I AM KLOOT – shall sort you out a taster.

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