Six Minutes A Month – February 1993

As we continue the tracking of the evolution of indie via the teenage lifeline of The Chart Show’s Indie Chart (on a 19 year delay system) we now reach the chart from the start of 1993. Thanks to Barbryn for prodding me to pick this one up. I should point out to newer readers that the six minutes a month refers to the amount of time alt/indie music had on terrestrial television at the time. Very few of us has MTV back then, we had four channels and the occasional hope that someone good would be on Top Of The Pops.

Ok, here are the salient points:

1. Huggy Bear – yep The Chart Show got the name of their EP (and song) wrong. But then since when was Riot Grrrrl spelt correctly?

2. Two bands here directly benefiting from Kurt Cobain patronage. On tour, Kurt used to love holding the bucket into which the large chap from Tad had to vomit nightly due to whatever bizarre physiological condition he was suffering. We know all about Shonen Knife. The few seconds of the song they play here sound pretty good, and yes there is moshing.

3. As we’ve covered Suede before, let’s look at Denim. Britpop seemed the right time for Laurence from Felt to launch his new thing and ride the zeitgeist to success, perhaps? Looking at this, may be he was a bit too arch, a bit too knowing, and a bit too clever (members of the Glitter Band?? Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep??!) for the mainstream, or indeed for his own boots. The recent documentary on him “Laurence of Belgravia” suggests, according to my film critic pal who has actually managed to see it, that there’s really not as much there as we hoped (not quite the reclusive genius he’s kidding himself he is perhaps), despite “Primitive Painters” being one of the best indie-pop songs ever written.

4. Superchunk!! This song is an alt. rock classic and I have it on 12″. Super awesome fun chunk.

5. Ditto the Sugar song, and Cornershop. Classics both.

6. Belly! OK, Belly were the big draw here. Nearly 20 years later, Belly’s songs haven’t endured so much as other stuff from the time (not to say I don’t like them, I just never seek them out) and I bloody loved Belly. I can only think that a part of this may have been down to the overpowering and ridiculous amount of hormones running round my 16 year old body. Thank god Elastica came along shortly.

So, towards whom were your hormones directed in early ’93?

13 thoughts on “Six Minutes A Month – February 1993

  1. Shamefully, I’ve never knowingly heard Denim (or Felt). I remember hearing the names (or more accurately, ‘Laurence from Felt/Denim’) being bandied about and thinking I ‘should’ like them, but they never actually crossed my musical radar. This was… alright. Aw, “Feed The Tree” though – great track.

    As for the hormone thing, weirdly I don’t think I’ve ever got into a band because I fancied the singer/guitarist/drummer, etc. That said, in around 1993, my uni flatmates and I cultivated an ‘ironic’ love of Take That (was that them disappearing as the Indie Chart intro kicked in?), which became dangerously real. I blame finals study-induced delirium. I have memories of practising the dance moves to “Pray” in our front room. Probably more than a little bit stoned. Happy days…

  2. Nice one blimpy. I’m off to see Cornershop on Friday in Easterhouse of all places – they’re playing as part of Celtic Connections for the princely sum of £12.50!

  3. I bloody loved Belly, too. But that was because I loved Throwing Muses: I’m a sucker for screwed-up female singers with almost-fragile voices against a background of guitars (see also, Lush, Heart Throbs etc).

    • As to the hormone thing, newly-divorced and 40 years old (when life used to begin), I’m sure young females held no attraction whatsoever for me in 1993…..

  4. Great stuff Blimps!

    Knew and loved all of those….except Denim, who i’ve always thought were completely overrated.

    Both the Sugar and Belly tracks were on the classic “Suddenly…..Loaded!” compilation album which I had on cassette, I nearly wore it out I listened to it so much, it captures that time and music so perfectly.

    the hormone thing…..erm, were Echobelly around in 1993?!

  5. Also bloody loved Belly, and still do when I return to them – there are some stone-cold classics on their first album particularly (this one, Gepetto, Slow Dog, Low Red Moon, Stay…). I was more than a bit in love with Tanya D too.

    I’ve also never really given Lawrence much attention, despite knowing I probably should – I vaguely remember this song. Liked the backing vocals in the chorus. Definitely a harbinger of Britpop.

    Now off to see if that Superchunk song is in YouTube – would like to hear that again.

  6. What’s interesting is how little clothes have changed, you could take almost anyone in these vids and plop them down in the middle of town today and they wouldn’t look out of place and yet it’s near 20 years ago !

  7. great selection – Lawrence obviously missed the vibe of indie snobs – who went ‘fuck off’ in droves it seems. Primitive Painters is genius though – but he needed listeners to say that, not himself, or the idiot inkies.

    Belly were ace –

    hormones in 93 you say – the photo on this sleeve did it for me:

    (or any year from ’87 when I first saw Sugarcubes to – well – when I met the Ms.)

  8. A good year. I remain entirely unmoved by anything Felt or Denim have ever done, which is probably my problem rather than Laurence’s. Loved the first Belly album, loved the first Sugar album (less keen on the follow-ups…).

  9. I assume you have a reason for not mentioning the one band that you didn’t mention..?

    P.S. presumably I mark myself out as (i) old and (ii) slightly odd if I mention ‘Kim Gordon’ and ‘hormones’ in the same sentence…

  10. Superchunk have been one of my favourite bands of the past 20 years. I’ve seen them 12 times and they’ve always been superb live. They have made consistently great records and yet have never gained the plaudits they deserve. Odd.

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