Matt Elliott – The Failing Song
Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams – Losers In A Lost Land
Clock DVA – Beautiful Losers
Leonard Cohen – Diamonds In The Mine
Malcolm Middleton – Ballad Of Fuck All

Mikey Dread – Losers Weepers, Finders Keepers
Ghetto Priest – System Of The Lost Cause Man
Akala – Defeated

Beck – Lost Cause
David Bazan – Hard To Be
Julian Cope – Eve’s Volcano
Broken Family Band – Wherever You Go
Archers Of Loaf – Let The Loser Melt
Wolfgang Press – Sucker M. F.

5 thoughts on “Losers!

  1. great set – this could go on for ever – even ignoring the ones we’ve used for failure and fools already.

    Archers Of Loaf – was great and reminded me that a million Dinosaur Jr songs fit.

    all three middle section songs were brilliant. David Bazan and Broken Family Band hit the right spot too.

    One of my Favourite Cohen songs and an all time brilliance from the Press.

    Ace listen – (is it Neil Warnock’s ipod? – hee hee)

  2. Glad you liked it, Amy. Thanks for donds.

    Cheers Shane. Is starting to seem we’ve tapped all the themes – but nothing wrong with airing some repeats & there’s always a few more lying around. Haven’t gotten to yours yet, but plan to.

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