12 for 2012 No 1: Rachel Sermanni

I’ve been keeping an eye on Rachel Sermanni for a wee while now, and she’s come up with the goods – some slightly schizo twitchy folk disturbia from the deepest darkest forests of the Scottish Highlands. It may only be a hundred miles north of where I live, but it’s another world – a godless, dark wasteland of wild-eyed beasts dancing with the devil in the woods.

15 thoughts on “12 for 2012 No 1: Rachel Sermanni

  1. Right up my street… fantastic… thanks so much for introducing her to me, Blimpy! (And thanks to SakuraDarling!!! without whose post on the blog, I’d have probably overlooked it!)

  2. Thanks for listening ‘Spillers – glad you like it. Her debut EP is out in a few weeks, and can be ordered from her website (signed too! the cd that is, not the mp3s…) – which I will be doing shortly!

  3. Liking this – some nicely spooky stuff going on in the string part.

    I’d not heard of her, but the first reference point that came to mind – and don’t take this as a criticism, as it isn’t meant to be – was Florence + the Machine. So is she set for stardom or credible indie-folk obscurity?

    • I’m not very familiar with Florence at all – and I don’t think Sermanni has a big label backing her, unless it’s one of those stealth major label type set-ups. I think she may do OK in the post-Marling world, and there’s definitely a Marling influence too compared to the early songs of hers that were out. And a tiny bit of KT Tunstall.

      • It used to be anything that sounded even vaguely like Sandy Denny/ Linda Thompson/ anything you’d find on a ‘British folk’ compilation, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on much lately (it’s not a *proper* record shop where I work, they only have a selection based on whoever’s prepared to still do business with them). Debbyfaves and therefore on repeated play in recent weeks have been Laura Marling (now there’s a surprise), plus – both coming your way on an earworms feature soon! – Rykarda Parasol, whose genre is apparently ‘rock noir’ ..here’s a little teaser…

        and Melanie Gruenewald – I know nothing about this girl, apart from the fact that she’s out an extremely listenable album of poems set to music, some of which is possibly a tad too jaunty. Can’t quite decide

      • Aaaah the old French-language send-up song, eh?

        I look forward to the earworms!

        And Laura “Heartbreaker” Marling……sigh…..

  4. I like it. My first thought was K T Tunstall, but rather more subtle. But I kept expecting to see Solveig or an evil troll popping out from behind a tree …

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