12 for 2012 No.11: Lower Dens

Lower Dens don’t only have a band name that’s lovely to say, they also have excellent song titles like “Two Cocks Waving Wildly At Each Other Across A Vast Open Space A Dark Icy Tundra” and a fine line in hypnotic vague-gaze.

**Edit** The 12 for 2012 is now available in a mostly complete Spotify playlist, including the mythical number 12 and bonus number 13!

6 thoughts on “12 for 2012 No.11: Lower Dens

  1. Ooh, looking like Blimpy’s going to complete a series after all. Good calls so far & apart from those noisey Men & Beth’s Jeans (had a Festive ‘Spill appearance, as I recall), all newtomes. Certainly a lot more interesting than the weekly dozen olde tyme gramaphone recordings served up on the place formerly (under different management) known as the Mothership.

  2. Thanks for listening guys, it’ll be interesting to compare the 12 to my end of year list. Hopes are high, and I have vowed to listen to more new music this year than I did in 2011.

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