8 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Like This Song

  1. A couple of questions, after watching the video.

    1. Is “Dappy” really drawing some sort of analogy between Brian Jones and Amy Winehouse?

    2. What do Brian May & “Dappy” get from working together. Surely “Dappy” fans don’t know/care who May is/was and surely Queen fans aren’t gonna spend a penny on this track for the May solo?

    3. Did you notice how both May & “Dappy” were shot, so you couldn’t really get a fix on either of them?

    • I’m not the one to ask! I probably know less about “Dappy” than you do, as i’m not aware of N-Dubz making their way over to this side of the pond. To hazard a guess, what “Dappy” may hope to get out of it is a broader base. What Brian May gets out of it i can’t begin to fathom. But he does look pretty hazy in the video. I listened to the song three times so far, and i still like it. It must be time to eat a gun.

    • 1. No – the analogy is with himself and Winehouse – but as everyone knows those that ‘talk up’ living like a rock star and dying like a 27ers – usually are doing for the pose.

      2. Brian May likes money – he got paid. (like a banker – doesn’t need it, it’s greed innit?)

      3. yes – almost as if neither of them were in the same studio at the same time – did you fake Sherlocks death Mr.Director?

      (am I right?)

  2. I liked it ! ! !

    But I expected more from Brian May. I think if you are going to ask a total legend like him to collaborate (I can not somehow imagine HIM asking Dappy) then surely you should use more of him than just a bit at the end.

    Dragon Ash really merge rock and Hip Hop and rap very well. Maybe you will them also???

    Dragon Ash – Deep Impact

    • I agree about Brian, that was a crap solo. Like Blimpy said, any Queen fans aren’t going to spend money for it because of the solo, and if they did, they would be sorely disappointed!

    • The things that youtube throws up for recommendations. Don’t even know what made me click on it. No one could have been more shocked than i was that i liked it, it’s generally not my type of thing.

      I’ve clicked on some real horrors on there from people whose name i only heard from the Graun or Mail or whatever. Cher Lloyd, Cheryl Cole and other solo Girls Aloud, and even some of the n-dubz stuff wasn’t bad in comparison, at least the girl seems to be able to sing.

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